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  1. Hi all, I use a Blackberry Storm phone, and having witnessed the iphone geocaching app in action, have tried to find one for Blackberry but having a problem. Can anyone recommend an app for this phone for geocaching searching and recording?
  2. Keep pressing the satellite bars for about 3-5 secs. the satellite page will open when you lift off
  3. 1 - It only stops the nuvi trying to "stick" to roads, if the cache is close to a road, the nuvi main map screen will try to keep the "car" icon the "road" rather than show you off in the grass/countryside. 2 - The sat screen is not a map, it is north orientated. 3- No read my website: http://pilotsnipes.googlepages.com/finding.html Thanks for reply, and for brillant macro and set up & instructions- makes buying the Nuvi well worthwhile. re: item 3 - on your instruction page the picture of the "updated sat screen" there is no "red dot" showing, hence my reason for the original question. I assume from your answer that the "red dot" will always be on show but in the direction last calculated by the software. regards,
  4. Apologies for ignorance, but could someone give me answers to these questions please Thanks,
  5. be grateful if anyone could help me with these points, thanks
  6. Have recently started geocaching, and thought I would try using my 1 year old nuvi200W to help me find a cache using the coordinates function on the unit. First attempt I found it very time consuming to get onto the target, and I was beginning to think a "proper" GPS would be required.However went onto the Groundspeak forums for assistance, and found your webpage. Went through the set up procedure and all downloaded perfectly, completed in about 1 hour. Congratulations on a brilliant piece of software and for the very detailed set up instructions. As you are urging others to do, I may gravitate to the more recent application now available in due course. Couple of questions to assist, Is the "off road / pedestrian" option more accurate to locate the target when in the "wild"? Does the satellite information screen default always with north at the top of the screen? Does the red dot "disappear" when right over the target, and if so, how close does that happen?
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