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  1. This really needs to be fixed. Yes, it is true that you need to have some connections to show you are at the location: aka geofencing. However, there are some locations that simply don't have adequate signal to download the information. But if you already have it, then a smartphone can still work. Please fix this bug in the app.
  2. I am adding my second to this issue. The map is unusable and wondering when Groundspeak will look into it
  3. Yes that is true. Another issue is that the find nearby caches searches according to your filters not for all caches nearby. Which means that if you log the cache first and have the search function set to show only I found caches you can’t drop in the travel bug
  4. I came to this discussion to get an answer on how to leave information specifically the location of my bonus cache when I have set the adventure to be non sequential ( because I have found it annoying with other adventures I have done to learn that I drove past some locations on the way to the “first” location). Am I correct in assuming that in fact there is no way to access the final completed screen on the adventure for editing?
  5. [Sarcasm warning]. Maybe they could redo this next year but add a final step where you then go find 100 caches in a 10 square mile area
  6. Thank you for pointing out that I didn't personally poll every geocacher on the planet earth. I admit that I only came onto the forums when I realized that Groundspeak had locked out further comments on their blogs. My consensus is based on: 1 reviewing forums, 2 reviewing twitter and social media, and 3 contact with other cachers. It also includes my own opinion. Bottom line, is I am hoping that someone in Groundspeak will take note and never do that [find 35 caches regardless of type or quality] for future promotions. I have likewise lobbied them via other social media. Honestly, the hairsplitting over words and meaning (see the huge argument over the word "penalty" in another post about this topic that completely went sideways) is why I rarely visit the forums. A simple observation about a geocaching related issue soon breaks down into a Webster Dictionary argument. So I will return to the 99%
  7. If there is a consensus, it appears that most players were very disappointed that the final step was "find another 35 caches."
  8. I concur. I would like to see promotions that aren't twice as hard for those who have already found everything nearby
  9. First, appreciation to the Groundspeak Lackey's who worked to create a new, unique challenge promotion for us, thank you for your work and efforts. I know you are trying to make the "sport" (hobby) grow and give us a reason to get out and find interesting geocaches. Thank you. My comments below are not intended to attack you, but provide feedback to consider when you work on the next promotion. The promotion started right after I had been out of state with access to hundreds of unfound caches. I worked on it but quickly found that living in an area with few unfound caches it was a challenge that required going at least an hour away. Got the detective, clues and gems. Was very disheartened to see that the final step was "find 35 caches". So this challenge is to find 57 caches, but find the first ones in a particular order, then just do a power trail. In a metro area where hundreds of unfound caches about, this is very doable, and you could go to an area and just "cache" As a rural cacher who has found (or placed) most of the surrounding caches, this requires preplanning. With the mystery aspect, where I didn't know what the next task was until I completed the previous one, planning was not an option. If the entire promotion would have laid out from the beginning, I could have only sought the clues and gems, then saved finding other caches until later. Of course this also means crisscrossing the land, ignoring nearby caches now only to return later. The final step was unimaginative, and essentially reduces geocaching to a numbers game: meaning that powertrails, rather than going to interesting locations, or looking for unique geocaches is the best way to succeed. I was disappointed that this was the final step. I decided that finding 20 more caches in the final 7 days was not worth it, and voluntarily stopped the promotion My suggestion is that future promotions need to consider that not everyone lives in an urban area with large quantities of unfound caches, that travel may be required, and that knowing what will be required will produce MORE interest in the promotion. "Begin with the End in Mind" as per Covey's 7 habits. This promotion didn't allow that. Moreover, people cache for many different reasons, and that one reason is just as valid as another. I'm hoping the next promotion will not focus on numbers, and if travel will be required allow us to plan ahead for this travel. The mystery is much like a surprise birthday party: “I don't approve of surprises. The pleasure is never enhanced and the inconvenience is considerable.”-George Knightly from Emma by Jane Austen
  10. Can you tell me where the real Mystery at the Museum Thread is? I would like to read it but a simple search was not helpful I still regret all the time wasted reading about the definition of "penalty"
  11. This may not be the correct forum, but does anyone know of a listing of Earthcache owners? I have an Earthcache I either need to adopt out or archive and I'm wondering where I could look for potential CO. Cache is in Arizona, specifically the Arizona Strip (adjacent to Utah and Nevada)
  12. I just discovered this thread as well. I have an Earthcache I have struggled with this issue on. People will claim a find then want to wait 2-3 weeks to send answers. I have asked them to send the answers the same day they post the found it log. This is simple logistics, I am not going to keep a spreadsheet comparing who logged it and who sent answers. This Earthcache is an overlook on a scenic highway and gets a lot of visitors, so daily or more often finds in the summer are not uncommon. Do both at the same time. This particular Earthcache is pretty easy though: look out and see how many layers you see. There are a couple other questions but generally if the answer is even reasonable I will say ok. However, if I get a logged find and no answers I send them a message reminding them. The biggest issue is foreign travelers complaining about lack of internet. If they try, I work with them. If they don't I delete the log As the guidelines say, "send the answers then post the log".
  13. After almost 10 years of geocaching, one develops the desire to do something new (getting bored with microcaches, LPCs, etc). Wherigo seems to have the most potential. The problem is that there is very little support for it. With a smartphone, the issues of GPS manufacturers not supporting has gone away. However, the app (for iPhone at least) is very bug ridden. The best whereto design program I can find (ranger fox) is good. Groundspeak seems to be ignoring what could be the best new direction in this area (the sudden success of Pokemon Go shows this). Does anyone know what the official GS position and intentions with this are?
  14. After 8 years and over 3000 finds, I was developing geoburnout. After tiring of LPCs and vacation caches, powertrails, etc, it seemed like the time to do something different. Then, I did my first Wherigo. Then another, then another. I still haven't done very many because there are so few nearby. Then an article comes out about Pokemon Go: the similarities with geocaching in general struck me (mostly the people getting injured because they are glued to phone and don't pay attention to their surroundings). [Purpose of this entry is not to compare GC and Pokemon, so please don't bring it up here.] After alot of thought it seems to me that future of geocaching, or perhaps the bridge between geocaching and smartphone based outdoor adventures, is Wherigo. With that introduction, there are two issues with Wherigo which I think would need to be fixed for it to be more than just a fringe element of geocaching. 1. Groundspeak needs to actually promote the concept. I read the description of Wherigo on the FAQ sheet several years ago and came away wondering what it actually was. At the least, a reasonable description of what it is and some examples of caches that can be done with it seems in order. Better yet, active promotion similar to promoting the Duck races this summer 2. Groundspeak would need to actually support it with dedicated software development (as opposed to a 4 year old beta program on the main page, vs better but still buggy alternatives which generous individuals have produced entirely of their own accord and expense). There needs to be better equipment. Most of the current GPSr do not do it. Smartphones are the obvious solution but again we need dedicated app development for it to work. I did one of my own recently with an android app and it crashed several times. I'm posting this in the forums hoping that perhaps enough groundswell support will arise that GS will take notice.
  15. I noticed two "finds" on my caches with this link. One was physically possible, but the other was remotely unlikely due to the location of the cache. I intend to delete both. Forgive my use of google translate: I don't speak German. Ich bemerkte zwei "Fundstücke" auf meiner Caches mit diesem Link. War physikalisch möglich, wobei jedoch das andere fern unwahrscheinlich aufgrund der Lage des Cache. Ich beabsichtige, sowohl zu löschen. Verzeihen Sie meine Nutzung von Google Translate: Ich spreche kein Deutsch.
  16. Found two puzzle caches and attended an event. Had to travel a long ways to find said event
  17. I think drama is a big culprit. Interactions with other cachers has become a great sort of enjoyment for me. However a bad interaction has in a few cases nearly driven me to quit as well. In Arizona we had a prominent long time cacher quit due to drama. Left a lot of great caches up in the air as a result
  18. That reminds me of this one from the Pictures - Cool Cache Containers (CCC's) thread: Just think how much cheaper it would be to have a painted ammo can as a tombstone, rather than one made of carved stone. Our local mortuary sells ammo and for this purpose for $55. I told them I can get the same can for $12-20.
  19. In Arizona at least the reviewer will not publish a challenge cache if the CO doesn't qualify. This seems to be a new thing
  20. Ditto. My listing shows that I logged the same cache twice. What really happened is a cache was placed, I found it, it disappeared, was archived, I placed the final stage of a multi about 300 feet away, then several months later a new cache (micro instead of ammocan, placed in a different location about 30 feet away) was placed by the same CO, who then convinced a reviewer to unarchive the old one. Can you tell I was irritated by the entire thing? In my mind, if you change the container AND the hide location it is a new cache! I also agree with the multiple comments that the best way to assure a new cache placement will be approved is to communicate with the reviewer beforehand. I have found that the reviewers really are a CO's best ally in most cases.
  21. Our reviewer will not publish a challenge cache of the CO hasn't already qualified for it. This may be because of DGP which is now lonelycache.com
  22. In my neck of the woods which is national forest 90+ minutes from metro Phoenix, scout caches are simply a subgroup of vacation caches that get planted on a whim with inadequate containers, are poorly maintained and eventually removed. I support the comments about asking BSA to change the particular requirement. However I still see the larger problem of allowing inexperienced cachers to plant Caches that are inappropriate for various reasons. I am one of the people who advocates a minimum find count of 50-100 before placing a cache. This suggestion has been discussed extensively in other forums. Bottom line is, good hides by inexperienced cachers are the exception to the rule ( and yes I count several of my first hides in this category). While it is appropriate to ask BSA to change the merit badge, it is also appropriate to assign some responsibility to Groundspeak for having placement guidelines which are little more than words on a page to scroll through with no expectation of following. Scouting leaders are required to complete training before leading scout groups. Perhaps something akin to a mandatory training module for would be cache owners. At the very least make them watch that video on the web page first.
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