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  1. I'd rather have my PQs issued on demand. Thats the only way I use them, I don't schedule regular generation.
  2. List is updated to current and I added some bulk pictures. One more pass trolling for interest.
  3. List is updated to current and I added some bulk pictures.
  4. Since I've likely found all caches that ever existed in that area, if you can send along the coords I might have a better chance of guessing which cache it may have been.
  5. I agree with the replies thus far. If it's a TB hotel it should be a traditional and to make it safer for all cachers, make sure the boxes are identified as geocaches from the outside.
  6. Certainly a good point. I wasn't aware of the rules against selling or any of the information about vending until after registration closed. I still don't really have any idea of what will be going on at the event.
  7. I've decided to trim down my collection and now have several coins for sale. See the link in my signature for a list and details.
  8. If you as a vendor want to attend to sell coins, why wouldn't other people? Selling coins in person would be preferred in my mind due to being able to view and handle the coins and avoid shipping costs and delay.
  9. Works fine for me. If all the vendors did this how do you think the event would get funded? There are other sources of funding. Vendors can still be attracted to the event. It's not an all or nothing as far as I know.
  10. Yes. I'm willing to contribute a registration fee to attend an event thats fun for me or have the event structured to reduce the costs to hold it.
  11. As you describe it, why is an event that is designed around celebrating geocoins setup as a shop for vendors? I want to go and participate in the event by selling some coins, why can't I without a large outlay? Who says the event is geared around trading? To me it's simply as the name states, a festival of geocoins and that encompasses all aspects of the coins: collecting, selling, buying, trading, minting, designing, viewing, etc.
  12. The arguments against to me seem to be an argument against the setup of the event. In my opinion the vendors pay to have a large featured location at the event. As it stands now from what I understand, they have an exclusive location and time period to capture peoples attention. I don't see an issue with people trading their geocoins at the event in the ways they have always done and continue to do through all other venues, why constrain this. If the event funding depends on this, perhaps the event plan is flawed. I would have no trouble with vendors appearing before or during the trading session or during the entire event even, they have paid for the rights, but I don't see how creating an exclusive right for the vendors to sell is fair.
  13. One other possibility is that they have their GPS set to the wrong datum. But the usual errors are likely at play, some people just don't take good coords.
  14. Openstreetmap also has some http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Map...Garmin/Download http://garmin.na1400.info/routable.php
  15. Don't forget, you can now use the 'Report a Problem' link to notify google about missing or inaccurate data or anything else. So far the requests I've put in have been handled way quicker than requests to Navteq.
  16. Its out, and available through the mail (or off my doorstep), but I haven't gotten around to setting up the torrent for it yet. Dale /me eagerly awaits
  17. I keep getting burned by this. It is nice to see there is an indication the message was sent without an attached email and a direct link to respond, but its in the footer and I've just mentally filter that by default. Some suggestions for improvements: - bounce messages sent to noreply - change the from address to something else that does bounce - change the from address to a temporary or unique address that redirects a message to the original sending user without revealing their email address
  18. In my experience caches are often not quickly maintained or maintained at all. Many cachers leave the activity after a year or two or they move or something else changes and caches fall by the wayside. For a challenge that might encompass several years of time on my part to collect the requirements, I'm not going to wait till the end to find it. In addition some of the challenges may be quite a distance from my home and so its not something that is easy to return to. And as also mentioned all the challenges I've seen or participated in indicated you could find the physical cache at any time. A few examples of mine, a challenge cache is located about 3 hours away and across a border. The cache was missing on two occasions when we attempted to find it and complete the challenge. This was over a 5 month span. We ended up contacting the owner and replacing the container for them so we could make the find. This same cache has also been missing or muggled on 2 or 3 other occasions. In the case of another challenge, the final is poorly hidden and very susceptible to muggling in my opinion and the hider is someone who doesn't cache all that often and is often entirely absent from the caching scene including answering emails. Although I may find the physical cache very early, I'll often go back to find it again when I finish the challenge and make a log for that date.
  19. I tend to find the physical challenge cache ASAP. If I'm going to attempt a lengthy and difficult challenge I dadgum well want to be able to log a find and not be obstructed by a missing or archived cache.
  20. My reasons were that I rarely took the time or had the time to read the physical logs so I felt my logs were unlikely to be read, and only those that found the cache could read my log. In addition cache muggling or damage was increasing so that the log books were more and more often lost or damaged meaning no-one would ever read my log. Thus my logs moved entirely online and my physical signature in the logbook is just a name and date.
  21. Here's my thought of late: Every time a hider pushes the envelope a little further, all the finders of that cache will then search for that style of hide at all future finds. In my mind that means that you are ever expanding the search space to more and more dangerous, damaging or illegals spots. However safe or secure the one particular hide might be, the next one isn't going to have those same particular safe guards. Some examples that come to mind are the cache in the ground mentioned in this thread, or similar cache hidden in grass, caches hidden in electrical boxes etc. Just places they shouldn't be and if you know they aren't there, you won't resort to searching there and risking danger or damage.
  22. It's 12:45am local time and someone just logged a find on a nearby cache with the current date, if I see that cache in a list on the website the 'Last Found' column says '-1 days ago*'. I double checked my timezone and DST settings and they are correct. Looks to be a calculation error. Not sure if its local time or DST related.
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