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    Easygps & Vista

    I'm using ExpertGPS on my Vista tabletpc and have no problems. Just make sure you run the program with admin privileges. You can usually just right click on the program and select the Run as Administrator or something like that.
  2. I used to try to find gloves that would last a long time and after being in construction for several years, I came to the conclusion that gloves wear out faster than you want them to. I would suggest that you find some that you won't mind losing - meaning you get a pair that fit you and are cheap enough monetarily that you can afford to lose them. I use leather gloves mainly because that's just my preference, I've had kevlar, cotton and rubber coated ones but leather worked the best for me.
  3. I got my hiking staff from one of the areas that I like to hike in. The visitor center at that park area has a few and it has come in fairly handy. I used to volksmarch when I lived in W.Germany and got into the habit of carrying one. I 'personalized' it making a hand wrap out of some cord and my wife braided a lanyard for it. It's about 5' tall and made out of white ash. I clip a small compass/temp gauge onto the lanyard and sometimes clip a bandana onto it for the really hot days. I sometimes wonder if people think that I am walking with a flag. I don't use it for the in-town caches but I always have it for when I go for the ones out of town and just for regular hiking.
  4. I kinda like the idea of a TB with this thumbdrive and as for the trepidation shown by some of the earlier posts about attaching this to their own system, well...you need to have a certain amount of trust in your fellow man balanced with some common sense. I'd either scan it with an AV program if I were to use my own system or open the thing up on a public library computer.
  5. Because I like to go for the caches out away from surburbia I usually carry: Hiking Staff (I like to hike and cache), hydration system with extra water bottles (depending), compass, gps, gloves, pen/pencil, scratch paper, personal emergency kit, Gerber multi-tool (holdover from my construction days), larger fixed blade knife, rope, snacks, flashlight/headlamp, camcorder (not all the time), cell phone (doesn't always get a signal out in the desert) so I carry a 2-way radio... About finding a good, solid stick just laying around in the woods...we don't have woods here in central Arizona and any 'wood' laying around is usually protected through some law or another, kinda leaves us with the option to buy one.
  6. I could have used that advice a few years ago, of course, in my defense, the fence was hard to see Just to prove that electric fences are indeed carrying electricity, I then grabbed a live spark plug wire to determine that it does too flow in 'waves'! I survived my teen years, yes I did. Can you say 'personal fable'? heh heh Geotip: ... um....I'm drawing a blank here...
  7. That sounds like what I had when I cached in Kansas a while back. All I did was to put some clear nail polish on them and tried to not scratch them. The bites and itchiness disappeared not too soon after, I don't remember how long after this 'treatment' but it was over sooner than letting them die out.
  8. The furthest cache that I have tried to find is about 13 miles from home. That was a nice jaunt to not find although I did get the chance to sign some kind of a log book at that very spot - I think it's a Sierra Club thing. You have to turn off of a semi-busy highway, go through a gate and then 4x4 it for a while just to get within a mile of this cache. Then, if you decide to NOT take a topo map to help get your bearings, you get to test your rock climbing skills. And THEN as you finally reach the summit, you look down, see a jar that contains a logbook (yeah, it was way too easy to find this one). Wrong one! The geocache is about 100 feet away and what you just signed was something entirely different. I'll try this one again later.
  9. I haven't done any caches that far south in Phoenix although, there's a decent cache on the main campus of ASU. Can't think of the exact name but it was put up by Tsengi Mike and his girlfriend/wife? and it involves a museum of sorts. I'd say more but I wouldn't want to spoil it for you should you decide to look for it.
  10. Found my very first cache in NW Phoenix and it looks like it's gone the way of most of NW Phoenix, bulldozed for "expansion". It's archived after having been missed a few times. I don't normally like to do caches in city limits, but with school and such, it's a good distractor from having to be "Responsible" heh heh. Most of the time I try to head out to the Lake Pleasant area or out to the White Tanks. It's nice getting away from city life for a while - I'm from Montana orginally so finding solitude is kinda like being back home. That cache mentioned by Nero is along my daily commute to ASU West, being an ammo can type, that's different from most of the ones I've found in that area. Those are usually micros under lamp skirts or magnetized under something.
  11. ...unless the likely hiding spot is a 50' x 50' rock field and all signs point to the center of it more or less, and the hint says, "It's in the rocks"...
  12. US Army stationed in Cp. Casey, Korea. Military Police with specialized training-enough so that Delta force took notice and invited us to try out for them. Did you know that there was a 2 year tour? Pop is retired career military that's how I found out. '81-'83. 2nd Inf. Div., 2nd M.P. Co., Tact Squad.
  13. I use the Maxthon browser. Looks like IE and seems to have functions like Mozilla fire fox. It used to be called MyIE2.
  14. Can't say I've had any serious injuries but I thought I'd throw in here. Place: Phoenix, AZ Time of year: August Time of Day: around 3:00pm Lead-in: A day of caching, found two and this was the third and then I'd call it a day. I get to the top of a hill, nice breeze blowing, got water in my camelback pack, got enough daylight to see, and got decent shoes to tromp cross-country. What happened: August in the valley of the sun?! What was I thinking?! First off, I SHOULD have known better, I've worked in construction here for the previous 13 years. Yeah, got heat exhaustion during that trek but being the stubborn tough guy who's worked in temperatures from -7 degrees in Montana to record heat here in Arizona of +122, 'I'll do it'. Well, since I've worked with heat exhaustion before, I figured no biggie, just take it easy and I'll be ok. WRONG. I tromp through some brush, lose my footing and kneel down on some jumping cactus I think it's called. Found out a tip here, use a cloth to wrap your needle nose pliers to pull out those types of stickers, oh, and yank fast, least amount of pain that way. Also, did you know, jumping jack cactus needles penetrate leather? I found out that little bit trivia, yup, the hard way. And a final word of warning: TELL someone where you are going and what you are doing if you go alone! I get home after catching my breath and had to sheepishly go tell my wife that I did a really stupid thing that day. She's a nurse practitioner so you can imagine what kind of 'information' she gladly gave me. Oh, did I mention? I never found that cache and to date, I haven't looked for any. Not because I gave it up but because my school session started. I am returning to caching, but this time, I'll carry a cell phone and I have adapters that I can use to power up any low batteries in my truck.
  15. Ah, ok. I'm so used to making my own stuff I kind of confused myself...I like the idea though.
  16. Couldn't you just measure them and then use Word or something like that that would allow you to work within a certain size? Or was the point that you were asking if there is still someplace on the net that has them already?
  17. I noticed the 4 red, 4 blue and 3 white...prongs as well. My initial thought was that there was some significance for that. I also held off speculating until seeing the actual photo-where I then noticed the differences between the photoshop and real photo. Just for those wondering where to see symbols of, shall we say, negative aspects check out the anti-defamation league's website. For the D & D fans and occult watchers, sorry, I don't know where you'd find out them symbols. This really feels wierd putting in my input about symbols when this forum is supposedly about geocaching...go figure.
  18. Finally got it working like it was before. I also have the unfortunate incident of not being able to click on a close cache and see the info for it. But it works and I think Dave'll get it working like before. I'm patient.
  19. oops, just checked, I didn't have an owner name for mine when I got the commercial version of cachedragon. I do now, make's a huge difference now I bet huh?
  20. Ok, I'm a little slow right now. Do we download the trial version of cachedragon (9/10/03)? or....download the regular program and pay again? I'm confused, heh heh, Dave, I sent you an email with the information for my particular problem. For now, I'm going to download the trial version and go with that. I can wait.
  21. I had to reinstall my dragoncache, the registered version, now it won't accept my registration code... Any ideas? I've tried to install it on both my memory card and the unit itself. So for now, I'm using the trial version....kinda bites after having the real one I did try to email Dave with this, but I'm sure he's like me, busy with school.
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