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  1. The problem actually gets worse if you try to link to specific articles or archives, you end up with a 404. Certainly SSL isn't required, but it's offered and it's not working. It's also becoming a more and more important item.
  2. Firefox, Linux, sure plugins, javascript enabled. But really nothing has changed with my browser, the website just isn't working anymore.
  3. I can't seem to get any additional cache logs to load on pages these days. Scroll the bottom and get nothing but "Loading Cache Logs..." nothing else ever happens.
  4. Saw this happening intermittently again a few hours ago, too, for what it's worth. Using Chrome on OS X, with GCLH addon loaded. Been constantly missing all week.
  5. It's intermittent again today, sometimes there, sometimes not. Load related?
  6. And now I look at another cache and I can see it.
  7. Seeing the same thing on Firefox 31/Linux. Just a blank white spot where the percentage show be. Inspecting the markup shows there should be something there, but it's not being populated. Works on Safari/iOS8
  8. I often add a photo to the log sometime after writing the log... It would seem that 'the system' should email the CO if the log is Edited. How many cachers log with 'Log to Follow' and you don't get notified when the full log is submitted? Maybe the system needs to email the CO for photos and edits, if an edit is within a certain time frame, say a month of the log? I've made suggestions both for notification for images and edits before and whole heartedly support those notifications coming into play. They would greatly assist with cache maintenance.
  9. Been seeing the same thing for a while now, intermittently I notice that I missed receiving some notifications. Mostly I've noticed archived notifications being missed. It's very hit and miss, a batch of things may happen around the same time and I'll get some notifications but not others in the batch.
  10. I hate seeing recently viewed as well. Just clutters things up.
  11. I continue to experience this bug.
  12. You are misunderstanding how a SQL query works. It IS using all of the parameters of the PQ in the database query. The problem is when the user is asking the PQ to return more results than are allowed by the PQ (in this case 1000). When the user then sorts, they are essentially saying to the query, "instead of capping caches based on proximity to the origin, cap it based on the number of Favorites" (or whatever else is being sorted on). This logically results in a different set of returned caches. I understand how a database query works. And also that it should be a simple tweak to query the database with the 1000 limitation based on proximity and then re-sort based on the new sort criteria to maintain the logical presentation of caches that are present in the PQ.
  13. No, it's not - read Moun10Bike's explanation to my initial post. Set your PQ radius small enough that it returns just under 1000 caches and you can easily sort the PQ, keeping all the original caches that are returned. Once I went back and tried it, it worked great! The only thing you may need to do is to keep tweaking the radius until you get just under 1000 caches - so don't schedule it to run (i.e., don't pick a day of the week) until you've got the radius figured out. It certainly is a BUG, just because you can work around it, doesn't mean it is not. The software doesn't produce the expected result, that is a BUG. Besides the explanation doesn't make a lot of sense to me either. It seems like it would be a simple tweak to use all the parameters of the PQ in the database query, not just some of them, to produce the web list, dropping one of them seems silly.
  14. Funny I go to try it today and it works, so I investigate further and find it appears to break when there are other HTML tags within the comment, for example: <!--test<p>abc--> If I submit that, it is entirely removed. For online listings, I'm seeing the comments included in page source.
  15. I've used HTML comments in cache descriptions before, in fact they remain in some of my listings. However if I attempt to add new ones to a cache listing, they are removed when I submit the edit. The HTML check box is checked and comments are listed as valid HTML tags on the page.
  16. I'd say Google gave about a year and half notice prior to retiring API v2 and that's only well after v3 was available. API v2 was initially schedule to drop in spring 2013 as I remember and they extended it to November. There was plenty of notice and warning. I was well aware of the changes.
  17. Was burned by this again yesterday. Was walking by a cache I had previously found but by chance noticed it was disabled earlier. When I went to look it up on the phone it wasn't in the list so I assumed it was archived, so I didn't bother to check up on the cache for them.
  18. I'm having trouble getting any page generated by http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx Provincial or user cache lists for example. First noticed at 10am central today.
  19. Much worse today and it was certainly happening before my first post as I said in that post.
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