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  1. Left a ticket for littering... (technically, it has to be unwanted and discarded to meet the definition of litter... but I though a citation would be pretty low) "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  2. I may be off on this one, but I find that in my experience, larger dogs are better with kids (and other people). I'd say a dog over about 40 lbs tends to be good. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  3. How about ability to list all aplicable icons, like a micro hydro night-time cache would have 3 icons... water, magnifying glass and flashlight. It would allow a lot of flexibility, I think "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  4. Duct tape ... it's almost just about the only thing you need sometimes, duct tape. American Duct Tape Council "It's what holds America together" "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  5. Have you looked at the number of log entries on the Yellow Jeep? It seems there are more than a few who enjoyed it. I do think that some "Locationless" ones aren't really locationless. If it can only be done in a certain geographical boundary, then maybe it should be semi-locationless, and have a country or state/province given in the title. The one requiring a picture of a U.S. flag could just as easily have been for a picture of the flag of a nation you either are a citizen of, native of, or live in. A lot of the improvements just involve the originators being creative, and considering how they may be excluding some people. On the other hand, you can find a U.S. flag almost anywhere in the world, if you keep your eyes open. But it can come across as being a bit "geo-centric" to people from other countries, so maybe a bit less specific would be better? That's just one example of considering how the locationless affects those outside your target audience, and seeing if you can include them as well with a minor change. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  6. Also night caches, mini caches, locationless, water (boat or scuba req'd), photo (just a logbook and a camera in the cache), perhaps even ones that can be solved with map/compass, etc. Maybe even the ability to combine applicable icons (like a compass available, micro, water, night cache) "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  7. quote:Originally posted by brad.32:... It depends on the users needs or, as some have said, on Jeremy's whims, because it's really his page page, and we are just visitors. I respectfully disagree. Especially for those who have sent in the donation to become a premium member, but for everyone, we all should have a say in what is worthwhile of implementation. Yes, ultimately we only can make suggestions... but I'm getting a bit tired of that being referred to as "Whining". That is actually a large problem in our current society... suggestions get repressed by closed minded people who think that only people in charge should have the priveledge and power of having ideas that are worthy of consideration. So all you who think people with ideas should shut up... quit whining about people who make sugestions. I think that seperate icons for Locationless, virtual, micro, multi, night-time, and maybe even other specialized caches (picture caches, if they become prevalent) allow people to decide quickly if they are interested in looking at the details. Some people think micros shouldn't even exist. Virtuals have become an endangered species. Night caches seem to be an emergent form sparking interest. Being able to differentiate them quickly would provide flexibility to allow them all to co-exist, and for geocache.com users to decide how they want to enjoy the hobby. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  8. I used to dislike micros, but if they are not placed in a way that makes them nearly impossible to find (except by luck) then they can be sort of fun. The nice thing is that they are low maintenance, which makes them a possibility for people who really can't dedicate the time required to a full scale cache. The other consideration is this: If somone places a micro somewhere, there is no reason I am compelled to seek it. I can ignore micros if I choose to. Perhaps some provision for anyone who desires to replace a micro with a full size cache would be desirable... If I go to a micro, and think that a full size cache would be better, I can always contact the cache owner and ask him if I can convert it to a full size. Once he says okay, I would place the full size, and then either the micro would get archived, or it would be editted to show that it is now a traditional cache with me or the previous person as the owner, as agreed to by me and the original owner (Maybe I would just donate the container, or the container and contents, or maybe the owner might provide a container and I'd go place it. Of course, if you wanted to be militant about it, you could just start pirating the micros, but why ruin the fun of others just because you have a different philosophy. Which brings me back to my first point... if a person wants to place a micro somewhere, who am I to say he shouldn't... unless I am willing to step up and place a traditional there. A simple log entry "It looks like this would be a good place for a traditional cache" might be all that is needed to encourage someone to convert it to one. Micros are sort of a quick & dirty way to get people to visit an interesting place. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  9. Okay... I'll go ahead and Markwell myself now. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  10. Try This Search (is this what you guys call a "Markwell"? "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  11. quote:Originally posted by ln:I pulled a chain through the woods and ran a transit before GPS was even a gleam in the eye of a rocket scientist. So, are you just yanking our chain then?I once pulled my chain in the woods... oh, nevermind. quote:Maybe because I think non-linear thinking is a good thing. Your project sounds sorta linear based... maybe you are more linear thinking than you think you are? quote:I will try not to bother those of you who are not interested... As you can see, I'm already a bit disturbed. quote:If you want to work with me on this one, send me a return address with your documentation and I will make you a mug. Are bribes acceptable on this list? Are you famous... would your work be valuable on eBay? Maybe a bribe wouldn't be such a bad idea... I sure hope you have a sense of humor... I like your project's concept, though I don't know if I would classify it as an artform. I seriously wish you well on this. Maybe a few people will feel like placing some caches along the Lat & Lon you are seeing to populate with your art. I've seen sillier "concept" geocaches and multicaches. Yes, I am an engineer/scientist... but I still have some imagination that the corporation hasn't been able to beat out of me yet. If I find myself on your artwork's route, I'll try to participate. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  12. For Sale: PayPal account & Password Should be available within the next few days.
  13. quote:Originally posted by Dru Morgan:My art project is to make a huge stack of twenties on the beach. I'll give my paypal account to anyone wanting to contribute to my sculpture Sure... no problem. Email me your PayPal ID name and your password so I can deposit my donation directly. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  14. Maybe post a warning as part of your log entry, and email the owner of the cache requesting he put the warning in the description so it'll stay near the top, and you can delete the note. Something like "Note to night cachers and blind persons... the sheer cliff has slipperry mud leading to it for the last few feet. Use appropriate caution". Or "If you hear the farmer who owns the land this cache was placed on shooting at you, duck... his 30.06 has a pretty long range and he almost hit me twice". But not "What kind of idiot places a cache where my little darlings would get ravaged by a mosquito!" --- OR --- The person who approved the cache is listed on every cache page, and you can click on his/her name and send an email describing the problem if you would prefer to remain anonymous.
  15. I almost said that... but didn't think anyone else would know what one is (and they look similar to a Bowie knife). The knife isn't too intimidating, but the thong would be truly frightening. Click the picture for more info: (They sure are more expensive these days) Of course, my Ka-Bar is a bit rusty.
  16. I have a Lab/Shepherd mix. It's a neutered male, very gentle with kids, not territorial, not very protective, gets along well with other dogs. Loves kids, cats, and making friends with other dogs, and virtually anyone that will pet him or throw a ball. I often walk in areas where there are only a few mountain bikers, equestrians, and walkers & joggers. Technically dogs are probably supposed to be on a leash, but everyone lets their dogs run free, except for those who have dogs that are not entirely sociable or that might get lost. My dog being friendly, non-protective, and non-territorial means that he can be off-leash w/o worries. He's smart enough to always find his way back to the car, or to find us on trail. He has run over 100 Hash Runs with me, and usually gets to the finish ahead of me (the other hashers know him, and sometimes even rely on him to find the correct trail). When he gets to the finish he just lies down and waits for me to get there (sometimes other hashers give him water). Anyway, he has been a fantastic dog. Easy to train, and (mostly) obedient. He loves to walk and/or run with us, and enjoys geocaching. He hasn't actually found a cache yet, but if he does, we will reinforce that behavior with praise! Anyway, I would recommend a dog that is a Lab mix. German Shepherd and Black lab has worked out great for us. He's a handsome one too... "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  17. Team Misguided Take a look at what their philosophy is: quote:Our goal is to find a way to approve every cache we review. If we archive your cache is it so we can work with you to find a way to make it fit with in the guidelines. Please feel free to email us at any time with questions regarding cache approval. One way to speed the approval of your caches is to put comments in the note to approver field in the cache submission page. This is a way for you to include information on final coords for a multi cache, permission information for private property or any info you want us as an approver to know. We will delete the comments before the cache goes live. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it" edited to fix url ~hydee [This message was edited by hydee on October 24, 2003 at 05:07 PM.]
  18. I think the plaque was more of a collaborative effort, but the cache is technically owned by whoever is listed as the one who hid it, isn't it? In this case the listed "Owner" is TEAM 360
  19. I think I'll start running through the woods in just a loincloth with my bowie knife from now on... just to make my caching experience "extreme".
  20. It's just the black background finish weathering. You can still read it just fine. I'll have to see if I have a good picture of just the plaque. I think if it had been done with something like an anodize finish, or powdercoat it would have held up better. Someone could clean it, pray paint it and sand away the paint from the foreground entities, but I would suggest getting permission from whoever is custodian of it before messing with it.
  21. You ain't got nothin' to whine about 'til ya'll lived in Alabama... Chiggers Ticks Poison Ivy Copperheads Cotton mouth/Water Moccasins Poison Sumac Inbreeders Brown Recluse Spiders Black Widow Spiders Leaches Wasps, Bees, Hornets & Yellowjackets. Centipedes Even Tigers (people keep 'em as pets!) 90° Temp 90% Humidity Thunderstorms that make Seattle's look like a small spark. Tornadoes. The only place I can think of more dangerous is maybe the Austrailian outback & Mount Everest.
  22. No, more like warts, boils or acne, I think.
  23. Does the Camry come with a Continental kit? People might mistake it for an early T-Bird, eh? "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  24. Can you just enter it again from scratch? "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  25. Can you just enter it again from scratch? "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
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