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  1. Timpat - use MapsetToolKit and create FID (Family ID) for map. I think it is enough to see maps separately. Christopher
  2. As I see, address doesn't work. Sorry, it is impossible to edit word "Wherigo" in previous post whole in small ( non-capital) letters. I don't know why. It returns automatically to "Wherigo". So write address as above but "Wherigo" in small letters. Will work. Christopher
  3. Manual, comments, tips, tricks, FAQs - in form of Wherigo cartridge. Always ready to help. I prepared it in Polish. File ready to load to GPSR/Wherigo/... (Colorado instrukcja obslugi) http://stc.org.pl/Wherigo/ Second Wherigo file - Uklady odniesienia - about position format settings for old maps of Poland. It is only information about idea of manual in GPSr. Christopher
  4. Try Mapwel. Simple and fast vectorisation. Here You can compare paper maps and effect of vectorisation from OziExplorer Greek maps on CD: http://www.garniak.pl/viewtopic.php?p=61656#p61656 It is in Polish, but look only at screenshots. No translation is necessary. Christopher.
  5. Now I don't remember the maximum number of caches in Nuvi loaded by NuviGSAK makro, or by 60CSx GSAK makro to 60csx. But in Colorado ( which is in some way similar to Nuvi) it is possible to create many .gpx files containing caches. I locate them in catalogue Garmin/GPX/ . But only one file can have extension .gpx. All other files have extension .gpy ( or other). And I change the extension to ".gpx" in file , which I want to use. Using PDA or laptop. Simple. Christopher
  6. Not to much from GC. Thousands of geocaches are in Poland, Germany, Czech country on Opencaching platform. http://www.opencaching.pl - in 5 language versions http://www.opencaching.de .... After logging, it is simple way to create querries in .gpx in GC format. All is automatically translated on many languages, so no problem. After import to GSAK , it is simply one step to transfer gpx files in GC format to 60CSx GPSr. Or use NUVI makro. In this post you see a picture with GC GPX in pocket querry: http://www.garniak.pl/viewtopic.php?p=65134#p65134 {red labelled]. And here geocaches on Colorado screen from 3 pocket querry files centered on different region - with 1995 geocache in one .gpx file ( 2000 allowed in Colorado in one file) : http://www.garniak.pl/viewtopic.php?p=52927#p52927 Christopher
  7. ===================== Yes it was without backlight. I found and now present another fotos from that "session". 1. Same conditions as before - direct sun through the window: 2. Another day, no sun, weather changed. Christopher
  8. ETrex Legend+ 60CS - comparing WAAS/EGNOS July 2007, sandy beach, midday. Rainy day, Croatia, May 2007 leaving Starigrad o Hvar island, both in plastic bags, in cockpit under bimini, comparison of VHF contrast screen vs 60CS: All fotos above and in previous posts - without screen illumination. Now 60CSx, Oregon, FSlooxN560, Colorado - maximum light in darkness: Christopher
  9. Next part: Boat, rainy weather, May, morning, no sun: Colorado vs paper map in bag, direct sun, June, Poland: Colorado vs paper map, direct greek sun, September, checking "greek coordinates": Under dense foliage, September, Poland: Christopher
  10. At home, sunlight through the window: Boat, direct sunlight, June, Poland: 60CSx in protective case, direct sun: Christopher
  11. Before my last master reset I had 86.gpx Christopher
  12. Try GSAK with makro for 60CSx (works with Legend and Vista): http://gsak.net/board/index.php?act=Attach...st&id=65990 Screenshots (60CSx) from one of Polish GPSr forums: http://www.garniak.pl/viewtopic.php?f=2&am...start=60#p59907 Christopher
  13. On Colorado we can have 2 gmapsupp.img files. One in internal memory, second on SD card. 1. It is important to avoid keeping the same map ( part of map or older version of map ) in both gmapsupp.img files. Result: long start, slow work, and very often freezing of GPSr. 2. Colorado works with maksimum 9 or 10 different .TYP files. So if you merge - say - over 20 maps, it may happen that some details will present on screen differently than in original (Colorado will work with this map using other .TYP file). Christopher
  14. You can do nearly everything with .img files. Version working from command line is in catalogue GMT ( file gmt.exe). You can find "readme" files with instructions in English. Version working in Windows : GMapTool v. 0.3.9 is in Polish, but you can change in seconds through "Opcje> Język >" ( "Options> Language>") into English. If you like illustrated instructions - look at this post in one of Polish GPSforums "Garniak" : http://www.garniak.pl/viewtopic.php?p=24392#p24392 screenshots from command line version. Just for orientation. Some posts in this thread are in English. Christopher
  15. Simple and fast: gmaptool Try GmapTool. http://www.anpo.republika.pl/download.html#gmaptool It is very simple programme. Read readme.txt from unpacked file. Joins .img files generated by Mapsource and creates one gmappsup.img file ready to transfer to GPSr. Creating that one gmapsupp.img takes about 30 -60 seconds. Copying on SD card (micro-SD) in computer card slot - 1 - 2 minutes. Installation in GPSr - 1 minute. END But - it works on PC. Christopher
  16. When you have problems with HTMLs - use GSAK and makros. Simple, easy, quick. Effect - all correct on Colorado. Instal GSAK. Open makro window. Instal 3 marked makros. Link to makros in red circle. Of course last makro to be used is "Colorado GPX Export" . Christopher
  17. An example to my previous post: On bicycle excursion, I set altitude on 444meters ( knowing, that correct is about 80-90mtr). Both 60CSx and Colorado didn't return to real altitude during over 3 hours. Both in "autocalibration on" mode. There is difference in kilometers between tracks, because 60CSx was powered on a bit later than Colorado - during trip. First screen - Colorado, next - 60CSx. Christopher
  18. kenai1 1. First photo - explained by Red90. 2. Second photo - "autocalibration" mode stops when difference between "gps altitude" and "barometric altitude" is too big. Autocalibration freeze for hours, sometimes to next day ( hour 00:00). Autocalibration freeze when this difference is over +- 100 meters. And you have horizontal line on screen. Solution - recalibrate altimeter. So - in my opinion: 3. Don't leave Colorado in "autocalibration on" mode when you turn it off in "Pressure trending - save always" mode. 4. Start "autocalibration on" only when you have correctly ( or "near correctly" = +-50meters) calibrated altimeter. Christopher
  19. About EPE - look here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=184158&hl= post from May 14 2008. WAAS ( EGNOS in Europe) calculates only shift in your position. Value and direction of that shift is calculated and transmitted from ground station to WAAS/EGNOS satellites. When your gps receiver get it in gps signal and "moves" your position according to that calculation, you have "D" on satellite page. Christopher
  20. But - if You are in China with "normal" GPSr and You have bought this map, it is good to make two dots on screen for two chosen ( more frequently used) zoom values ( for shift 400mtr - zoom say 800mtr and 1,2km). Just stop in known position and mark theese dots on screen at this point of map. Dots present Your real position. Dont use another zoom for positioning. Primitive but simple and practical when the map has a shift and You have no time and idea about datums, projections ... Christopher
  21. 30minutes on plastic picnic table at terrace, perfect clear view of sky: Color: Colorado - yellow 60CSx - red Oregon - blue 60CS - greyish Legend - black First three from tracklogs, 60CS and Legend b-w - saved tracks. Conclusion: Oregon - fantastic, Colorado, Legend, 60CS - very good, 60CSx - jumps here and there, but keeps within circle of about 20mtr. ========================== All five GPSr in car test under windscreen, streets in neighbourhood, very good view of sky: Legend b-w- saved track (black), 60CS - saved track (blue), Oregon (green), 60CSx ( saved track - yellow), 60CSx ( tracklog - fiolet) - no track from Colorado on picture, but in that test it was the same as from 60CSx and Oregon: Conclusion from "street test"- no differences. Christopher
  22. Were all the units handlebar mounted? No. Colorado, 60CSx and Oregon in a small tourist bag side by side in external pocket. That bag on my back with GPSr's looking at the sky. Christopher.
  23. Colorado - Oregon - 60CSx - tested in dense forest. On bicycle, 4 rounds in two locations. Results: Color: Colorado - yellow 60CSx - red Oregon - blue Screenshots: Oregon big and small loop: Colorado: 60CSx - big loop: I had with me Legend i 60CS too but both lost fix in first minute of test ride. Small loop in very dense park vegetation. Conclusion: all 4 rounds at both locations shows very good tracks from 60CSx , good from Colorado, not so good from Oregon. Christopher
  24. Off topic - because Colorado powered on. But - time is going in two directions. Relativity effect. ? Einstein should be satissfied. Time: 7:29 - 7:27 - 7:28 - 7:29 - 7:30 Christopher
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