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  1. Thank you very much for the support of our coins and helping our association! I will post the shipping date as soon as I get the coins. Thanks again, Brian
  2. Introducing the Maritime Geocaching Association's 2006 Geocoin! Maritime Geocaching Association Geocoin Now on sale! This is a limited edition of 500 coins produced. send orders to coins@maritimegeocaching.com while they last!
  3. I got my screws today!! Great looking coins to add to my collection.. Thanks, The Lost Geeks
  4. Yeah!! I am on the list.... now to wait for the invoice
  5. If you have any left I would like 2 coins. Thanks, The Lost Geeks
  6. Still waiting patiently here in Nova Scotia!! Can't wait to see these coins The Lost Geeks
  7. Hello, I am flying into Houston on Monday Sept 19th from Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is my first trip to Texas and would like to do some caches while there. If anyone has some suggestions for caches that I "must do" while there I would love to know about them! I guess I will be staying close to the HP training center on SH249.. Thanks, The Lost Geeks
  8. We are now carrying Bison Designs products for the Canadian market! The bottle holders and keychain products are high quality aluminum and sturdy belts. See our official Geocaching supplies on our newly designed web store! (Deleted by moderator)
  9. Hi All to answer your question dani_carriere, the first cache in Canada is here in Nova Scotia GCBBA. It was placed on 6/18/2000 by Ken Kane and still going strong! Geocache by Ken Kane The Lost Geeks
  10. I seem to be having issues with the PQ's as well. I had not been getting them so I deleted and re-created the query that I had. It seems to run once then it doesn't seem to run the next day. It is very intermittant so I created another query and it only ran one time but it is scheduled to run every day. Thanks, The Lost Geeks
  11. I just saw the clip on CNN, does anyone know whick cache it was or who the cacher is? The cache link posted above (33 1/3) is to is a very large container. They were at a cache with a .50 cal ammo can. Just curious.. The Lost Geeks
  12. We are proud to announce that "The 3 Geeks Outdoor Store" is now up and running. We are pleased to offer Atlantic Canadians a local source for their Geocaching needs. Our first shipment of Geocaching supplies has arrived and we invite all Geocachers to come and take a look at http://www.3geeks.ca/
  13. There are other stores in Canada to buy from as well! http://shop.Groundspeak.com/shipping.cfm
  14. Well I am all out of invites.... If I get any more I will start another port in the new off topic form!! The Lost Geeks
  15. I also have 6 invites to give away.... Just send an email to tlg-nospam-@ns.sympatico.ca (remove the -nospam- to email me) The first 6 will get them The Lost Geeks
  16. Has anyone had any success with this program and a Rogers/ATT 6280 Blackberry? I have not been able to get this working..
  17. Is there anyone interested in helping us log this locationless cache? (GC3153) Our user name is The Lost Geeks which translates to 84° 35.078. If you are close you will be able to log this as well, we need someone to go to this location take a pic of the GPS and send it to us. Please take a look at the cache and let us know if you can help. Just click on our profile and send along an email. Thanks in advance!! The Lost Geeks
  18. We would also be willing to help with an event. It would be a great way of meeting others with the same "geo-addiction" to go out caching with!! The Lost Geeks
  19. Hunting season has just started and I was wondering if other cachers are still out in the woods or do you only cache on Sundays? I think we will get decked out with hunter orange and hit the safer wooded areas. I hate to waste beautiful fall?? (feels like summer still) days like today.
  20. Of course we are! Geeks don't always sit in front of our computers. We need fresh air, sunshine and love to get lost in the woods like anyone else
  21. I did some research and purchased my Garmin Etrex Legend from http://www.gpscentral.ca/. I made a call to the store and found them to be very knowledgeable about the products. The prices were better than any of my local stores including the large electronic shops. My order made its way across the country to me within a couple of days.
  22. We also cache as a couple and have recently introduced another couple to the sport. After an afternoon of finding three caches they were hooked and went out and purchased a GPSr that week. We have been trying to go out as a group every chance we get. At this point we only have one GPSr but have been thinking about getting a “backup” unit.
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