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  1. I'm speculately that I loose notes when I "power off" the ipaq quickly after entering a new note.
  2. Doh, and I'm still looking for Directroute 2.
  3. Lock and Lock do quite well also. I've had one go through a river flood, it was under ~10feet of water for a month and came out completely dry. I leave a piece of concrete on top to keep it from floating away.
  4. ertyu


    I think it would be better if a more obvious method of doing this was in place. I usually just need a push button to send me the current PQ and load it on my PDA. I don't need it sent periodically. Its a little more painful to setup a day, and then hope its going to come.
  5. There are ways around this. Get the cache approved, but don't post the correct co-ordinates/instructions till the date and time you want.
  6. Same bug here, only first one setup goes through.
  7. GeoSharks did all the hard work and got me the cache. Thanks to those that replied.
  8. Still looking for someone to help me out and visit somewhere with the co-ordinate N 38°29.8'
  9. ertyu

    Sister Cities

    Thanks to Liimes who got me Kuopio, Finland.
  10. ertyu

    Sister Cities

    Kuopio, Finland would also work.
  11. I'm looking to complete Where's In A Name? (GC3153). I need a coordinate using N 38°29.8' which runs nears Sacremento.
  12. Very nice. The satellite link doesn't add a marker though.
  13. Can you add a placemarker to the google maps links? For example: http://maps.google.com/?sll=49.87183333,-9...7183333,-97.265
  14. ertyu

    Sister Cities

    I'm looking to complete the Sister Cities locationless geocache and need a partner in Reykjavik, Iceland to log the find.
  15. ertyu

    Google Maps

    How do you switch databases?
  16. Sounds just right for a podcast...
  17. ertyu

    Fishing Cache

    Buoy Oh Buoy (GCNR91) is fishing related, but you're not likely to find any fish.
  18. Doh, I just got one at regular price. It was in better condition than the ones I see when they are on sale though. Added some spray paint to the rust and cover the lettering and its ready to go.
  19. Its not required, there isn't much trafic.
  20. ertyu

    Google Maps

    I put in a suggestion for the ability to search by co-ordinates.
  21. I'm only speaking for myself, but I don't think anyone would mind a late entry for the logo.
  22. October seems to be the month for placing caches, I count 14 new ones for the month in my home radius.
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