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  1. Hi all, My wife is in London and returning to the US on Thursday - she is going to grab a couple nearby caches tomorrow and is wondering if there are trackables that might want some miles. She is near Paddington tube station, and flying home to Sacramento, CA, USA If you are aware of trackables in geocaches near her, let us know (she does not have a car so won't be venturing too far out of the Paddington area). Thanks :-) Ken
  2. FWIW - I think this is a great idea... or something close to this. I know there is a "parking" attribute, but maybe more specific choices would help. I used to manage truck stops and know that parking is a big issue for truckers; also, long haul truckers would probably enjoy caching, already have GPS devices, and be great for moving trackables - lets make it easier for them. (BTW - I am not a trucker, but think it is a good attribute to have available)
  3. That is an exceptionally clean toilet!! What cleaning products do you use? ( does this help get it moved to OT?)
  4. I really liked the puzzle, and did not use geo checker to solve it (those little lines actually have a specific meaning and pattern - just not obvious). I think it is a good puzzle. I have not been up there yet to get it (my actual caching has slowed a LOT in the last couple of months - school is taking over). I would like to see the next one - let us know when it is ready to be tamed!
  5. Thank you for the suggestion Seriously, though we do have our differences, I appreciate the civility in the suggestion... speaks well for civil dialogue. Didn't seem to work -- probably has to do with the synchronization of the forum and caching db servers. I'll grit it out I am nothing, (snip). Sorry Bittsen - I really have nothing against you, just couldn't resist some levity here
  6. Sounds brilliant... make sure you let us know how it turns out! (bolding mine)
  7. So, are you telling me that all the hours that I spent training my badger to dig on command has been spent in vain? Dang!!! (yeah, I know, I know... "we don' need no steekin' badgers" ) To: Associate of Chad Re: Proper role of "Straight Man" Date: 23 June, 2009 CC: Forum Moderators Dear Chad, Acquaintance of - When setting up a joke in the forums ("playing the Straight Man") it is considered proper etiquette to defer to the forum "jokesters" to follow up with the completion of the joke. It has come to our attention that in your post of 23 June, 2009, you did in fact play a dual role in your joke referring to badgers (said pun being a play on words between a Badger [animal] and Badges [shiny emblem]). In the future, it would be appreciated by all "jokesters" on these forums if you would allow a suitable time frame to allow those "jokesters" to reply to your "set up". Further disregard for this common courtesy will force us to report you to the forum moderators, who may be forced to block any humor posts from your account. Thank you!
  8. Beer and brats at my place. I'll bring some beer ... YAAYYYYY!! The girls are beer is back!!
  9. I think I tried to find this one... Does anyone else have problems getting a good diagitude reading on an eTrex - or do you know if they have addressed this in the new Oregons?
  10. It really depends on how big the log is.... That reminds me of a question... Is it OK to delete bad logs if they are too short, or are used for challenges? I apologize if this topic has already been covered in the forums, but when I searched for the terms "delete" "log" and "challenge" I kept getting an overload error. Thank you in advance for your helpful replies
  11. I vote yes - but I will hope that the cache page has mention of what the historic attribute is - that is one of my favorite things about caching... learning about the history of an area.
  12. I know that you aren't TOO far from us, but that picture makes me want to come out there even more!! Let us know when they publish - that is just too cool looking.
  13. Hey, wait a minute..... were you being sarcastic? (bolding mine)
  14. DNF As my good friend Larry said "I don't care who you are, that's funny right there!"
  15. Hey Frank, have a beer!! It's all good.
  16. Hello Searcher!! Pretty nice of you to put everything back - and to add to it as well. I hope that you decide to start geocaching someday as you seem like a person that enjoys wandering around looking for things anyway. Nice to meet you and hope to see you around
  17. Now, there's something we can both agree on!! Is this thread still going?? (mostly posted just to get the girls and beer over to page 3)
  18. 12,449 miles (+/- 1 mile). Did I win? Was the contest to figure out what is the furthest we could possibly hide one from our home? Anyway - back on topic.. It has been done many times, I think that the key will be convincing the reviewer that it will be maintained, or that there is reason enough for an exception to that. I know of a couple caches on small remote islands that are maintained more by future cache visitors than the CO, but reviewer probably thinks it is worth it because of the uniqueness of the location. If it is right next to Mom's house, and she will maintain it - then I think it will work.
  19. Run slower than the frog when his arm is outstretched toward your shoulder. (now I have to clean my keyboard - spit my coffee!)
  20. You misspelled trollish. That is sort of what I was thinking I do happen to have an extra 2 cents laying around, so here goes... I hate "TNLN" logs, but just ignore them and get on with my day. I agree with the OP's desire to see better logs, but it just isn't going to happen, and his idea to delete logs is going to be met with nothing but negativity from all sides (I think he may have known that). BTW - in the beginning I think I did some "TNLN" logs because I thought that is how it was done, and then a cache in our area that required some log other than "TNLN" made me think about it (its probably gone now due to the "ALR" rule). Now, if I leave a "TNLN" log it is because I am following the rule from the Bambi movie - "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" Last bit of advice for the OP - make hides that force them to comment more. The really good ones have good logs because people can't help but comment on the quality of the hide, or beauty of the area, etc. (If you build it, they will log!)
  21. I know that some people ALWAYS post coords on their find log - not sure if that was the case in the subject of your OP here. As for the FTF guy above, I wonder if he did it because it was your first hide and you mentioned for people to let you know what they think. I know that many people on their first hides aren't confident of their coords, and others will re-assure them the coords are good. Maybe he was doing that. If he was doing it to say "Hey, Dummy... your coords are wrong!" ... then he is a jerk! BTW - never heard the "picking the fly specks out of the pepper" saying - I will have to start using that one!!
  22. Well, I was thinking I was about 20%, but your math works better and I think it puts me at about 16% (85DNF, 470 Found). There was a person on the forums (can't remember who) that had a link in their sig line to their "unresolved" DNF's. I kind of liked this for myself as I like to have closure. I don't know if there is software to calculate it, or she just did it herself. I do like to go back through my DNF's and see which ones do not have "closure" and keep trying them. (Closure would be that either I did find it, it was archived, or I am not capable of completing it for physical or mental reasons).
  23. I always have 1 or 2 ballpoint pens and a sharpie in my pocket (caching or not), and haven't had a problem yet. Sometimes a wet log will hinder signing, but otherwise, it doesn't seem to matter. BTW Arrow - I solved the puzzle, and will try to make it up there to your new cache this week. Your FTFer is a buddy of mine, but this one is just outside my notification area so I didn't see it come up!! Oh well - nice puzzle. You should come to the local events sometime.
  24. Actually, your wrong(*). In Shakespeare's time spelling was fluid and was always phonetic. Shakespeare himself was known to spell his own name in many different ways. Shakespeer would almost be more correct in light of that . *: I could just be remembering a fever dream... this all comes from along time ago I don't recall the source. You are probably right (I am definitely not a Shakespearean scholar!), but I am pretty sure that when chephy was bashing the OP about spelling he was not aware of it so he still looks pretty silly.
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