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  1. The CATS are innocent! It's obviously a canine frame-up. InkyCat
  2. Congratulations! Found two of your many caches today out on the Island. InkyCat
  3. Interesting topic...my husband & I started out caching together...it was only natural. At first we used the GPS built in to his PDA, as the obsession grew I got my own GPS unit. First it was just going for 3 or 4 on a Saturday, maybe running over to a cache not far from home on a weeknight after dinner...(of course that was before the days started getting so short.) I'd have to say my husband's more obsessed than me, as before long he started caching constantly; of course, I work full time and he is retired so he has the time to devote to the game. I love geocaching, but I have to balance the fun with other aspects of my life and sometimes that causes a little friction. It also makes me sad that he's gone and found all the caches within a short drive of home, while I have many yet to go, and I really don't enjoy going together to a cache that he has already found. So I go alone. I'm hopeful that since he has now bagged a few FTFs (not before I did though heehee) AND has also joined the Century Club, maybe he'll ease off a little when newer caches appear and wait for when my schedule allows for it and we can go together again. We did attend a cache event together recently which was great fun, and plan to get some caching in out of state later this year. Happy Trails!
  4. Well done! Thanks for setting up the cache event, too...got the most caches in one day ever (6).
  5. I wanted to say once again, congratulations, and post my new Avatar Image.
  6. Congratulations to my husband (_The_Z_Man_) for logging his 100th find, in just over 2 months from his first. Incredible coincidence...the cache was the same one logged by none other than Squealy as his own 100th find. Love, InkyCat
  7. Congratulations, Lord of the Bushwhackers! That's a lotta paratroopers. InkyCat
  8. Gallant brings his buddy Goofus along to help with readings and logistics in placing Gallant's first cache. Goofus is sure to log it as a "FIND" !
  9. I agree with StayFloopy in that being members-only would not help to avoid the problem of plundering. As far as people not knowing what to do with a travel bug, I'd hope that if someone is sufficiently literate (computer and otherwise) it should not be too difficult to figure it out! I knew what TBs were before I attempted to find my first cache. InkyCat (the "Island Girl")
  10. So what was the reason your virtual cache was not approved? It's not clear to me! InkyCat (the "Island Girl")
  11. I'm getting ready to buy my first GPS unit, to use strictly for geocaching. I'm interested in which manufacturer you think makes a better product for the money...especially if you've had experience using both. Thanx InkyCat (the "Island Girl")
  12. I was browsing some user profiles, looking at caches outside of the USA, came across stats for finding "Project APE" caches. Does anyone know what this is or was? I'm curious. InkyCat (the "Island Girl")
  13. Same thing happened to me although the bug tag was attached to something. After a few days of checking back at Groundspeak.com, the owner finally activated it. I think you can e-mail Groundspeak.com and explain the situation and they will try to contact the owner, if a lot of time has gone by and it still isn't activated. Eventually they might give you the activation code, I know someone that had that experience. InkyCat (the "Island Girl")
  14. Latest: the TB was finally activated but the owner has not 'placed' it. No mention of it was made in the logs for the cache page where it was found. I emailed the owner and asked if s/he is gonna place it so that I can officially retrieve it. Thanx for all the input! InkyCat (the "Island Girl")
  15. quote:Originally posted by Renegade Knight: quote:Originally posted by Clown Knife:Have you seen these signs posted? No skateboarding! No bicycling! No dogs! No overnight camping! Soon to be No Geocaching! ... And people wonder why I come down hard on the "Anti" Crowd. There is more to life than staying home behind your closed and locked door. It ususally involves getting out and that steps on toes even if you are nice. To think that rollerblading (another one of those things that attracts signs) is evil along with biking, dogs, skateboarding is stupid and narrow minded. The people that promote those "Anti" signs also have another sign they like to put up. "No public bathrooms - but do come in and spend your money on our overpriced junk" I totally agree. Too much publicity, then maybe some negative reporting or some incident being blown way out of proportion and BANG! The law-makers will be busy making more "ANTI" laws, since that's all they seem to know how to do. I found out about geocaching after seeing it mentioned on the wheresgeorge.com website; which I found no thanks to the mind-control media, but by finding a WG bill. I'm for word of mouth. Thanks. InkyCat (the "Island Girl")
  16. I must protest your implication that stickers qualify as "junk"! I leave cat stickers almost all the time. They're cute, colorful and FUN. If you ask me, the primary purpose is finding the cache! Seeing new places is an added bonus. Trading trinkets is just part of the fun. If someone chooses to leave an expensive item, it's just the good luck of the finder who chooses to take it, unless the cache owner decides to post some stringent rules. Just my thoughts. InkyCat (the "Island Girl")
  17. Thanks! I didn't even think of that, I was searching all over geocaching.com trying to guess the name and clicking on every TB that had the word "compass" in it, ha ha. Just entered it as you recommended; unfortunately, its "not yet been activated". I'll wait a while, try again, then contact Groundspeak.com I guess. Inky (the "Island Girl")
  18. Found a TB that it a little compass in a cache in Massachusetts. The cache page did not indicate there was a TB there. None of the log entries mentioned it. I've e-mailed geocaching.com and got an auto-response but as yet no reply to how to log this find. Anyone else have an experience like this? Thanx, InkyCat. Inky (the "Island Girl")
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