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  1. when you submitted your cache for review and log out you can cancel the review at the same time 1 then log out of Geocaching com 2 you can sametime cancel the review see pic as the sign out field is over the cancel field easy fix would be to move the Cancel button for the rigth hand side to the left sight
  2. Hi all how do you turn off the Geocaching.com Geochecker so it das Not UP the coordinates on the webpage but gives a Yes or No if the Coordinates are rigth or wrong Same Co have put in a lot of time in putting out Geoact and using the Geocaching.com Geochecker destroy the Geoart work
  3. the following is of the web page To earn the souvenir you must contribute at least 5 gold coins towards your crew’s total. The Friend League will refresh every Monday at 5am (PST), noon (UTC). This week’s souvenir will be awarded to your profile on Wednesday July 26, 2017. the rules change every Monday at 5 am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) this resets counts and start the new week off so for the long white cloud (NZ) the timing is Mon 5am PDT (USA) = Mon 12.00am mid night nz wed 5am PDT (USA) = wed 12.00am mid night nz 19 hours ahead
  4. hi check to see what filters are set on your GPS you may have turn one on it error if so turn all filer off had same error on my 64S I had turn on NO small caches filter in error and loss about 50% on the screen hope this helps
  5. hi all I do not like the new looks on the New Website pages but can live with them main BUG For me Are 1 public profile page is How Missing Profile Information I have 3 or 4 links in the area to help Geocacher to get the right Answers for same of my cache's Are you going to put this Back 2 the icon is to big on the New Pages 3 missing the send EMaill to geocaachers
  6. hi look like you may turn on show found only 1 click find button 2 find on menu Geocaches the enter button 3 shows list of caches 4 click menu button 5 if apply fitter is on the list click on it 6 also check choose filter to see what it set to and make change here hope this help
  7. hi been use GSAK for over 8 years to log my son's caches as he is a basic member the gask as a good logging system how it take he 3 clicks in GSAk how to log and change accounts
  8. reason i see are 1 you may have set up puzzle cache that you you the country/ state as a int for the puzzle 2 you may have put it on the state line country / state 3 this icon may be in one country / state and the cache is in the other country/ state eg puzzles and mults
  9. taybee


    I use the Season Access for winter friendly or snowshoes and put a note on web page why add new one
  10. the following is the link i use https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/search/?q=geocaching&appver=52.0&platform=windows the link is for 52.0 plug in's hope this helps
  11. Did you test it in FF 52.0? That version is the subject of this thread. sorry about that it work find on the FF 52.0 32bit system
  12. hi all to day the Plugin from download to GPS stop work but found a work around do a search on the add in for firefox fror Geocaching find this plugin call >> Geocaching.com GPX Downloader << after run it you will have open the DIr you want to save the GPX file to this can be you GPS folder hope this helps
  13. same here in New Zealand but after a system reboot all working Again
  14. Ok I do not like the new icon at all but can live with them My Question is how do we filter on the map for Premium caches HOW?? was working on a challenge that you have to Get X number of Premium caches with in X number of hour
  15. Have how lose the API to geocahing.com not logging in use GSAK to get access to API (New Zealand) I am not seeing a 500 Server Error error at all
  16. also down under ( New Zealand ) local time 9.00pm
  17. see the following link for more info Message center not working
  18. its working find for me have a look at the following Link Message center does not display properly in FF
  19. hi if you are use a SD card check it. As the card may had come unlock after you change the batts
  20. same here today Same here running window 10 64-bit system and FireFox V 47.0.1 have clears cookies and History also Microsoft edge 25.10586.0.0 my error after clear out cookies and history again is that i can't see messages after the 26 April 2016
  21. all working how FireFox ok and Microsoft edge OK thanks for the quick fix
  22. Same here running window 10 64-bit system and FireFox V 47.0.1 have clears cookies and History also Microsoft edge 25.10586.0.0 Only one working on my system is Internet Explorer 11 Please Fix thanks
  23. 1 put the GPS into mass storage 2 click on send to GPS button 3 click on write hope this works for you If i do not put my GPS into mass storage the gpx file will not load running 62s
  24. step 1 Go to Geocaching dot com step 2 log in step 3 check yop right hand corner for your user name step 4 on the line GEOCACHING Lean Play COmm....... Click on word play and go to FIND a GEOCACHE and clik on it step 5 type in the GC number of name of cache and then view cache you should by on the Cache page you want log step 6 right hand side under the GC number you will see same text ( log a new Visit ) click on it. you should be on the page call Post a New Log step 7 change log type to Find it step 8 check the date and change it if wrong Step 9 at the bottom of page you will find a button call submit log enter click on it you should bt on the page call View Geocaching log step 10 click on the cache name you should be on the cache page again and under the GC name you should be a Happy Face the above was want i did for my son Hope this helps update you can also go to the following links for more Info lOG Caches and geocaching 101
  25. +1 In many places where only "Send To GPS" is available, it would be good to have "GPX File" selectable instead (as a profile setting). If I'd like to load a quick cache file, it would be super convenient to have the File option right there rather than having to go to the cache page. +1 for the adding the GPX file I am running Firefox 40.0.3 and have the Garmin Communicator Plug-in beta works well from cache page and map page check your fire wall it may be stop here
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