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  1. I can release stuff in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.
  2. Going to be the Austin area for a week, what are some recommended caches?
  3. The old one works great. None of the new ones so far do.
  4. Is there anyway to backup, save, download, export or whatever the found/status/dates that get recorded into the calendar on a Garmin 60c(s)x?
  5. Yep I noticed as I often post updated/fixed co-ords and they don't come through when I'm on the watchlist.
  6. If a waypoint is attached to a log, it should be mailed out to people on the watchlist, especially the owner, so they know it was posted.
  7. Mine does this also. I find that altering the backlight level, the flicker goes away. Flickers at 70, not at 75, etc.
  8. I've found my Meridian to be very accurate. Sure its getting a bit older, but it really isn't that far off the current top of the line.
  9. Mine has done something similar twice in the field recently. Its stuck at Acquiring, there are no satellites shown on the screen. Installing GPS chipset firmware again fixes it. Garmin has said to do a master reset, I'm waiting to see if it will happen again.
  10. I've almost got enough motivation to write a parser. Grab the notification email, parse it, download the cache page, parse it, create a new email with all the pertinent info and send it along to my phone.
  11. Antique Gold in stock at Geoswag now.
  12. ertyu

    Teaser Time!

    Is there any news on these? We're hoping we didn't miss out, but haven't seen them on sale yet... Waiting here for an announcement, hehe. They've been out for a week or two at Oakcoins. Copper are gone, but they have the antique gold. Looks like they are totally sold out, sucky I only found out they were on sale now.
  13. This would be a helpful tool I'd use.
  14. I too have had success with this. Thats what I did. Not sure how to check for holes.
  15. I found I could create a larger map with more segments if I targetted the SD card directly instead of the unit when making the map.
  16. I got my coins today, they look excellent.
  17. ertyu

    Friends Page

    Yep, hidden 0 or if they have more than 999 finds just "Hidden:"
  18. I think we're all hesitant since the previous two races never ended.
  19. Limiting the travel to adjacent provinces is a bit problematic. And what happens if one skips a province?
  20. I'm interested. But I want a guarantee this race will actually finish and have results.
  21. Don't knock it if you haven't tried it. With my iFinder Hunt I can load multiple files on the sd card and just load the ones I need when I need them. I don't have a hundred caches to look through when I want to bring up one to look at, and it's no big deal to load it up, I just do it when I change batteries. Another thing I can do with the Hunt is use a thirty character description instead of being limited to just ten. But to each his own. Your SD card looks like an alternate way to connect to the computer that solves the issues that GPSs that don't connect to the computer will have. Same issue solved in a different way. I stand by my advice. Agreed! If you cannot use a computer to get waypoints onto the GPS, you're going to get frustrated pretty quickly. The price difference to step up a few notches is pretty small. I don't think they should even sell the models that can't.
  22. FIND IT! (TBNFTE) 4 Provinces: * Ontario * Quebec * British Columbia * Alberta 4th province hit 12/24/2006 3237.4 miles 20 Caches visited 26 Cachers visited
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