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  1. anybody else getting a consistent tiled pattern at all zoom levels
  2. "Mountain Portage" GC2K3MQ found randomly looking up caches near rapids
  3. When you log your find there is a list of trackables in your possession at the bottom you can select dropped trackable for the corresponding drop down. if your just visiting a cache to drop a trackable use the note log type.
  4. looks like in those ten minutes believe it or not nobody logged a cache.
  5. If you select Event cache type, you can use future dates. I just just tested this by creating a July 4 event page. No problem. And I received the "Cache Report Submitted" email with the new links to the Knowledge Books articles. This rocks! oh but if you select a date for any month past the 12th it tells you it's an invalid date.
  6. ok looked at it again and noticed you can only place an event on the first 12 days of the month anything after gives you this message You do not have a valid Date Placed.
  7. Looks like something happened recently that forbids event to be placed in the future. While I can step into my time machine and attend an event i'm going to place in the past i'm not sure everybody else can do the same.
  8. you automatically get e-mail notifications on any trackable or cache you have placed there's no need to watch them.
  9. nothing here just wrote a test note on one of my caches no e-mail.
  10. if your description is in HTML you could add a comment to the HTML using<!--comment--> that way nobody would read it and you would still have the info.
  11. And the reviewer had a problem with the distance between my frog stages?
  12. you can only generate that query once every 7 days wait till 7 days after the date one the opposite side of the screen from the button than try again.
  13. The view from my short lived cliff side cache.
  14. Well other than being a little freaked out doing my first night cache alone i did encounter a baby black bear not 200m from me on a trail and what really freaked me out was it looked like it was looking for mom needless to say me and my geodog very carefully turned around and made a slightly brisk walk in the other direction. it was the scariest walk back to the car every couple seconds looking over my shoulder and jumping at every sound in the woods.
  15. I seem to be stuck with IE6 here at work and my home FF works great. on IE6 there is a problem viewing the map page the three map sizes seem to be wonky the largest size once clicked will only give me the smallest available size previous also no map display on map tab satellite shows just roads (pan tool only works when clicking on said rodas and terrain doesn't work mytopo works fine though. also it's painfully slow to load pages i get background and top title then nothing for 30 sec or so. again all these items seem to be IE6 related because FF at home works just great.
  16. I also very much dislike the new look more for the changes in the column width's a couple specific things i've found are there is no difference in color between the caches you've found placed and not found in the search. another where are my maps? google maps are not working at all and the window size is deathly small.
  17. I say A it's something you can make out without being too crowded.
  18. I would definetly choose the first one more for the cultural ties and the simple fact that it'll be easier to produce i can imagine the headaches getting all that detail into the metal of the second coin.
  19. congrats for the awesome dog pic and i feel honored to be pick for the lead battle.
  20. mine did that about a month in also aparently there was an internal comunication error sent it back to garmin and got another for free.
  21. although since passed away this is my favorite geocacher.
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