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  1. As the caches come up in distance from your home, why not just put in a radius of, say, 40 miles from home, and just skip the first couple of pages of caches and then select the ones which are far enough away? Or pick a point in the direction you are headed which is, say 40 miles away and use an address/zip code/postal code or whatever to give caches in say a 20 mile radius of this place. You could do several - north, south, east, west, whatever. Sorry if I have misunderstood your question.
  2. I'm using pocket queries, and I have come up with the list of caches I want to download but I "select all" and then "download" and it comes up with nothing. This has never happened before, I know what I am doing, and I understand perfectly what the original posts were about. It has nothing to do with Pocket Queries, but to do with attempting to download a list of caches, however it was created. Like the others, I have a trip out planned tomorrow and have not got the time to manually download the possible caches we may encounter. This normally would take a matter of minutes at most.
  3. That's exactly what has been happening to me today. I imagine there must be a problem with the system as I have not had this problem before. I've got very cross with the computer and switched it on and off, etc, etc. It's normally a "piece of cake".
  4. Gosh, that was quick!! Many thanks indeed. Now I've just got to work out whether they send me the e-mail or I send them the e-mail!! They are finding the computer side of caching quite hard so I need to make it as simple as possible for them (ie probably go to their house and do what ever needs to be done on their computer ) Thanks again!
  5. I purchased a pack of three tags some while ago, and activated all of them. One of my Travel Bugs has been released, and the other two are still sitting around waiting for me to organise myself!!! Friends of ours have just started down the geocaching road (hurrah! ) and are about to hide their first cache. I have said they can put one of my Travel Bugs in it. However, as the tag was activated by me (ie registered as mine) I assume they won't be able to track it without logging into geocaching.com as me. Is there any way that any of you know of that I can transfer ownership to them so that they are able to track it as their very own Travel Bug. I look forward to your responses.
  6. I have just remembered why I allowed my Premium Membership to lapse some while ago. Pocket queries brings me no results and that's really the only reason I signed up for PM. I resubscribed this morning, and then it dawned on me. As far as I know, I am doing everything right with the pocket query, and putting in as broad a query as I can do. My only specification really is the size of the cache, as I have a five year old son so we are looking at the larger caches is it makes things so much more interesting from him. I know there are some locally which fit the bill, as I can find out about those by doing things the long way. Any advice, folks? Am I missing something glaringly obvious?
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