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  1. Everyone knows there are various different types of caches from the LPC to the cache you hiked 20 miles to find. Right now a cacher's stats do not discern between the undeniably different types of traditional caches. What if each traditional cache had a subcategory that it would fit into, for example a "historical" cache would be a traditional cache with a container, log book, etc. The "historical" cache would count towards your traditional cache count, but there would be a breakdown in the stats of the subcategories of traditional caches a cacher has found. Each cache would be assigned one subcategory, the main purpose of the cache, it could be for the hike, to learn about the earth, to learn about the history etc... This way there we can appreciate the various different types of traditional caches, with out making a new cache type for each variation of traditional cache.
  2. Thanks, I will try the google earth option. I haven't tried that yet.
  3. Sorry if I was not so clear. I meant that I am having difficulty finding the listings for caches.
  4. I am going on a hike this summer from Steven's Pass to Snoqualmie Pass on the Pacific Crest Trail. I am having trouble finding caches along the trail. I know there is a PCT bookmark list but it was difficult for me to determine which caches were in this section. (I have dial up, so it takes awhile to map each cache.) I would appreciate any advice on how to determine which caches are on this section of the PCT.
  5. Mostly Washington, I will be in British Columbia for very brief parts of two trips.
  6. Hello, I am going on several backpacking and canoeing trips in the coming months and I think it might be a worthwhile investment to buy maps for my Garmin GPSmap 60csx. My question is should I buy the 24k or 100k maps? I am leaning towards the 100k for two reasons. One, they cost $80 compared to $100 for the 24k. Also, I read that the 24k maps are hard to read because of inadequate back lighting (Is this true?). Any help is greatly appreciated. lacaZg
  7. I found one once that was just a normal sized ziploc bag loosely wrapped in fabric.
  8. Thanks Allanon for the information. I don't need any right now, but I will probably put my name on that list.
  9. I live in Washington, it doesn't get too hot. Does anyone who lives around here have problems with plastic lock n' locks?
  10. I guess it makes much more sense when you know what Fire Tacks are. I looked it up and I think it is a really cool idea. I might have to buy some of the stealth Fire Tacks.
  11. I was at store today and I saw a set of seven lock n' lock type containers for $30. Would you consider that a good deal? What containers do you usually buy and for how much?
  12. I am not sure if I totally understand the question. But, could the bison tubes for the day cache be one color and the night cache bison tubes could be another color? But maybe I totally misunderstood the question.
  13. I would definitely delete a found it log. If I had more than one "saw it on google earth" note I would delete those as well. If you want to sit around and not play fair try armchair caches.
  14. lacazg

    Geocache Course?

    Does anyone know what I am talking about?
  15. I was setting up notifications for the first time and when you look in the Type to Watch box it has "Geocache Course" as an option. When you select it you are directed to an error page. Is a Geocache Course something old, something new or something else?
  16. Thanks, but most of those programs seem to be for Windows, and not Mac. I'm a Mac user is there any way I can still get free topo maps?
  17. I was reading a thread about maps and they said you can get free topo maps for a GPSr from the government. How would I do this? Thanks
  18. Thanks, what are the major restrictions? What could a Windows user do that a Mac user can't with maps?
  19. Hi, I am going to buy a Vista HCx tomorrow(I think) and I want to know how much I can do with it and a Mac. Can I load custom POI's, or download geocaches, or download maps and routes. Thanks
  20. lacazg

    terra cache

    I don't like terracaching because they are usually over 50 miles apart.
  21. The micros I have found have all been drive-bys which take about half a brain to find.
  22. It's not an abbreviation, its the initials of the phrase "Cache In Trash Out". So thats why I would ay See-eye-tee-oh, (C-I-T-O).
  23. What type of computer do you have? And do you have an iPod? I know you can paperless cache on iPods with a Macs, and probably with a Windows as well.
  24. I have a Garmin Rino 110, and I am a Mac user. I was wondering if I got the cable for the Rino 110 (which is a 9 pin cord) and a 9 pin to usb adapter would I be able to download waypoints to my Rino 110?
  25. A traditional cache is just a cache that you enter the coordinates of the cache and you go to the cache size is not the factor that determines the type. Micros, like film canisters and bison tubes still count as a traditional cache, they aren't nearly as fun as regular sized caches. If you look under the name of the cache owner on the cache page it will tell you the size so you don't have to be upset with by finding micros.
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