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  1. I use a Fenix L2 series. 1 or 3watt LED (I forget which) that runs on 2xAA. Nice and bright and easy to keep supplied with batteries.
  2. I currently use a 60csx and love it. I had a chance to try out an Oregon this weekend. While the extra features are really nice, especially loading the entire cache page I think I would still hold out with my 60csx until at least the next new hardware series or my 60csx gives out (probably whichever comes last). The screen is certainly dimmer, I think I would end up running the backlight 100% of the time or encounter more eye strain. I found the user interface much kludgier, requiring more time and effort to affect actions. The touch screen didn't seem all that sensitive either, which is a good and bad thing, less accidental clicks, but more difficult to navigate. I didn't explore thoroughly, but there are certainly some new features and some old features have been removed.
  3. The 60cx/csx is a solid recommendation, I'm very happy with mine. While I'm not totally sold on the Colorado/Oregon, if I were in the market, I would seriously consider them as they provide some useful advancements in paperless caching. I just hope I won't have to make the choice, I'll hold out with my 60csx until something truly better in all regards is released.
  4. This has been a bug forever, please fix it. It's not always reproducible or the same every time, but if you try to navigate to a different page in a bookmark list, it appears you are on the selected page, but the content is from another page. No matter what navigation you select, the content never changes, usually staying with the content from the first page.
  5. This seems to be a common occurrence of late. I must once again complain about the issues that arise from this. If you happen to watch one of these caches before the "server" catches back up and emails out stuff, you get emailed all the private reviewer's notes, which in the case of puzzles includes the solution. This needs to be fixed.
  6. I have no quantitative proof, but it does seem to slow down a bit sometimes with more maps.
  7. There is a more serious problem that came about with this. If you happened to be watching a new cache for which the notification email had yet to be sent, you just got a copy of the reviewers notes mailed out. For the one cache in question I noticed, this meant you got the final co-ords for a difficult puzzle This should be fixed, reviewer's notes should never be mailed to the watchlist in my opinion.
  8. Yes, doesn't really provide the information.
  9. I think it would be handy to provide information about travel bugs that were dropped in a cache in the log message they were dropped in. This way you can easily track who dropped off a travel bug in cache and when. Something like the picture box in the bottom of a log, an extra zone that says something like "XYZ TravelBug was deposited in the cache".
  10. I found this, which is along the lines of the design I'm looking for: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Question_mark_3d.png Anyone up for some 3d rendering
  11. Check out this winter friendly post in the MBGA forums.
  12. I have a new one to add from today's outing. Arrived to find the cache on fire.
  13. Several bags of dog crap (who hides these?), a cache like container full of drugs, a purse full of drug paraphernalia, a pet coffin with remains, a frozen bucket shaped porcupine, discarded clothing and then the owner(s) of the clothing, a hooker, homeless men relieving themselves indoors and out, and worst of all, nothing.
  14. Just look at the caches hidden in the area, most if not all the hiders are from the area. Also stop by the Manitoba Geocaching Association
  15. I certainly find that puzzles and multis get far fewer finds than traditionals. With so many caches to choose from many just seem skip these, which is too bad. I try to solve all the puzzles before traveling to an area, but time doesn't always permit doing that or finding them all. At home my home radius is nearly always empty so I'm on top of any new cache and quick to jump on puzzles. I'm weary of hiding new puzzles or replacing muggled puzzles based on the minimal number of finders though.
  16. You need to get GARMIN to fix it. Contact support and have the unit RMA'd. Me too. Again, today GPS software dramatically downgraded itself to 0.00, leaving me out in the field with just the compass. I know it can be fixed re-applying the firmware, but this is a serious fault. I can't trust the thing, which makes it pretty useless. Anyone knows how to DEFINITELY fix this problem ?? Regards, Roberto
  17. I'm looking for a new avatar design. I'd like to stick with the rounded lower case 'e' but would like to have it look like a 3D bent metal wire/cylinder. Have that positioned at an oblique angle, tilted back at the right perhaps and viewed from slightly above center. Perhaps with a shiny black floor or square plane beneath it, perhaps even a spot light effect. Something along those lines. I'm debating if I want a Canadian Maple Leaf adorned to it or not. I don't have the skills or tools to bring this to fruition, anyone up for the challenge?
  18. Seems mind boggling this hasn't been added yet.
  19. I kinda prefer the old style maps. It gave a better overview of the cache location. The zoom levels don't really go out far enough and I have to zoom to get the view I want. The old maps were useful with the default presentation.
  20. The Manitoba Geocaching Association offers TB tags and Ammo cans amongst other things, if you're interested, just contact the treasurer and arrange pickup. You can usually find these things at MBGA events.
  21. Annoying bug that really needs a fix.
  22. They usually aren't very unusual characters. The last one I noticed was an apostrophe.
  23. For a while now I have been getting some of my geocaching.com messages arriving with Base64 encoded subjects. In a text mode email client, this looks like jibberish and is down right annoying. =?utf-8?B?W0xPR10gV2F0Y2hsaXN0OiBzdGFybGVzcyByZXRyaWV2ZWQgQ2FzdGxlIE1hbidzI FRyYXZlbGluZyBQaXJhbmhhIEdlb2NvaW4gIzEgKFBpcmFuaGEgR2VvY29pbikgZnJvbSBTZWNv bmQgbGlmZSAtIGRldXhpw6htZSB2aWU=?= Can this be reverted to a more portable and traditional format of old?
  24. When you receive email from a member, the from address is either the members email address or noreply@geocaching.com. This is confusing. I've often been screwed by hitting reply when its set to noreply@geocaching.com and then nothing happens... The noreply@geocaching.com address should bounce incoming messages so you know its going nowhere. It would also be nice if there was a link in the message to directly get to a message page to the user for replies.
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