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  1. I have alot of unactivated coins I would be willing to sell. Anything in particular you are looking for?
  2. Hey GC Guy, do you have any more of these carousel coins left? I went into that museum when we did the geocoin challenge in Albany, would be a nice souvenir to have.
  3. I have a 15-year anniversary coin being made, and would like to say I would be willing to trade coins with anyone that has a beautiful coin like those shown here. You can get ahold of me through Geocaching and/or this forum if you want to trade. Thanks !!!
  4. I have ordered the 15-year geocoin for Oregon, now we've been told that the coin will be later than our event on May 3rd. The unfortunate part is that Oakcoins will no longer be doing the trading for us. So, I'm hoping to contact the other dozen or so groups that were willing to trade. I am still very interested in trading coins, so if you are willing, please contact me through geocaching.com and perhaps we can work out a private trade. Thanks !!!
  5. I would also like to throw a couple coins into your event as donations. Where can I send them to? CobraLeader312
  6. I just noticed that when looking at a Travel Bug map, it defaults to Seattle (Groundspeak, I assume) and makes it nearly impossible to track your TB movements. Anybody know how/why this happened?
  7. I'm hoping that someone can help me with this question. I own a geocoin that has never left my possession, however it is being discovered at an event in Portugal. The people who are logging their discovery are all logging it twice. I have gotten 90 emails over the last week. It's driving me crazy. Doesn't even matter to me how they got the number, I just want to know how to deactivate it so I don't spend all this time deleting emails for a discovery that never happened. Help, please.
  8. I have 2 Christ-Centered Caching geocoins that are unactivated. One is the Narrow Gate and the other is the Curves Ahead. Let me know if you're still looking.
  9. Perfect, thanks!! I knew there was another place I had gotten codes before, but couldn't get it out of my brain!!!!
  10. Does anyone happen to know who manufactured the Cache is King geocoin? I'm trying to activate one i bought on ebay (came with no documentation) and can't find the code on coincodes, or hogwild, or oakcoins. I'm stumped???? Thanks
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