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  1. Okay, so how do I add an image. It didn't show the image when I tried it in This Cache Log Entry Using: "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  2. I'd like to be able to skim through all of the log entries and notes placed on cache webpages by a certain user... is there a way to do that?
  3. quote:Originally posted by Lapaglia: quote:Originally posted by cachew nut:Well I see the new maps are finally here. I wonder this is as good as it gets. Without the street names, they are perhaps a curiousity, but not much more help than the mapquest maps for finding a cache. The most use I can see is viewing approximate positions from other caches I've found or plan to hunt. I hope they get more detail in the future. CN why do I think that if the new maps crapped gold out your cd drive. you would want planinum. Are you never happy?? I think the new maps look great! I can use my AAA maps to get the street names. At least now it's not just a continent with a cluster of dots! Some people would whine if you tried to hang 'em with a brand new rope!
  4. When I search for "Joy!", the cache "Oh Joy!" does not show in the search results. It didn't show up using "Joy" either, but it does show up when I search for "Oh Joy" or "Oh Joy!" I checked to see if it was case sensetive too, which it appears it is not.
  5. UPDATE: The Duplicolor Clearcoat worked fine on both Inkjet and Laser Printer versions. I sprayed both sides to waterproof them completely through. I went with multiple light coats on the inkjet printouts for fear of the ink bleeding and running and smearing... I may try it again with heavy coats like I used on the Laser Printer ones (which worked fine). I'd post a picture, but i doubt it'd show much.
  6. They have a special area for test messages, And an area called "the Pub" for off-topic discussions (another board I know of calls it "Romper Room", but it is a place for political and other controversial subjects). Here's the forum: http://forum.lightningclass.org/
  7. This link should get you a little closer: Try This One (No Guarantee)
  8. A Search for Doggie caches. A Search for Doggy caches Another search for "Canine" Another search for "Best Friend" [This message was edited by Mark 42 on October 02, 2003 at 02:38 PM.]
  9. If I went to a "model home", and thought it was nothing special, I might say so. If I went into a home with my real estate agent to look at it (as a prospective buyer), and I thought it was crappy, I would say so. If you came to my house and said it was crappy, I wouldn't ask you back (unless I agreed with you). As for short messages indicating crappy caches... I sometimes log TNLNSL on some outstanding caches because I don't see much point in being #129 to say "Great Location". Don't read into people's words, you may be reading in the wrong language. If a cache ia a 1/1, I'd expect it might not be exciting. Maybe we need a third rating digit for how spectacular and fun it is... a 1/1/5 would be easy to get to, easy to find, and extremely spectacular, enjoyable & unusual... an exceptional cache. Usually the more difficult it is to achieve, the more pleasurable the experience (with one exception perhaps).
  10. Romans 8:28 - And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. I'm a pretty devout believer, and unlike some who grew up in a Christian environment and have been nurtured with certain beliefs that become intrinsic to them, I often struggle with this one. There is also another which says that all authority comes from God, and no leader is in place except by God's doing, which also gives me a struggle in faith. Ultimately, I have to resign myself to recognize God's sovereignty, and trust that if he made me and everything around me, he knows what is best for me. Very difficult when I see some people's circumstances. But I try to be honest with myself and others, and not just give pat little cliche answers that I so often hear. Having not always been a believer gives me perspectives that people who always have been believers sometimes can't comprehend fully. I think this is actually a good thread for this sort of discussion... it is sort of a natural progression for a conversation on such a topic as "Why do we give God credit only for the good things in our lives?" or "Why do bad things happen to good people" It's really DiverMan's message thread, so if he doesn't want it to go off on a tangent, I can respect that, and I'll edit this post down to my original intended post, which was to say I am glad, thankful, and relieved that it turned out well. I guess I see forums like this as sort of an electronic front porch... grab a cup of coffee, sit in one of the rockers or a porch swing, and tell us what's on your mind".
  11. quote:Originally posted by Goldguru:you look kinda pretty dressed that way Zuuk....... Why am I now hearing "Dueling Banjos" in the background? Originally this thread was about (or at least mentioned): Admin integrity Site direction Site features Open databases Game variations Threads like This One about compasses and headlamps just don't seem too popular. Now, I think site features is a great topic for discussion. If I ownerd & ran this site, I would want to hear what people like, dislike, and would want to see added. The subtle references, as I see them, are like little environmentalist reminders... "Oh, I would NEVER bushwack to a cache... that's too harsh on the native flora" or "I think we have to be more aware of whether we are placing caches in environmentally sensitive areas". The opposite philosophy goes along the lines of "The environment will recover in a few days, just as it does when babmbi and Thumper go traipsing through". Some of us are not adverse to using a machete to help with cache placement. Here in the Northwest, anyone who owns more than a postage stamp sized piece of property knows that the environment recovers faster than you can mow it! The only reason wilderness areas have any more value than a garbage dump is when humans are able to ejoy it. If we can never even go see it, you might as well pave it and make something useful! People just can't fathom that it is a Human value to assess more importance to a beautiful forest than a bunch of dilapidated buildings boarded up years ago. A racoon doesn't give a crap whether he lives in a forest, or under a trash heap, and if anything would probably prefer the latter. ...see what you've done, you've caused me to rant again! [This message was edited by Mark 42 on September 29, 2003 at 12:21 PM.]
  12. I'd like to find out how to make my own coins in my Laboratory (aka shop) at home. So far all I've found is This, but if any of y'all know of or find information on making coins at home, either casting them (maybe lead-free solder?) or pressing them (I have a hydraulic bottle jack I could use as part of a press with some I-Beams and such to make a frame), please post the links! Thanks, -Mark
  13. quote:Originally posted by Rubeeslpr:I am interested in having some coins minted ... Please someone tell me how Click Here for a post in a thread about Geocoins. Click the picture of the geocoin to get to the info. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  14. I haven't finished reading the message thread, so I may be redundant... My wife (Sherkanz) and I cache together often, but she's more obsessed. We rib each other about statistics, but I don't think we really care. I called and gave her notice of a new cache... I was stuck at work while she claimed FTF. I wish I could have gone, but if she'd waited till I got off work it might not have been FTF. At least she was grateful. I don't like going to one's she's been to with her along... she helps too much (but that may change as she's more aware now)... when I go with her to one I've already found I only answer questions so that I don't give more help than desired. We did a cache event... 20 caches to look for, points given according to difficulty & distance from start. It was alot like car (TSD) rallying... got tense a time or two, even though we stated that we were not really going to be competitive (we have two small kids). Competitive drive just sorta snuck in. Sometimes I get really frustrated at the slow pace with kids... when I don't know where to go, I like to cover ground fast so I can accumulate data quickly to figure out what to do... It comes from Hashing for many years. I'm very methodical, she likes to put in the waypoint and go while I'm still looking at maps & reading log entries. It's a lot like Sailing, sometimes... as you really get good at it, and comfortable doing it, you tend to be less tense, and easier on your crew when things start going wrong.
  15. Trashing their caches would put you on their level... Physical violence would be a far more reasonable solution. Maybe break an arm and a leg so that it will be difficult to get to a cache, and even if they still get to one, opening it would be even more difficult. If that doesn't work, make it two pairs of broken limbs. If you must damage thier cache... just take the contents and leave the charred remains of the container so they will know it wasn't accidentally mistaken for litter.
  16. If you have a specific area in mind, you can try posting the question in the forum for your region... I found a lot of trail maps on mountain biking websites in my area. If you're in the Seattle area, I may still have some links. Also, try a search for the specicfic location with "Trail map" tacked on (e.g. "Banner Forest Trail Map") on Google http://www.google.com That was actually how I found GeoCaching!
  17. quote:Originally posted by Bloencustoms:Well, when you consider that a bullet could cost .80 to 1 dollar compared to 80 to 100, it's an easy descision. Actually, as with almost anything, you could leave it to the private sector to do it far cheaper... hunters would donate bullets. So now, in addition to "Tree Huggers" we have "Bear Huggers"? "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  18. quote:Originally posted by Brian - Team A.I.:A Test for the pirates. According to that site, I should be a: Brian, Team A.I. Ditto "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  19. quote:Originally posted by Bo Peep & The Sheep:Two of my "disguises" are here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=80579 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=82883 BAAAD! BAAAAD! Okay, so what were they? Why post the links, have me read the page & logs, and tell absolutely nothing of any use? That was an utter waste of time. I have an idea for one that'd take a bit of work to do very well... disguise a cache as road kill.
  20. If you email me a couple of pictures, I'll post them in this message thread for you. I'll also send text you can then paste directly into a message in case you want to post it elsewhere, or if the Admin will let you edit yor earlier posts after the deadline, you can put the pics in one of them. Just click on my name at the left above my acatar and then send an email from my profil page.
  21. Of all the ones above I like the blue ribbon best. Cheap & easy...What could be better?
  22. You can use the URL below to upload an image (has to be a jpeg), then click on the url again (DO NOT USE RELOAD!) to see that it uploaded. Click on the name of the image file, then copy/paste the URL into a forum message using the Image command. Here is the URL for uploading an image: http://www.geocaching.com/upload/account_images.asp
  23. I think I'm going to do a multi with each part of the multi giving one of the numbers to a padlock combination on a cache in a 1/4" thick metal plate box bolted to a multi-ton boulder. And fill it with happy meal toys!
  24. On the subject of locking message threads... If things are otherwise quiet in other threads, the pirate thread would just restart in some other form... in a new thread. I'd rather just let that one run its course and die of natural causes. There are so many simulateous and locked threads about the geocache pirate that locking another one isn't going to make it go away. I figure just let those who want to, have their fun, and those who don't want to, start threads on other topices. I posted one about compasses and headlamps that has been pretty slow. Eventually people will grow tired of the pirate subject and drift back on their own. Locking threads should be reserved only for extreme circumstances.
  25. Got any experience with plantar fasciitis? I'm (was) training for Seattle Marathon, and when I added Geocaching in the midst of my training, my Plantar Fascia couldn't take the added miles. Now I'm swimming, and hope to add bicycling to keep some consition until I can resume training. You can email me, or start another thread if you don't want this one to go off on a tangent. I've read up on it a lot, and tomorrow I go to a Sports Physiologist, but if you have ideas for how not to lose too much training ground while recovering (can't run), I'd love to hear about them.
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