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  1. Last night - Colorado: Last night - 60CS : last night - 60CSx : I know, that 60CSx has no option of recording barometric pressure during power off, so I present only screenshots. Before power off, I set the same altitude as calibration altidude. Christopher
  2. Use Colorado Export makro. You can control whole procedure (esp. reduce number of caches < 200). http://gsak.net/board//MacroIndex.php Or try other Colorado makros from GSAK site. Christopher
  3. Facade66 Facade66 - look here : http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=184158&hl= post from May 14 2008. Christopher
  4. You can perform similar test everywhere. Climbing mountain is not necessary. If you are at 100mtr above sea level, and you calibrate GPSr - say - as 444mtr above sea level, GPSr will keep that altitude (or near this) to the end of this day. The same with Colorado. Auto calibration works only when you set realistic elevation ( error less than 100mtr). Recalibration is necessary after significant change of elevation. Colorado - after such false calibration: return to reality next day: 60CSx - false calibrated : normalisation - next day: Christopher
  5. Pokaroo: Possibly it will be helpfull ? : http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p=3433536 Christopher
  6. Crid: It is not a compass, it is only "arrow on the map". Christopher
  7. 1. Use GMapTool : http://www.anpo.republika.pl/download.html#gmaptool it is free or 2. Mapwel has function "Merge files". Works good. : http://www.mapwel.biz/down.htm free demo, good program for vectorisation of raster images, but has many other useful functions like that "merge .img files". Both work in Windows environment. Save time. You can create .img file in MapSource only once (part of map, many maps ...) and later only merge many .img files in one and send to SD card. Take less than 2 -3 minutes. Christopher
  8. You can have many maps in one gmapsupp.img file in internal memory, next set on gmapsupp.img on SD card, next set in gmapprom.img. If you don't need base map, you can use gmapbmap.img. Creating gmapsupp.img from many maps through Mapsouce takes time. Best way is to create (using MapSource) single gmapsupp.img file from each single map, rename it ( CNE, Euro 2, Greece, My neighbourhood, my lake ..) with .img of course. Next - using gmaptool it is possible to join all .img files in one gmapsupp.img file in seconds. It works from command line. Similar procedure offers Mapwel - where you can use "File > merge IMG files" command. It works from Windows level. So it is possible to keep different maps, each in separate .img file, and join them according to your needs. If you keep frequently used maps in internal memory (gmapsupp.img, gmapprom.img), you can create another composition in seconds on SD card ( in next gmapsupp.img file). gmaptool : http://www.anpo.republika.pl/download.html#gmaptool Mapwell : http://www.mapwel.biz/down.htm Christopher
  9. Kaffekopp: Possibly voltage problem. I use sometimes Colorado connected to car 12 - 14V. Screen is fantastic ! Very bright. Seems it is prepared for higher voltage, than from 2 AA batteries. And Colorado is very similar in many functions to Nuvi, as I understand from discussions on forums. Christopher
  10. Try Mapwel ( Objects > User defined Styles). You can establish map draw priority and transparency in that programme. http://www.mapwel.biz/ ----------------------------------- MapEdit That red line from my screenshots is "runway" edited in MapEdit. Visualisation in MapEdit and in receiver: Look here (point 11, 12, 13, 14, 15): http://v-dorogu.narod.ru/article/mapscreate.htm Here point 12: http://v-dorogu.narod.ru/article/lines.htm - first column in GPSMapEdit, second column visualisation in Etrex Legend and Vista. Here lines in receivers with colour display : http://v-dorogu.narod.ru/article/lines_clr.htm Is is in Russian, but don't worry look only at table. Christopher
  11. Results depend of "Draw map priority" (you can decide in process of preparing map), presentation on different levels, and map settings in GPSr. Sometimes very useful: Here you have topo paper map scaned and vectorized + vector topo map + my waypoints. On right you see vector topo map alone. Visualizatio nof both maps together is useful in checking position error of both maps (assuming waypoints as refference). Some maps work together in unpredictable way: Topo map together with scan of satellite photo of lake. Depending of zoom you see lake blue or brown, you can see that in some places green and blue areas and lines overlays scan. My shallow water (1,2m depth) line transparent map (only that red line) over topo map. Transparent kilometer grid map (only lines and numbers) together with another maps. Very useful when you correlate your position on paper map. Forest topo map with and without transparent kilometer grid map: Scanned and vectorized paper topo map + tourist trail map (red trail) together on screen: One problem: Colorado has very simple and primitive system of activating maps (mapsets) - comparing to 60CSx, where you see and can activate segments of map. Christopher
  12. Use Mapwel. It supports Colorado. http://www.mapwel.biz/ Vectorized images from Google - some other maps in background: Vectorized paper map: Christopher
  13. No problem. Colorado 300 + Topo Slovakia 3D view, map view on 3rd screenshot: When you activate 3D on non3D map, you have some kind of perspective view, and it is possible to change the angle of view: Christopher
  14. g-o-cashers : Screenshots corresponding to Pulkowo 1942 ( region4): and one screenshot from PUWG 1992: As You see I prepared background images for each coordinate system. Today I found, that it is possible to have only 2 different user defined coordinate systems. When I prepared third set, all coordinates in previous set return to default ( W095.000 and so on). I think, it won't be difficult for Garmin to give the possibility of 9 - 10 different user defined systems, with possibility to choose them from "Profiles". Another question - maximum number of profiles. All that coordinate numbers I have from : http://galka.mountlab.net/download/gps/Mapy_a_GPS.pdf http://galka.mountlab.net/www/topografia/mapy_a_gps and from GPSManiak site: http://gps.astronet.pl/new/mapy.htm It is in Polish, but You can find many illustrations, explaining all. Christopher
  15. GO$Rs : Sorry, I'm being dense here. Can you send me your exact settings from Settings->Position Format? What are Position format, Map Datum and Map Spheriod all set to? ======================= 1. First. Changing from "W" to "E" ( and N to S) is possible: -/ place marker on next field to "W" (it is field with "0" -zero) -/ put here "-" (minus) -/ push right button in that moment "W" changes to "E". ----------------------------------------------------------- 2. Exact settings. I set them according to commonly known numbers. Tomorrow I'll present it. It is midnight in Poland now. ----------------------------------------------------------- If You are interesting in this grid (map with grid) for PUWG 1992 , here is link from GPSManiak site: http://gpsmaniak.com/new/Download/puwg92.exe He prepared it some days ago as result of discussion (on Forum) about "Ideal GPSr" , where grid presentation at the screen was proposed. Like normal map it installs in MapSource, but of course You see only lines ( and numbers on GPSr screen), and You can load it with other maps. You can change this map on/off selectively, because it has ist own Family number. It is transparent map and can be used together with any other map. Christopher
  16. Might be a bug, I've seen several issues like this. Garmin fixed a similar issue in the British Grid system in 2.51. Which software are you using? What is the coordinate system you are using? GO$Rs ====================== 1. I found, that each "Profile" keeps his own set of Position Format, map Datum and Map Spheroid. So I try to have "Topografic Profiles" ( Pulkowo 1942, PUWG 1992 ) to show coordinates on older paper maps with this coordinates sysytem. Using different paper maps, I can only change "Profile" and I will have data for different projections. In 60CS yuo need always to rewrite all this again, and it was not practical. 2. Trying to do it, I found this difficulty with "W" and "E". I think , it is a bug. ---------------------------------------- 3. I use normal Garmin maps for Poland and Europe. These maps dont need any manipulations, so all that "Profiles" are only for reference to paper maps. 4. Of course it is possible to make a transparent map showing kilometer grid in Pulkowo 1942 and PUWG 1992 systems. It was prepared recently by GPSManiak (for Poland area) and seems to be very practical. Screenshot showing this: you see greed line numbers. and map without this transparent grid net: you see only forest quarter numbers. So it is for better orientation in tourism with older paper maps, but seems very interesting. Christopher
  17. Try GmapTool. http://www.anpo.republika.pl/download.html#gmaptool It is very simple programme. Read readme.txt from unpacked file. Joins .img files generated by Mapsource and creates one gmappsup.img file ready to transfer to GPSr. Christopher
  18. I can't change position format in Colorado300 from "W" to "E". In 60CSx it is very simple - just using arrows: Bug , or I miss a method ? Christopher
  19. Anybody can jamm GPS signal and it is very simple. Used by drivers to jamm positioning signal ( to jamm data logger). Small devices work just in cigarette lighter. Like this: http://www.chinavasion.com/product_info.ph...ker-in-car-use/ Maybe it was a joke? Someone was close to You with similar device? Just for joke? It is really not difficult. Simple explanation. Christopher
  20. Probably best way is with G7toCE programme with PDA. Look at screenshots, photos, and usefull links : http://www.garniak.pl/viewtopic.php?t=1595...&highlight= It is my post on one of Polish GPS forums, but to look at screenshots You don't need to know the language. Added later: I forgot my post here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=145580&hl= Christopher
  21. oikumene: Thanks for your advice. I have another small question. Whats Plot over Time/Distance mean and why do one use it? I like these Forums because they are a source of help. My advice: 60CSx manual page 55-59. Christopher
  22. My advice - look at 60CSx manual : http://www8.garmin.com/manuals/GPSMAP60CSx_OwnersManual.pdf Christopher
  23. TeamGPSaxophone: Yes it is defective. We can set in Others>Heading>Compass : only "auto" and "off", and nobody knows details of "auto" mode. Hope, it only effect of software prepared by unexperienced team. As we see it in many other issues. I haven't said it before, but it is obvious, that without manual settings "COMPASS ALWAYS ON", gps-position-drift will disable magnetic compass very often, and because there is no icon on display (like in 60CS, VISTA HCX) we are not informed. 3Hawks - sorry for misunderstanding -I am not native english speaker. I live in Poland. Christopher
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