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  1. I-95 Travel Port - Bug Hotel in Maryland, if you have a travel bug to trade.


    I found this cache on Thanksgiving day enroute to visiting my mother in Florida. It's a good one, you have to leave the Interstate but there's a gas station nearby so you could kill two birds, so to speak.


    Don't miss the two book-on-tape exchanges mentioned. Pick up some audio books on the way down!


    Take a look at my caches found for some other ideas too since we just made this trip. Have fun!

  2. Is Orlando a favorite entry point for Britons coming across the pond? Orlando would not be a bad drive from my Mom's house, plus I have a friend who lives there so we could kill two birds, so to speak.


    We never did get a TB hotel reasonably CLOSE to JFK Airport -- I still have the bug and am leaving for Florida on Nov. 27.


    Still open to any and all suggestions!


    Thanks mates.



  3. I think poll votes were counted as part of your post count in the previous forums.

    Does that mean only I can see the Warn thing? I was afraid that I was the only one who had one. (It is 0)



  4. I agree that it's not in the spirit of the game to move a TB in opposition to its goal! I find it to be great fun in trying to help them along. When I see a TB listed in a cache I always look to see what its goal is. Of course sometimes you find a TB that you didn't know was in the cache and don't learn its goal till you get back to your computer?


    On the subject, I have one in my possession now that wants to get to Northern Ireland! I've actually posted on the UK forum to see if any geocachers over there are expecting to be in the states. I'm also posting on southeast forum as I'll be taking on a trip to Florida, to try and find someone who plans to go abroad and arrange to leave it for them to find. If I don't meet with any success soon I'll move it closer to JFK airport and hope for the best.



  5. Well this is getting interesting! I'm afraid Sacramento is 3000 miles from here, and Albuquerque at least 2000 (don't know what that is in kilometers, but its FAR).... I'll put a note on the Travel Bug's page about this discussion, if I end up leaving it in a hotel there's bound to be someone eventually going to the UK and I'll tell them to check this forum.


    Meantime, when I go to Florida some of the cities I will be passing near to include Trenton, NJ; Baltimore; Washington, DC; Richmond, VA; Rocky Point, NC; Savannah, GA, Jacksonville and Daytona Beach, FL. That will be during the last week of November.


    I'd love to visit the UK sometime, but until they build a bridge I probably will not 'cause I just don't want to fly anymore.


    Take care!



  6. Hi there! I've just picked up a TB that wants to get to Belfast, Northern Ireland. I have it with me now, and could place it in a cache a reasonable distance from JFK airport in New York. I am also going to be driving down to Florida and will go through many states where I could also leave it. Anyone over there planning to come to the US anytime soon? The TB owner is trying to get the TB overseas to his brother, I think it would be really cool to help it along.



  7. The new icons are hideous. And an eyesore. They are hideous eyesores. Maybe they are fine for the maps but they just make the cache pages and the whole website experience a lot less enjoyable. Especially that stupid ghost. Gross. Please please please oh please change them back.




  8. I have seen instructions on a number of Travel Bug Hotels, to the effect that you should not take a TB unless you can leave one - sometimes it's suggested that if you take one, you should leave two! It just doesn't make sense to me...if the goal of the TBs is to travel, the owners should be glad they're taken and moved along. Let's say there's a TB hotel near my house, with a bug in it whose goal is to get to Florida; I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow, but I don't have a TB of my own. Do you agree I should NOT take the bug? The cache owner is setting these rules, but I would think that the TB owners would rather their bugs get moving. Just wondering what others think.



  9. Hi - just saw those horrible ugly icons, thought for a minute that maybe the site had been hacked. I hope it is just temporary for Halloween (A coffin for a traditional cache, and a ghost for a virtual?)


    Please say you'll be putting back the old icons. They look sooo much nicer.



  10. I saw a discussion on the general boards where someone was looking for ideas in placing a "Night Cache" using "firetacks" and other luminescent markers. I'd sure be interested to try and find a cache like this. Anyone in the NY metro area have any experience with these?



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