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  1. So I see that you found quite a few of this chap's caches along the trail that day. In each found-it log you make reference to the incorrect size attribute, and not really in a very diplomatic way (... this needs correcting...). But this chap can live with this, those logs are still there. Then he sees that the next log is something quite different. Now his disgruntled visitor has posted a log quoting the regulations from geocaching.com and highlighting these rules in bold lettering. "Hold on a minute" he thinks, "I'm not having that, does he think I want that nonsense to be on my cache page?". And so he does the right thing and contacts the visitor, expresses his displeasure and asks him to remove the bold font. Unfortunately the visitor is not prepared to do this. So this chap takes the next step - he deletes the visitors log and invites him to log again in a more respectful way. Assuming that my understanding of events is correct then I'm afraid to say that my sympathy here is with the CO. As I said earlier in the thread I feel that you have acted poorly here. But hey we all do that from time to time and I'm not critisising you, I'm just giving an opinion which is what you asked for. Cheers.
  2. Yes I understand your point and I even understand that the micro / small thing could really annoy somebody. Our opinions differ where your found-it log is concerned though. If I received a log criticising my cache with parts of it in bold type I'd be furious and so would most owners I think. It really is no way to carry on, stuff like that is OK in these forums but honestly a log like that on somebody's cache page is bang out of order. Well you did say "Opinions please".
  3. With respect brother, but I would delete a log like that too. I think you acted poorly and I think from what you write that you feel that you did too. I expect that you wish that you had sent him a private message instead if you felt so strongly. That would have been better. As for the whole issue of incorrectly specified container sizes, well I suppose that can be a bit annoying sometimes.
  4. Well I would say yes to points 1 to 4. Disabling a cache doesn't make it "out of bounds" as far as logging a find (even archiving it doesn't).
  5. Well of course you know the local situation much better than I. And of course it's your cache to do with whatever you wish. (Your original post didn't really include this context.)
  6. Well this case is different I feel. It sounds as if there was nothing to find at all and so what you have here is a throwdown. I would delete the log without a second thought. Of course I can see how some would think that this is a strange differention to make between the two cases but I feel that they are quite different. In the OP's case the visitor found the cache and helpfully did some simple maintenance, while in your case (if I understand correctly) the visitor found nothing. A classic "found it = didn't find it" in fact.
  7. I think that like you I would feel somewhat resentful of somebody performing maintenance on one of my caches without my approval. However I think that you are misreading the situation somewhat. The visitor who left a new logbook was just trying to help a fellow cacher out I think - I've done the same thing myself a couple of times over the years when a logsheet was either missing or saturated. He may have seen that you'd been unable to visit to do it yourself for almost two weeks since disabling the cache. This situation is certainly different from a throwdown which is always unforgivable.
  8. And if you feel that this mindless power trail nonsense should be a part of the game then that's a shame. It bears no resemblance at all to my idea of geocaching and yes I feel that it is simply littering. These 24000 plastic containers weren't thoughtfully placed, nor were they ever going to be maintained, or picked up when they were archived. You're not sure why I support the game? Well I love the game but I think that perhaps my game is a lot different to yours.
  9. Unfortunately they were already littering the land even before they were archived.
  10. Yes I would expect it to be the case that reviewers could see this. However it seems unreasonable, and I don't see the value, in COs having access to this information.
  11. Well after a few years in the game I didn't know anything about the audit logs. None of my caches are PMO and I had never heard about this feature (and I don't expect the average player would have done). Then one day there was a new puzzle cache published in my area. I looked at the cache page many many times over the weekend as I was working on it. Then I got a message from the CO saying something like 'crikey you've looked at the page more times than I have'. I couldn't understand how they would know that, and so then I learned about the audit log. Yes it does seem creepy to me that the CO knows exactly when and how often I have viewed their listing. It seems an invasion of my privacy and it seems to me that it is no business of the CO. I'd be very surprised if my opinion is unusual.
  12. While we're on the subject of privacy, it seems to me that the audit log on PMO caches is a problem. Personally I find it to be quite creepy and really wish that it was discontinued.
  13. If you have an android phone just use the "app that must not be named". It's simply fantastic. You will never look back.
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