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  1. I just finished creating a Lab Adventure, and to my suprise I still have a credit left. Apearantly I have been assigned another credit I did not notice. The email have been deleted, probably because I assumed it to be about the credit I was working on.


    Is there any simple way to find out when the credit was assigned, and when it will expire?


    Best regards JarandR

  2. I have some issues with this checker (listed in increasing order of importance):

    1. I do not like the lay-out of it, nor the way it performs non-robot check.
    2. I like to get the number of correct/wrong answers to monitor the interest in my cache.
    3. The big problem: My cache requires some calculations, so rounding error my prevent you from getting the excact position. The checker should allow for some margin of error.

    My cache was published with the buil in checker, but because of these issues I want to replace the builtin checker with a third party checker. My problem is: Even if I un-check the built in checker box on the edit page and save it, it will not go away.

    My cache: https://coord.info/GC7G2TD



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