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  1. It is differece between heading in "compass mode" and in "gps mode". It works on another base. In Colorado (with actual firmware) it is impossible to adjust all settings manually (like in 60CS(x)). So it is possible, that on pedestrian speed Colorado is switching between compass and gps mode. Look at screen with waypoint list (compass on). When you go fast, you can see red arrows or bearings to waypoints. When you go slowly red arrows diappear. Why? Christopher
  2. TeamGPSaxophone: In "compass mode" compass on your unit shows direction in which you are heading your unit ( top of your unit - like in sight'n go). It doesn't show direction , in which you are heading (going). But - as I see - in Colorado 300 compass starts to work, when speed is about 7-8km/h. And it hasn't possibility to manage it manually , like in 60CS. Why it doesn't exist in software ? Christopher
  3. For WAAS/EGNOS/Japan satellites - take "sbas" file from: http://celestrak.com/NORAD/elements/sbas.txt or http://www.tle.info/data/sbas.txt and put it in C:/Program Files/Orbitron/Tle - directory My post to Stoff : http://www.stoff.pl/forum/index.php?topic=46.msg144#msg144 Christopher
  4. It appears from the screen shots that you have some sort of PocketPC PDA. Since the person who started this thread and the person who restarted it recently both have PocketPCs, they'd probably appreciate knowing what kind you have that offers USB host mode. For myself, I have Palms, and as Maeglin confirmed, they don't do host mode through a USB connection. Patty It is Fujitsu Siemens Loox N560 , it's written above - "FS N560" .
  5. To send/acquire data to/from GPS unit: 1. PDA with host USB 2. G7ToCE : http://www.gpsinformation.org/ronh/ programme for WM5: http://www.gpsinformation.org/ronh/g7toce_ppc_2003_armv4.zip 3. GPS with serial connection 4. Cable . I recommend : http://pc-mobile.net/grdc.htm (4a. for FS Loox N560 : GRFLX - simpliest way, you can use GFLX + serial cable from unit manufacturer too) Some screenshots and photos: taking screenshot at frozen lake: screenshot from ETrexLegend - same position: taking waypoints: screenshot from GPSMap60CS done at home: Nice programme. Possibility to work ( and play ) everywhere. Christopher
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