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  1. Thank you, Everyone! I just want to be sure and follow all of Groundspeaks Protocols before proceeding. I know that Multi-Cache and Mystery Caches have very specific requirements and I want to follow the rules! I can unclick the GC coord checker that is part of my mystery cache and insert the coding for a Certitude checker. The Certitude dialog window indicates that I can Enter a keyword and then leave the exact coord box blank and then use the dialog for if the keyword is for a stage of a multi-stage multi (not Groundspeak term) and indicate which stage (1). Then I assume that Certitude is going to return the correct coords for Stage 1 and then I can use my bearing and distance standard scheme to point the seeker to the final cache location. Or is the reviewer gonna' frown on this approach? Ps - Does anyone know how to delete or edit a Certitude created solution for a cache or find the html after closing the window?
  2. Please recommend a third party checker...
  3. @funkymonkeyzone Thank you for the great advice. I am inclined to keep the searcher on tje GC site to eliminate a layer of confusion. So option 1 is to solve the puzzle and check the coords and then navigate. Maybe an option 2 - Could I list as the final coords my stage 1 coords and then use my usual description instruction to shine a bright flashlight along bearing XYZ - 50 feet out (think night cache with cache location marked with reflective tape.) The solution takes the searcher to a spot that would normally be stage one in a multi-cache and they follow the projection from there to find the cache. Or is that going to violate a rule/protocol?
  4. So, if I use the GC coord checker, only a Mystery cache with no stages can actually be constructed.
  5. Thank You Keystone. How about the items in Question A. Does the coord checker check the stage 1 coords?
  6. A. Here is what I want to happen: 1. I have a Bogus set of coords which are the Posted Coords 2. I have a PARKING tagged set of coords 3. I have the FINAL LOCATION set of coords 4. I have a Stage One set of coords that are virtual I want the puzzle to offer a solution that is the stage 1 coords. The stage 1 coords have associated a bearing and distance that points to the final set of coords. However the solution checker dialog seems to be associated with the final coords as it is posted under the final coords in the edit/set-up dialog. If there are stage 1 coords, will the solution checker default to the stage 1 coords or is meant only for the final coords with no stages? B. For a Mystery Cache, is there a restriction on the distance of the bogus coords from the Real coords. Mine are more than 2 miles to take advantage of a clever use of a town name but are over 2 miles away and that blocks the edit from being completed.
  7. What charger do you recommend?
  8. Thank you , Atlas Cached and Mineral2! Your advice and suggestions and links are excellent! I will follow!
  9. I will try to learn more about the device. I picked a very small area and selected highest rez possible.I will report results.
  10. Thank you for all your comments. I use regular old Energizer batteries. The power check shows lots of battery life but I get alerts saying that the battery level is low.
  11. First, thank you for all your comments. I have found thru searching other forums as well as my own experience that if too big an area is selected to download then , even at high resolution, the server delivers a low rez image. I can obtain a high rez but the area I have to select is very small in area.
  12. I decided to augment my iPhone apps with a "real" GPSr and got a good price on a Garmin 64st. I guess I will learn how to use and will give it a chance but my first thoughts: 1. I will never use a most of the specialty apps like Calendar, Stopwatch, Hunt and Fish, etc. I think I paid for stuff that my iPhone is much better at. 2. The battery life for regular old batteries is very low. I would need 6-8 batteries to get thru a day vs just one charge for my iPhone 3. The Basecamp and Garmin Express are clunky and I am still not sure what that does for me. 4. The Birdseye high resolution imagery experience was poor. Any size map download (area) just turns into blur when viewed on the screen. I would much rather be looking at my various mapping programs and Google Map or GPS Pro app than the Garmin screen. I understand that I was too aggressive in selecting an area to download thru Basecamp. I can't even DL just a small city without the imagery flipping to low resolution. And Basecamp takes forever to Download just about anything.. 5. I can put up with the 20 year old interface clunky interface. But on the positive side....... 1. I like seeing the satellites and what opportunities I have for obtaining very good coords. 2. I love the waypoint averaging feature. I bought a true GPSr to acquire really accurate and precise coords for placing caches and this unit delivers! 3. I can rearrange the menu items and will just put the few usable (from my frame of reference) features at the top and easily accessible. I suspect that the dirt cheap entry units like the eTrex 10 prolly deliver the same location accuracy. I'm sure that as I go up the learning curve, I will use more features but I think an entry level GPSr for accurate final coords and an iPhone is the right combination of tools for me. Chipper3
  13. @K13 Yes, you are correct! I refreshed and voila. I would have never thought to refresh the page, Thank you!
  14. Well, I solved it but too bad I am too far away to check it out!.. Nothing changes on the GC page after I solve. I think you are only seeing info because you are the cache owner. God for you having some fellowship thru geocaching with your son! Chipper3
  15. @barefootjeft- Thank you for a concise and perfect answer. (I appreciate your straight forward answer without any snark factor !) I found the edit spot and all is well! Again my thanks! Chipper3
  16. OK, so I am taking the suggestions and trying to repurpose a cache that was in conflict with an existing cache and put it in a different location. I see how to edit everything in the supplementary waypoints like parking and trail head and even final location but I can't figure out how to change the main waypoint that is associated with the GC number. I have changed those waypoints after a cache was published to correct an error by using the log method to make the correction but am not able to figure out how to change before submitting or resubmitting for review. If I do not change before resubmitting then it will be in conflict again as it will not show the new location. To be clear: I have a draft cache with a GC number assigned that was rejected I want to repurpose the cache site and modify the directions but keep most of the "boiler plate." I can change all the waypoints and final location waypoint by editing How do I change the main waypoint that shows in the cache heading?
  17. @HunterandSamuel - Thank you for the nice and encouraging reply. I'll post what I find from the reviewer as I basically asked the same question to the reviewer.
  18. This new thread is an extension of my earlier question on Red Dots page and why red dots do not show up sometimes when researching for a new cache site. I got good answers in that thread but that led to more questions. =) OK, so I submitted a new cache (after a lot of preliminary work) and the request was rejected as it conflicted with an existing cache. Just the thing I feared in my original post. The reviewer suggested that before hiding a new cache that I - 1.) Check the Red Circle Map and 2.) Check for other caches near my proposed coordinates and research if they were multi-cache which would indicate that there might be a conflict. and 3.) Use the advanced search tool to uncover caches. I also checked out the link provided in a post in my other thread -- https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=22&pgid=199 I seems that the only person/source that has info on all the hidden locations in wide ranging multi-caches is the reviewer. And the attached advice from the above link just basically says to check with a reviewer before doing any work and submit a "dummy" request flagged with "Do Not Publish" just checking for conflicts. I am interested in forum member thoughts on just submitting "dummy" requests as a means to not doing a bunch of work on a cache only to find that the site is not available. From the Geo Cache Help Page: If you’re still unsure if your location is available, ask a local reviewer to confirm. Tip: It’s a good idea to do this before you place your geocache. 1. Create a cache page with a title like "Coordinate Check". 2. Add locations as waypoints if you'd like the reviewer to check more than one location. This is similar to adding stages for a Multi-Cache. 3. Add a Reviewer Note to make sure that the reviewer does not publish the cache page. For example, “Do not publish, this is a coordinate check." 4. Submit your cache page for review and wait for your reviewer to reply. Many thanks to Volunteer Geocache Reviewer palmetto for initially developing this article.
  19. @RuideAlmeida Thank you for a great suggestion! Yes, I do plan to add more caches so your advice to repurpose the GC number by deleting the info and adding back new information makes a lot of sense. I was not thinking creatively enough. =)
  20. Somehow I have two caches with same name as Unpublished Caches. Two separate GC numbers. I want to submit one of these but do not want any confusion and would just like to get rid of the cache that is all wrong. I just do not like seeing it show up under Unpublished Caches. How to delete? Chipper3
  21. Thanks to all. Both caches are multi-stage. One stage IS virtual and the second is hidden final location. I understand that physical location is hidden for the final cache location but that seems to set up an issue when a new cacher thinks that location is OK (no red circles). So, does the Reviewer catch that in the review process. I'm good to go but just trying to correctly understand how the process works. It's all good. =)
  22. @Hunter and Samuel. The stars show up on the map used to check out caches so I know they are in the system. What is troubling to me is that they do not show up on the "placing a new cache process map."
  23. @RuideAlmeida Yes, I understand. But, I have two caches approved and published and active but they do not show-up on the map used to start the process of pacing a cache so a person investigating the placement of their new cache would not know that the area is "taken."
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