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  1. The Free Press ran an article not to long ago, I saw a couple new people logging after that. Winnipeg Free Press Article
  2. From the product descriptions: 2005 More than 5.4 million miles of routable local, city, state, and highway roads in the United States and Canada—representing the 35,000+ U.S. and 700,000+ Canadian postal codes. 2004 Over 6.7 million miles of routable local, city, state, and highway roads, representing more than 35,000 U.S. ZIP Codes and 700,000 Canadian Postal Codes. Seems like a major back step, I'm suprised they'd even put this in the description.
  3. There are currently 5 travel bugs, including mine (Canada Bear), in the 2004 Great Canadian Coast to Coast Travel Bug Race that have been sitting in Canada’s 11th: Chateau Meighen TB Hotel & Emporium near Ottawa for a while. So I thought I would see if I could rally some troops to move these along. Thanks
  4. Yes, the caches are pretty sparse around here, seen a few logs of new people who said they started because of the article.
  5. Unfortunately you require a subscription to the paper to view content online, but I've scanned it, its about 1MB Winnipeg Free Press Article
  6. FYI: Today's (July 22) Winnipeg Free Press contains a geocaching article on the last page of section B.
  7. I had a similar issue, same symptoms plus the clock would tick fast. A complete reset of the memory put it back in working order. What I encountered is apparently a long standing firmware bug.
  8. Like previous posters mentioned, I don't know that it matters when you hide, might be easier in some seasons, but you must consider all seasons. You need to survive long cold winters intact, even if it can't be found in winter. Need to make sure you are not going to flood out in spring. Make sure there isn't too much foliage hiding you in summer or the opposite for fall, make sure you're not just hiding behind foliage.
  9. Haven't tried reloading the firmware. That tends to be a somewhat risky proposition so I left that for a bit later. I tried a reset all as somewhat indicated by http://www.mtgc.org/robertlipe/myfaq/Magellan_FAQ.shtml and it was able to accurately track my path to work without the 6 tick problem this morning. I'll have to check it so more to see if that illeviated the problem.
  10. Time is fairly accurate, shouldn't be off by much and the clock will tick fast well beyond accurate time advancing more than an hour ahead before I've given up and powered it off. Its not new, I've had it since last year and it just started doing this 2 weeks ago. I've tried it several different days at several different times, no difference. Left it sit outside for a good hour without moving, nothing. (You should see the track log, haha) Tried reinitializing it a couple times. That seems to bring the clock back inline until it locks on to a satellite again.
  11. My unit has picked up a flaw. Intermittently the clock will tick ~6 times per second, making it hopelessly lost. It seems to only happen once its locked onto at least one satellite, and not always there after. It appears to only affect the clock it uses for position while turned on, as turning it off and on again resets the clock to the correct time. Its a Magellan Meridian Gold. Any ideas? I've been waiting a couple days for a response from tech support, nothing yet.
  12. No numbers and no card. I've seen and had fun with Canadian Geocoins before. Didn't find a user "GD", but who knows. I found it in Bunns Creek Cache GCGGJC, but didn't see any log that looked like it described the item. It looked rather official looking with Groundspeak and their logo on it, I figured when I got home I would find it in the store, but no such luck.
  13. I found this in a cache, but can't really figure out what its called or if it has any significance.
  14. I've never quite figured out that product. The Yellow SE model. Its not on Magellans site and only seems to pop up at the big retailers. If it does indeed have 16mb internal memory, then its comparable to a Meridian Gold. It doesn't mention what the Mapsend CD is, but in the accessories list below "Mapsend CD" is Canada S&D. The Merdian Gold Special Edition Canada, which would be an identical package if the SE has 16mb and includes Canada S&D, and it goes for $360 - $50us rebate at gpscentral.ca or gpscity.ca. I think this might be a better route.
  15. ertyu

    Top 10 Caches

    Scooby's Lunch is my favorite find thus far.
  16. GPSCentral has it listed now. IIRC the Magellan Mapsend Streets and Destinations Canada also uses DMTI Spatial data.
  17. The Sept 12 and 17th caches are both in Manitoba.
  18. Noticed the race map got updated but Perpendicular Motion didn't get moved. Glad to see 2 TBugs have made it to Manitoba.
  19. I sent in the earlier $75 rebate and they denied it saying it was outside the valid dates. I emailed back saying it was within the dates and it became valid. So contact them and see what they say. I hope you kept a copy of everything you sent it, these rebates barons have a bad habit of loosing things and requiring extra copies of stuff to prove its valid.
  20. Magellan Mapsend Streets & Destinations seems to have quite good coverage. At least in my experience around Winnipeg. Better than MS Mappoint 2004.
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