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  1. i'm always up for more travelers count me in
  2. i'll take one if there's some left
  3. hmmm this guy looks fishy looks like he's "finding" caches through other people? alot of these logs shouldn't be valid
  4. this is noisette we had to put her down a couple moths after finding this cache and this is lilo she accompanies me on all of my non-urban excursions.
  5. vbpad

    watching TB

    as owner you get notified instantly if anything gets posted to your tb coin or cache regardless.
  6. vbpad

    PQ problem

    here's a different one my PQ's say they ran but have not recived any e-mails from ground speak. i recieved one but the second one that ran about a second latter never made it to my inbox. i also sent a message to a fellow cacher with the duplicate e-mail button pressed and got nothing.(checked my mail box size and it's empty) *edit ok either you guys a quick or it corrected itself seconds after posting this.
  7. vbpad

    PQ problem

    add me to the list also i've got 4 new ones set up to run but no luck pushed through and old one and ran fine.
  8. just run a Pocket Query inside the PQ settings is a spot to include or exclude certain attributes
  9. Here's Noisette the littlest one curling up after along hike in and the two of them on trail after picking up another the big one lilo is a little better at picking out trails but no luck in smelling out the cache.
  10. so after i was finished geocaching at noon today i shut down my gps and after i get home i hook it up to download tracks i turn it on it gets to the welcome screen and shuts down it happens every time i start it up now anybody else have this issue?
  11. ditto no zoom controls Map searching is useless now
  12. Anybody in Fredericton have an unactivated travel bug i could buy off them? i want to have a travel bug activated on the day of my daughters birth but it's in the next couple days but shipping from elsewhere will take too long. Thanks in advance.
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