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  1. The Oregon 750 has been sold.
  2. Oregon 750 for sale. Excellent condition. Includes: Screen saver on 750 and 3 unused glass screensavers. Original Box and Accessories plus extra USB cord. 2 Eneloop NIMH AA batteries. 16GB MicroSD card. Will include USPS Priority shipping in continental US. Asking $220. OBO.
  3. Received Replacement Unit March 2014 (No longer under warranty) Excellent Shape. Has Screen Protector in place. All original accessories 4 Li-Ion Batteries 8GB MicroSD Card Extra new Screen Protector Asking $210. USPS Priority shipping included.
  4. Follow up. (1) Yes there is no model number for Monterra - I was confused and 650 was for the Montana. (2) Two big issues: There are No labels for waypoints on the map. As far as I am concerned this is like having a map with a symbol for a town but no name. Can't live with that. In addition being able to create and use custom waypoint symbols is essential in my use of the GPS. (3) Spoke to Garmin tech support and they confirmed both these issues. They created a case and if I don't here back in a few weeks that they are going to resolve these issues I am returning the Monterra. As it stands right now it is only useful as a paperweight. On the positive side I like a lot of the new features, but unless the above issues are corrected, the Monterra will not work for me. (4) When I hear back from them I'll post the response here...
  5. Thanks I emailed them regarding custom waypoint symbols. Also annoyed that the waypoint labels don't show on map as they did on Montana.
  6. Same issue with my Monterra with latest firmware and software.
  7. I just received a Garmin Monterra 650. It has the latest firmware and software. I copied my 6 custom.bmp symbols from my Montana to the Garmin\CustomSymbols folder but they will not display on the Monterra. One oddity is that I get a warning about "Your device may not be able to play or view this file" from Windows 8.1 when I try to copy. However when I click Yes-Proceed it does copy. If I copy it back from the Monterra to a folder on the computer the file will open and shows the custom symbol in an image editor... I was told months ago by Garmin that the Monterra would support custom waypoint symbols. A call to Garmin Tech Support only resulted in them saying it should work and they will get back to me after a higher level tech looks into the issue. Anyone have any idea what the problem is? or has anyone got custom waypoint symbols to work on the Monterra.
  8. Looks like shipito would be the best bet. I will covering shipping to 'them'. Let me know. PM prefered.
  9. Moderate use with care - almost always in case. Two years old. Absolutely no problems. Latest 5.20 software installed. Selling because I purchased a Montana 650 - so I don't need anymore. Will also include new garmin case.
  10. Oregon 550 (not 550t) For Sale Used but in excellent shape. $239 Excellent condition. 4GB SanDisk microSDHC Card installed. 6 Boxwave Screen Protectors. Original Box and all Accessories. 2 Ansmann 2500 mAh NIMH Batteries. New Garmin case (link). Free priority shipping within US. PM if interested.
  11. Garmin Oregon 300 For Sale. $255 Like New - Screen is Flawless. Original Packing and Accessories. 4GB Sandisk Micro SDHC Card Installed ! Under Warranty untill 12/15/09 Never had any problems with this lightly used unit. Latest 3.10 Unit Software Installed. Why? - I'm upgrading to the Oregon 550 Will cover USPS Priority shipping within US. Paypal or USPS Money Order.
  12. > Colorado 300 in Excellent Shape with Original Box and Manual (Warranty through 2/13/2009) > 4GB SD Card Installed. > Garmin TOPO U.S. 2008 DVD Latest Updates Installed. Have had no problems with this unit. Price = $285 (Includes USPS Priority shipping in US from CO) Dan
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but the latest 2.4/2.6 update still does not allow one to delete archived tracks on the Colorado in the field. I'm aware of how to do this when connected to a PC - but feel it is important for an outdoor unit to be Field Maintainable. I hope they address this issue with the next update.
  14. Thanks for the responses. I'm not concerned with the auto-archiving, but as Anders put it, the manually saved (archived on the Colorado) tracks. On a month long trip I might save (archive) 2-3 tracks per day. At some point I would like to manage my saved tracks (in the field). Only 10-20% would be tracks that I'd like to preserve. Without the ability to Delete and Rename archived (saved) tracks in the field I'm left with a lot to sort through when I get home. In addition if I don't have a computer available I have no means whatsoever to clean things up. If I can delete a waypoint, I should be able to delete an archived (saved) track. Speaking of renaming - I don't think you can rename a saved track either. So when I realize in the middle of that month trip that the track I save was really to Eden Lake not Deadman Pool I can't rename. Dan
  15. Either I'm missing something or there is no way to delete an archived track on the Colorado in the field (I have a 400t). This does not make sense to me. That would mean on a very long trip (without my PC) I could eventually fill up the memory with tracks I don't want. On the 60CSx it was easy to save and delete a track. Seems to me that this feature should be available on the Colorado. Anybody have any further info on this?
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