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  1. Well that is what I get for assuming. Since I had to do the registry edit thing for version 5 I assumed I had to do the same thing or copy the files over to the hd first for version 6. As stated in an earlier post all I had to do was run the install from the cd and it put it on my hard drive automatically. Very cool - Thank you for all the help.
  2. I have been trying unsuccessfully to get cityselect 6 to run from my hard drive. I copied all of the files from the two cds on to a new directory under my c:\garmin. I run setup from this new directory and after updating the usb drivers it asks me to insert cityselect disk1. I click ok and it just keeps popping up asking for the disk. It does not give me an option to specify where to look. I would assume that it would look in the same directory it is running from but it does not. Has anyone done this successfully? I already have version 5 installed and this is the upgrade. Thanks
  3. Here is another vote for the virtual. When I travel to someplace new I always try to see if there are any virtuals. I love the fact they make me read the info at the site. If I had to spend my time digging around for something I know I would be too concerned with people watching me to actually enjoy the site. Good Luck
  4. Well I finally got an IPAQ and I no longer need this item. It takes 2 AAA batteries. I have the Palm IIIxe with flip up plastic protective cover, the original docking cradle (that uses the serial port), an after market usb sync cable, and a Palm flip open portable keyboard. I have the software cds for the keybord and the usb cable. You will have to download the sync software from Palm. I will sell all of this for $40 to include shipping. Of course this assumes you live in the USA I will ship priority mail no later than the next day I receive the money. If you wish I do accept paypal for your payments. Of course if you live locally I will be happy to arrange a pick up. Thanks! Lynn Lopez San Antonio, TX
  5. I have had mine for a couple of weeks. I upgraded from an etrex Summit. I love the maps and the geocaching mode. The antenna is a lot more sensitive than my old summit was. I get much better reception. My only wish is for more memory. Living in Texas I would love to get the entire state but that is not the case. For now I will just have to plan ahead and use another mapset if I am going to a very different part of the state. I do have both topo and city select maps installed.
  6. I like the icons it is using for the caches. They are perfect. What I am talking about is when GSAK creates the exported MPS file for mapsource. Somehow, when the caches get transfered over, all of the icons get reset to something goofy like 'adventure park'. I think something in the conversion routine may be switching the icons somehow. I looked through the tools/options and saw no specific settings for the conversion. I can fix them by editing them one by one in Mapsource but who wants to do that for 100 waypoints! As far as the serial cable goes, yea I will just wait till bable converts. I love the speed of USB and hate to regress. I will use easyGPS to get the caches over to my GPS. thanks NEVERMIND... I just figured out where all those settings were. I am an idiot. I was just clicking through the popup without even looking!!!!!
  7. First off let me state that I really do love this program. I have only been using it for a very short time. I have the Garmin 60cs so in order for me to get the waypoints on to my gps I have to have GSAK export the data to a Mapsource file. Then I send them from Mapsource to the 60cs. First off if there is an easier way to do this please let me know. One problem I am having is that the file GSAK creates for mapsource seems to have some incorrect fields set. 1. The symbol shown in Mapsource is most of the time 'Amusement Park' instead of geocache. Why is the correct symbol not being downloaded. I had another problem but figured that out. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong. I am running the latest version 3.03 on Windows XP pro.
  8. Thanks ... I guess I will end up buying both, but I will probably just start with the Topo... since most of my caching is done in the local area and I already know a majority of the streets.
  9. I am getting the 60cs and this will be my first GPS that lets me actually download maps. My current gps is an Etrex Summit. I am looking at the City Select and the US TOPO. My question is, for plain auto routing on streets can the TOPO do that? I see it has pretty much the same streets and the City Select. I really plan on hiking and geocaching with this unit most of the time. So would the TOPO just be enough to cover that or do I need to get the city select to have auto routing also? Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. Another female cacher here. Found out about geocaching by just stumbling on the website. I had been hiking with a GPS for a while and now this just makes it a great game. I do most of my caching by myself (my hubby is not the outdoors type) and no... my hair is not red!
  11. First off I want to say I did a search and could not find the answer so I am posting this. I am pretty new to geocaching and have just begun to understand how really fun it is. I currently own an Etrex Summit and want to get a GPS that has mapping capabilities. I am considering the 76S and the V. The big difference between the two is (as far as I can tell) the V will do autorouting but the 76S has the altimeter and compass. I really like the alt./compass as I have gotten used to using them on my Etrex. I really plan on using the GPS more for hiking situations rather than driving. However when I get a new motorcycle I think the autorouting feature of the V would be nice. I actually emailed Garmin sales to ask them if they would be coming out with a model that combines the best of both and they responded with a 'not any time soon'. So that being said... which one would you ask for Christmas and why? I appreciate the feedback. Thanks
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