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  1. You CANNOT download the cartridge directly on to your phone (at least I couldn't). It looks to me like only part of the gwc file dowloads if you try this. You must download the file to your PC, then connect your phone and copy it as described above. So if you're using it on a caching road trip, planning is essential.

    More specifically, you cannot download the cartridge directly on your phone from the Wherigo site. If I download the file elsewhere and download it on my phone from an e-mail account or even through Dropbox, the file works just fine. Still, that doesn't help much if you're traveling around and trying to play on the fly...

    Additional info: I'm downloading via the Dolphin browser and not the standard android browser.

  2. I'm building my first Wherigo with Earwigo and I have the need during my story to change the picture of an NPC.


    This isn't exactly the scenario I am using but gets the point across:

    The Earwigo wiki suggested creating an empty media entry along with two media listings that included pictures, then using something like zmediaHero = zmediaHeroBearded and zmediaHero = zmediaHeroShaven to switch between the two.


    I have tried this method, setting my Hero's media as zmediaHero. When the cartridge starts I have Lua statement zmediaHero = zmediaHeroBearded

    For good measure, when you enter the zone that sets the Hero as visible, I run that same lua statement once again.

    Then when the appropriate item/action is taken, I have Lua statement zmediaHero = zmediaHeroShaven and I also change the name of Hero to Shaven Hero.


    In the Builder Emulator and on WhereYouGo, I never see a picture for Hero. So, I must be missing something basic. Any suggestions?


    If this fails, I'll go back to my original, messy plan of having two characters named Hero and Shaven Hero and just swapping between the two when necessary.

  3. http://coord.info/GC1WQMW

    An event to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of The Spot.


    Plan ahead -- this event is on a weeknight: Wednesday May 26, 2010, 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


    Bob & Ruth's Vineyard Restaurant

    204 North Main Street (aka Rte 21)

    Naples, NY



    I intend on being at The Spot at 7:00 before heading to the event, so feel free to join me! Anyone who is planning on going: I do intend on arriving in that area early in the day and I am open to meeting up with people to cache the day away. :)

  4. I once found a thread that included some code that would display an image of a TB in a little box, with the default picture, the TB name, the mileage, and maybe some other info. It was code given out by a Groundspeak person, I thought, and it was NOT code that violated the ToS. It may have been a simple image link where you would just include the GUID for the TB you wanted the image to show.


    I have done many searches for this thread over the past 3 months using a wide variety of keywords and combinations, but no luck. Does anyone know where I can find that code and/or that thread?

  5. OS: Windows XP

    Browser: IE 7.0.5730.13, Firefox 3.5.2


    When I navigate to the My Account Details page, the "My Account Preferences" section correctly shows my time zone as "Eastern : Eastern Time (U.S. & Canada)"

    When I click Change in this section, it sends me to the Manage Account Preferences page. On this page, the Time Zone is set to "GMT Greenwich Mean Time". If I ignore that section, update other fields, and click Save Changes, this changes my time zone to GMT.


    Shouldn't the Time Zone be set to my current Time Zone? I see this as an issue when coming to the Manage Account Preferences page to update the other information. For instance, my web page is auto-populated to the current setting for me and does not need to be updated every time I visit this page.


    Apologies if this has already been reported. If it has, I must have used poor search keywords.

  6. Huzzah! The CAaR feature definitely needed this overhaul, particularly since Google Earth would not let you alter the driving directions it gave you. I'm looking forward to saying "good bye" to manually combining Google Earth KML files :o

  7. I'm confused by the standards of this cacher . . . "Sure, I'm more than willing to log a cache I've never been near BUT there's no way I'm logging a find without my name on the log!"


    Just think, I could finish that Delorme challenge up pretty quickly! And with this method, why stop at every state? Why not every country?

  8. There was a non-trackable coin with 331 on it at the Rochester maze, but it wasn't a Moun10Bike coin.


    Shauna from Groundspeak was at the Maze event in Rochester and showed the appropriate coin around and said she was going to place it in the exhibit. The number was not 331. :unsure:

  9. I think the appropriate designation for nightcaches would be in the attributes.


    Recommended at Night is useful (and certainly looks like the Night Cache attribute should) but there's a tiny difference between Recommended at Night and Required at Night.


    Using the existing attributes, I think a combination of the Recommended at Night attribute and Flashlight Required attribute would do the trick, if only cache hiders would consistently use them. I personally would add the Not available 24/7 icon, but I agree that the use of that icon adds to confusion.



    Unfortunately, attributes are rarely used and when they are, they are often used improperly. Here's some homework for premium members: Whatever you think Night Caches should use for attributes, create a PQ based on those attributes, and select only caches that you have already found. Now that you see which caches would have come up in that PQ, how many are actually night caches? Are there any night caches you have done that don't show in the list?


    Hmmm, but what about the basic members.

    Basic members can't search for winter caches based on attributes, either. But I don't think that's a reason to make it a cache type. Users who want to make PQs instead of sorting their results will get a membership. (And then they'll realize that attribute flags on most caches are either nonexistant or inaccurate).

  10. A few minutes ago, I noticed that our cache listing GC18H0J is reffered im 166 bookmarks of Project APE...


    I just came to the boards to report the 166 bookmark error. It is showing up on (seemingly) all caches that I have looked at so far. Obviously the APE bookmark only has 5 or so caches in it, and certainly not the ones I was looking at. :laughing:

  11. I saw that on my newest cache. I added a new line <br/> and it seems to have disappeared. Might just be coincidence...


    For anyone else who might have this issue: I tried HD's suggestion and added <br /> to the end of my short description. It seems to have made those bad little characters go away.

  12. 4418:

    Changed behavior of "Find a player" feature to be more intuitive

    Hmm, not sure I noticed any difference here. Can someone point out what I missed? To me, it still looks like the same confusing pulldown list with the first 21 matches.

  13. thread-hijacked.gif If this thread doesn't see the term "dirty little secret" again, that'd be fine by me!


    Threads like this arise when someone wants to get attention and try to 'out' that well-known 'secret'.

    Seriously??? :unsure: My question was directly and pointedly all about how to obtain permission from a business. I returned shortly thereafter to re-clarify that was exactly what I needed to know. Threads like this are hijacked when someone wants to get attention and try to 'out' that well-known 'secret'. In fact, the last useful answer to my question was Jul 10 2008, 05:40 PM (ironically, also by TheAlabamaRambler).


    Here's some clarification for everyone regarding the OP (and thanks to TheWhiteUrkel for noticing that I'm new to hiding geocaches). I have placed one cache in a public park, for which I got general permission followed by explicit permission for that specific placement. I am always looking at new spots, and I found a couple spots on commercial property. Yes, I realize that many caches don't have explicit (or any) permission at all, and as a finder I just go look for what's posted. And yes, I realize this whole explicit vs. adequate debate because of the various other threads where it is discussed. As a hider, however, I couldn't care less what the guidelines or tips say. As a personal preference, I want to place caches only when the appropriate organization is fully aware of the placement and has given express permission for me to do so. This is NOT a commentary on hiders who do otherwise -- this is simply my preference. The level of permission required is completely irrelevant to my question. I know there are people who have received such permission, and I'm asking them about what methods they have found successful (or unsuccessful) in the past.


    You can't blame me for asking this question that has nothing to do about how much permission is necessary, or about how many people don't get enough permission. I searched on permission in the forums before posting my own question, and I see you've argued all these same points before. If you want to argue, just go re-read those threads. If you want to answer my question, that would be much appreciated.


    Thanks to WebChimp, Renegade Knight, Mudfrog, Creami Cannoli, KBI, J-Way, Mule Ears, and TheAlabamaRambler for post numbers 4, 8, 10, 11, 22, 23, 26, and 29, respectively.

  14. As for question #1, perhaps if you need to think too hard to find a reason to put a cache there, there really isn't one?

    I must not have worded my question very well. My question has nothing to do with reasons for placing a cache. My question is about how to request a cache placement permission from a business. Surely there are better methods than others regarding how to go about this. What explanations of geocaching have you given businesses to receive permission to place a cache?


    WebChimp had an interesting idea with the casual approach. I'll try that with any smaller stores. Any suggestions with contacting larger chains and such?

  15. I have a form letter that I use for sending to towns and villages for requesting geocache placements in parks. I'm happy with the wording I have on it for that purpose. I started to send a letter to a grocery store chain because there's a nice spot on the outskirts of their parking lot that I would like to use to place a cache. While I was writing, I just couldn't come up with anything of value to say that would explain my request well to a business. For those of you who have successfully received permission to place caches on a company's property, how did you word your request?


    And while I'm typing, one more question: If I want to place a geocache in a commercial area near a store in a strip mall or plaza, would I still contact the business, or would I need to find out which company manages the plaza and contact them instead? I'm guessing the answer to this question would also apply in a business park setting as well?


    Thanks in advance. :)

  16. I have lots of links in my profile, and they seem fine. Have you checked your html and made sure that the html tidy didn't mess with it?

    It must have been fixed by the time you checked. I found another profile at random and noticed their links were broken as well. The code was fine in my profile.

    I checked today and my profile is normal, without my changing anything. Thanks for the help, though.

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