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  1. FWIW hides on utility boxes are prohibited in New Zealand for the last few years. I don't know if other countries have the same rule.
  2. I guess that what you're asking is whether it's OK to claim a find on a cache that you've never visited, on the basis that some people that are your friends found it? Of course it isn't. You know that I'm sure.
  3. Well yes I agree, that's the important question. Why do you get a +5 or a +10? HQ have made it clear in their postings that they consider the two games to be separate and so I guess that they do this to raise awareness and enthusiasm amongst geocachers to play this new game? I expect that there would be less interest in adventure labs if this wasn't the case.
  4. It's because they are not geocaches. It's a separate game. Similarly, you do not see geocaches on the adventure lab app.
  5. Every other week seems excessive. I like to check my caches every 6 months and I'll post an owner maintenance log when I do.
  6. Unfortunately I don't believe that the changes are being made to accommodate this subset of cachers.
  7. I've not seen this mentioned yet and so I'll add it to the list. On the old search it was possible to click on the number of favourite points and be shown the %FP figure. I liked that feature very much and found it very useful.
  8. In our local FB group players with unpublished virtual caches are reporting that they are receiving multiple messages from people around the world asking to adopt them. How would somebody know who has an unpublished virtual? Would a reviewer have access to this information for instance?
  9. I'm sorry, but this time Groundspeak you have well and truly "jumped the shark".
  10. So? You must have missed my earlier point. I was only saying that I felt that a field puzzle trad would be an acceptable option in these very specific circumstances. I'm sure that we've all found multis such as you describe. I have one myself.
  11. Well yes FMZ I'd certainly call yours a multi, the waypoints are spread out over a 20km area and it would be ridiculous to call it a trad. With the OP's cache as originally proposed, the waypoints are all a very short distance from the final and are all in the same small park. Yours looks great though and funnily enough I lived pretty close to waypoint 10 for a number of years.
  12. Since the cache is at the posted coordinates I would argue that it's a traditional cache with a field puzzle attribute. The information to unlock the cache is all in the immediate vicinity by the sound of it. An unusual traditional cache to be sure, but that's a good thing in my book. I'm sure I've never seen a multi with the cache at the posted coordinates, but of course that's just my experience and it might be commonplace elsewhere.
  13. Just refresh the cache page on your app. On the app that I use there is a refresh button that does this. I'm guessing that with the official app you can refresh by pulling down on your screen. And sorry but I'm not allowed to discuss the app that I use.
  14. No, but often it would help that an infinite number of guesses are permitted.
  15. Well I'm afraid I can't see the advantages of your method. It's much quicker and easier to let my puppet do the Adventures, rather than having to manipulate my finds for every adventure that I do. Setting up the puppet took 2 minutes and now he's all set for a long career of adventuring.
  16. I did my first Adventure today and thoroughly enjoyed it. The app was a much slicker interface than the app that I have previously used for Wherigo caches. I created a sockpuppet account to do the Adventure with (which seems a good way to avoid the unwanted smileys), and then found the bonus cache with my regular geocaching account. Works for me.
  17. Quite simply because they are two completely different games. An Adventure is an Adventure and a geocache is a geocache. They are two different games from the same company. They also have a third game, Waymarking. You don't see Adventures listed on the geocaching website, just as you won't see geocaches listed on the Adventure Lab app. There's nothing wrong with this of course. I'm just clarifying my opinion about why I'm uncomfortable about trying an Adventure when it will falsely inflate my geocache finds (and by such a large amount too). From what I read here though it would seem that we are able to delete our Adventure finds which is something I didn't realise. This is good news.
  18. That's an unusual assumption to make.
  19. It's nice to see this being discussed. It bothers me that a multitudes of 'finds' are awarded for completing an adventure when really no geocaches have been found at all. I'm not into stats, but I do like the fact that my 'found' total accurately reflects the number of geocaches that I have found. And yes, I do choose to ignore them for this reason. The downside to this though is that adventures often have a 'bonus cache' associated with them which is not findable without completing the adventure.
  20. Yes it certainly came as a blow when it was announced yesterday but actually these measures do seem sensible. The logic is summed up quite well in an article here.
  21. Here in NZ it's been made clear that it's not acceptable to travel in your vehicle somewhere to go for a walk. You can only drive for essential reasons (food or medicine). Hiking is strongly discouraged to avoid the risk of burdening the emergency services. Many of us are disabling our caches so as not to encourage people to travel from place to place.
  22. Honestly, yes it does seem rude to ask a person to remove their not very good caches so that you can put your better ones there instead.
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