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  1. Everyone I know who owns a ENO hammock loves it. I bought one for my sister and bro-in-law for Xmas and as I walked out the guy at the store tells me how awesome they are and how he has 3. I inform him that he doesn't need to tell me as I am already a believer. I still wonder why he needs 3.
  2. I think I am lean a little towards the lighter side. When going for a day of hiking/caching I take my camel back with water (of course), a first aid kit, fire producing device, snacks, and I usually take my spot tracker, even though, on a simple hike where cell phone coverage is possible, I usually leave it turned off.
  3. I carry a small bottle of Camp Suds. I use it for dishes, clothes, hands ... everything. My brother like Dr Bonner's soap for all the same stuff including brushing his teeth.
  4. I mtb 1 -2 times a week. I also commute to work from time to time. I have a second set of rims with a set of more road worthy tires on them which results in less rolling resistance and a better commute.
  5. I think you mean March 13th & 14th. The 15th is a Sunday
  6. Can my tundra tag along? (4x4, 35's. no armor) I say we avoid "the squeeze" as I recently saw some carnage and well.... I try to avoid truck carnage.
  7. waroku.. I am not going to pass judgement on your (or your GF's) life choices. If you don't want to consume animal products more power to you. That part about wool had me thinking. I am not up on my veganism so please bare with my NewB questions. Would those boots be exceptable? The wool is substainable so it's not like the animal dies. One could argue about in humane conditions. Do they have free range sheep?
  8. how about $60? someone take this off my hands
  9. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=209140
  10. I bought a new GPS that came with this software. I already own the software with my previous GPS so I have no need for it. The disk is brand new in the shrink wrap. Garmin Says: Buyer is responsible for checking for compatiblity at www.garmin.com retail price is $116. This one is for sale for $70 If you are interested please EMAIL me. (i don't check here often enough). Cyanide41 (at) gmail.com thanks!
  11. I use this Camel Bak when caching. It has sufficent storage (your mileage may very) and has the ever important water.
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