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  1. Thank you Max and 99. The info and references are very helpful to me. From the Help center- " There are two codes for each trackable. Reference number This is a unique reference number which starts with TBXXXX. It is visible for everyone who visits the trackable details page. Use it to log a note to the trackable. Tracking code This code is on the trackable item. It is meant to be seen only by people who have the trackable in their hands. Use this code to post “Retrieve”, “Drop”, “Discover”, “Visit”, or “Grab” logs. Please do not show this code in your uploaded photos or logs.
  2. There are two numbers that are associated with a travel bug when I view on of my travel bug pages. There is a number in the top right corner of page that seems to be how to be a reference #. Starts with TB There is a second number that is called tracking number and one of mine starts with 2P What is the difference in these two numbers and when should they be used. One example is that a log asks for a tracking code. Which number is to be used?
  3. I bumped into the facebook trackables page and am confused. Why do people publish their trackable WITH the log code?
  4. @brenden This is an interesting topic and one with n+1 interpretations and conclusions. I'll add mine. Only using your original data, technically not enough data points to make strong statistical "bets." (inferences) but if I can be given some license, All but two years behave predictably and "normally." From an observers point of view , there are two years that seem to be outliers (the probability of occurrence is not explained by the variation in the data for the other years) and cause for examination to find out what special causes influenced the data. Everyone wants to focus on why the 217 normalized data point was lower than expected but equal weight must be given to the 2015 data point that was higher than expected. A G A I N not enough data to make statistical bets with high confidence. But 2015 and 2017 are so far out of line to deserve examination higher than expected as well as lower.
  5. I have a 7 stage cache under construction and originally thought it should be Mystery. Based on advice I received in the forums I am considering switching type to Multi. When I changed type in the edit mode to Multi, I received a message that if I switch type, I will lose all the stage information. Ouch! I am afraid to change the type just to see what happens. I do have all the info for the stages but would hate to type all that back in, etc. What has been your experience?
  6. Thank You! Your guidelines make great sense! I like the thought process that if the starting location is encrypted and work has to be done to even start then it is a Mystery.
  7. I am filling out the Mystery Cache creation dialog and after adding 6 Stages, I realize I left out a Stage. Is it possible to insert a new Stage or do I have to start over?
  8. I have a cache planned That gives true coords for the first Stage. There are directions in the first cache for how to decrypt coded messages and coded combinations that are needed to find and open each lockbox in sequence in the next 5 (hidden) stages. Each stage has its on coded message that requires the tool described in the cache found at the posted coords. The last stage-7 has the log and the swag. Would I classify this as a Multi Cache or a Mystery Cache?
  9. @31MBSG... I just finished a My Map with existing caches in RED and added the stages of a planned multi-cache in YELLOW. I just want to thank you again for your wonderful suggestion! I re-read your comment about seeing Stages of a 2nd party multi. I assume if the stages are marked hidden in the original set-up then they will not show up. I would not want someone to use this "back door" to find the stages without finding them in order and gaining the coords of the next stage from the stage-cache.
  10. @31BMSG Mission accomplished. I notice that for my caches all of the Stages including final location for a Cache are imported along with teh Listed Main coords for the cache. Is this just because the Geocaching site recognizes "me." ? Dan
  11. THANK YOU! Yes, just checking out possibilites Then I go back to google maps and zoom in and then do a 3D fly over before trooping out to the site for a real look. Gives me an idea where to bushwhack. (And I do realize that multis and puzzles could cut thru an area.) It is easier if I can kinda pin point an area with coords before switching back to google map when planning a string of multi-cache stations. I do see that geocaching map does show the center of the screen with coords and that window shows up in the bottom left corner. I just position the target area in the center of the screen and grab those coords. That helps a little so I can re-find that "spot" when switching back to google map.
  12. When using Google Maps, it is possible to obtain coords for a location by Option/Clicking (MAC) on a location. Is it possible to pull coords in a similar fashion from the Geocaching search map view. I like to look at the map and location of existing caches and nearby multi's to get an idea for further investigation for a new cache?
  13. I use The Stampin' Place https://www.stampin.com/ I like to create custom art work and have a stamp made. Very reasonably priced.
  14. @frostengel I really liked your response. And I agree. The scope is narrowed to what I can maintain and also enjoy the comments of completion. I just wanted to be sure that I could place stages around a village or a geographic area instead of along a path or.... Again, thank you for the response and thoughts! Chipper3
  15. Thank you Touchstone! Good point about the maintenance requirements. That makes a lot of sense. What are your thoughts- The stages are at different locations within a maintainable area like a city or town. The stages do not conflict with the location of an existing cache. The stages are kinda' like a bunch of simple caches and the normal placement rules would apply.
  16. What are the guidelines for how far apart multi-cache locations can be. For example could a multi-cache be a long-range journey that even bridges states. Chipper3
  17. I hear you! I want to believe that the GPS system yield super accurate results but it's not the case IMHO. Too may variables and then there is the problem of the seeker's iphone being inaccurate and the satellites are in a different position 6 months later, etc. All we can do is try our best to use accurate coords and offer some clues to help zero in on the actual location. For example today, I use my Garmin 64ST to collect a trillion readings to average a spot at 100% and then revisited that spot 2 more times to add to the "accuracy." The I used my device to find my way to the recorded spot and I was 25 feet off. I used my iPhone Geocache app and was 35 feet off in a different direction. Then I used another device used for hiking and was also off. I think I need to abandon the thought that I am dealing with pin-point accuracy. =) I will always give the cache hunter a clue along with the coords. This inaccuracy is why the military (even with non wobbling gps signals) uses lasers to guide bombs to the targets. =)
  18. Yes, My Garmin 64ST does that. I guess one can only do so much to try and be accurate. I have adopted the technique you suggest and include a veiled clue as part of the description usually in the context of the story. For example, the coords take a seeker to a spot and I include tha you should enter 7th Heaven and use the following projection. 7th Heaven is a the 7th basket on a frisbee golf course.
  19. Thank you, Thank You to all the responders for their excellent and experienced comments. I conclude that: 1. I will walk to a spot 2. Let my GPSr "settle down." aka wait a few minutes. 3. I am going to take a quick MARK reading just to have some extra data. 4. I am going to set down the GPSr and use the waypoint averaging feature to create an averaged waypoint but not revisit that same waypoint later to add more data in the averaging dialog. 5. I am going to walk away 150 feet and then return to spot. 6. I am going to repeat the waypoint averaging but create a brand new 2nd averaged waypoint. And average those two values. 7. I'll check on google earth as a sanity check but rely on the GPSr generated coords.
  20. While we are talking about accurate coords - What are your thoughts on just going to google maps or google earth and drilling down to a recognizable spot (satellite image) and grabbing a coord off of the map?
  21. @CAVinoGal Perfect explanation! Thank You! If I lost the html code created for display on a site, how do I get it? Just Edit and keep the data and hit the generate button and copy again?
  22. I like your bare-bones techniques and easy to understand directions.
  23. Thank you, kunarion... Gotcha' So, what is your favorite method for deciding that device has "settled down?"
  24. I am interested in using waypoint averaging feature on my Garmin 64st. What is best practice? I incorrectly thought that I should just stand in one place and activate averaging. Or should initiate but stop and then come back at another reading for that same waypoint in the averaging dialog and repeat . Different days different months, different times, etc. Or....? Chipper 3
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