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  1. Hi, We are the ones who produced the Maritime Geocoins. If you require the activation codes please email us and we will send the code out to you. Thanks, The Lost Geeks maritimegeocoins at gmail.com
  2. I wanted to jump on here to answer our most asked question! Yes the coins are already in the process of being produced. Thanks for the support! The Lost Geeks
  3. I've been looking for an excuse to get back to Nova Scotia to do that cache. This might be just the thing. I'll be watching for the event listing. We are planning for quite a few people to head our way for the event. Everyone is welcome to come and get a taste of our Maritime hospitality! We will have more information on the event at www.atlanticgeocaching.com please keep an eye out for it! BTW... There are still Canadian coins for sale! The more we sell the better the event will be!
  4. Yes for sure!! I have the link to the thread on geocaching.com: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...3entry2073053 or you can go to www.atlanticgeocaching.com to see information. If there are still groups that are looking for a bulk purchase and to have the coins shipped together please email me and we can help you with that. Thanks, Brian The Lost Geeks orders at atlanticgeocaching.com
  5. Yes the coins in front of the treasure chest will have the "gold" coloring. They must have been overlooked on the proof. Thanks!
  6. I would be interested in ordering a set of these coins. I went to the sale link but I am not a member of that site. Is there another way of purchasing this coin? Thanks, The Lost Geeks
  7. Here are the proofs that some have requested! The recessed spots will be the graphite filled areas. Thanks for the support order yours soon to make sure you get one!!
  8. I just want everyone to know the proceeds of this coin will also be going to a BIG!!! event this summer here in the Maritimes. Everyone around the world is invited and welcome to come, we are hoping to have a down home Maritime Kitchen party!! (we will have a big kitchen!!) Please watch for the event being posted soon. email us for more information about this if you are interested! Thank you to all who are helping support this celebration of the 1st Geocache in Canada!!! If you have any questions or if there are groups interested in purchasing we still have some coins available but they are going fast! orders@atlanticgeocaching.com
  9. Really nice coin! I would love to trade for one drop me an email if anyone wants to trade!
  10. Rappelez-vous que ceux-ci ne sont pas fabriqués en Chine comme toutes les autres pièces avec la couleur sur elles. Si nous les avions fait dehors de l'Amérique du Nord, le prix serait probablement entre 7.00 ou 8.00 au lieu de 8.60 que nous chargeons. Also remember these are not being made in China like all of the other coins with colour on them. If we had them made out side of North America then the price would possibly be 7.00US or 8.00US instead of the 8.60US we are charging. These will be made in North America, Fredericton New Brunswick to be exact. The icon is still being worked out but it will be something that reflects Canada and the 1st Cache. Thanks to all those who have ordered!!
  11. Sorry about that here are the details: Canada's first Geocache geocoin is a 1.5 inches diameter by 0.12 inches thick made of pewter. This coin was designed by the 1st Geocache in Canada working group located in Nova Scotia and produced in New Brunswick Canada. Making this a 100% locally produced coin. The colors are red for the Canadian flag details and X on Nova Scotia and yellow-gold for the coins in and outside the treasure chest. All black details are recessed and filled with graphite dust. Each coin is packed within its own polybag The coin is trackable on geocaching.com NOTE: Estimated delivery of the coin from the producer will be during the last week of April, 2006. Shipping to customers will occur within days afterwards. Coin clubs or a group who wants to purchase a greater quantity please contact us for shipping rates. PAYPAL is the only payment option at this time for orders outside of the Atlantic Provinces. For orders within the Atlantic provinces, we also accept Canada Post Money Orders. -------------- Le géocoin de la première géocache au Canada (GCBBA) est fait d'étain et a un diamètre de 1,5 " de diamètre et une épaisseur de 0,12 ". Cette pièce a été conçue par l'équipe de la 1ère Géocache au Canada située dans la Nouvelle-Écosse et produite au Nouveau Brunswick, Canada. Donc, une pièce produite localement à 100%. Les couleurs sont le rouge pour les détails du drapeau canadien et sur le X et l'or pour les pièces de monnaie à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur du coffre de trésor. Tous les détails noirs sont enfoncés et remplis de poussière de graphite. Chaque pièce de monnaie est emballée dans son propre poly-sac et sera « trackable sur geocaching.com » La livraison estimée de la pièce de monnaie du producteur à nous aura lieu pendant la dernière semaine d'avril 2006. La livraison aux clients s'effectuera dans les jours suivants. PAYPAL est la seule option de paiement.
  12. The 1st Geocache in Canada Working Group is pleased to reveal the design of the upcoming geocoin, celebrating the 6th anniversary of the placement of the geocache in June 2006. The pre-order page is located at http://www.atlanticgeocaching.com, under "Geocoin Pre-Order" from the menu on the right. This is a special coin, since it will be minted in Canada and unique to the region. A run of 1000 coins will be produced at a cost of $10 CDN + shipping. This coin will be trackable on Geocaching.com and will have a unique icon. Delivery of the coin from our local producer will happen the last week of April 2006, and will be shipped within days after that. The sale of the geocoin will fund the placement of a plaque at the 1st cache in Canada location and event on June 24, 2006. Any extra proceeds will go into the ACGA, a non profit association to fund workshops and other Geocaching related events in Atlantic Canada. Any questions can be sent to orders@atlanticgeocaching.com. 1st Geocache in Canada Working Group (Tucats, Eastriver, Dragonflys, The Lost Geeks, 3-Bearss & TheCyr)
  13. The Cat's arrived today in Nova Scotia! Nice coins!! Thanks
  14. It looks like they did not go on sale??? It just flipped to -1 day........
  15. Hello, I just wanted to let everyone know all of the Maritime Geocacher coins have been shipped. I sent the last batch out the week of Feb 6. Thanks, The Lost Geeks www.maritimegeocaching.com
  16. I have updated the mailout thread on the Maritime Geocoins!
  17. We are hanging out at www.atlanticgeocaching.com in the chat box for all of those Maritimers wandering aimlessly while MGA is down!
  18. I know there are people in Canada now working on GC trackable geocoins. So watch for them to be announced soon!
  19. I would like to thank everyone again for purchasing our coins! We are excited to see our Maritime Geocaching Logo on the coin and to be able to share it with the world. All invoices have been sent out and if you would like to be on the waiting list or have questions about your order please contact me through my geocaching profile or email me @ maritimegeocoins@gmail.com I will post when the coins have arrived and when they start shipping which I expect to be the beginning of February. I will be updating the web site http://geocache.webhop.org/coins with the shipping information as well.
  20. Nice Idea!! What are the prices going to be?
  21. Oh, you mean like the Conn... err, nevermind. Go ahead and say it. Connecticut. Tho$e coin$ are $elling for way too much. How about a reason for the $10 price of these coins? Are you just trying to get funds for your group? It looks like your back is the same stock die that dozens of other coins have used already, so I fail to see why the cost is that high. And no, I'm not whining, because I'm not buying any of these. I agree. There is nothing wrong with charging whatever the market will pay for a product. That's how a for-profit business runs (like the coinclub). I think most people are questioning a non-profit (I assume) organization charging that sort of price. if this is a fund raiser, so be it. I didn't know that the guidelines allowed the trackable coins to be sold at that sort of profit though? (we are also assuming profit... I paid $5.50 per coin for 300 coins with 3 dies and 12 colors. This one does not look that complex, maybe your supplier is overcharging?) Wow.. That is an excellent price! These were more than that! I am assuming it is a U.S. price? (We have to add from 20% and up to that depending on the exchange rate!) I know people are assuming we are making a big profit on the coins, if they only knew the all of the costs!
  22. I would like to thank all of those who have purchased the coins! They are currently sold out but we have started a waiting list.
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