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  1. For certain users I have Message Center issues. I don't receive notification by email or by indication on the website that they sent me a message. If I go into Message Center, I don't see any conversation history from them. Only once I try to message them can I see the message history. After that it still remains hidden in the normal Message Center view. This has happened for a few specific users and more than once for at least one of the users and has been noticed over a long period. Most users work fine, I receive all notifications and see their message history.
  2. The recent web page change hides the traditional link colouring that indicates when a link has been visited or not. Please revert this change so I can see which links/caches have been visited and which haven't. I've tried in Firefox, Safari, IE, Chrome, all show the links in the same colour no matter if they have been visited or not.
  3. I just want to opt-out. I don't need another captive system for communications. I don't want to learn the new quirks and deal with bugs. I want my messages in my fully functional email box and no-where else.
  4. Can anyone confirm whether a non-premium account can access non-traditional caches via the API?
  5. With many users accessing geocaching.com via the API or other means and never logging into the website, the 'Last Visit' indicator becomes erroneous and can't be relied upon for accuracy. It would be nice if this were updated when the user interacted with geocaching in any manor. For example, I've found that the 'Last Visit' field is weeks or months ago even though a user has just logged a find on one of my owned caches.
  6. When I first started this post, I thought the ignore list applied mostly universally except for a few places. After researching various avenues I'm so confused by where it does and doesn't apply, I really don't know which bits I would want to change. The whole thing is in just such a confused state I'm better off avoiding it entirely. It's a nice idea, there are caches that I don't want to see again, but I don't want to have to second guess looking at any part of geocaching.com wondering if I'm seeing the correct data or not.
  7. Already asked there. I don't believe this can be a GSAK only issue.
  8. It matters not to me what it is called, the functionality is what I have issues with. If I choose to ignore or hide caches from my view, I don't think they should disappear from all the areas they currently do. In addition I think there are several areas where they appear, where they should not. A big example, it should not rewrite history, it should not remove it from finds or hides lists. The biggest problem is that it's confusing. In some places it appears, in some places it doesn't, in some places there is an option to have it appear or not and the default settings for that option are contradictory to what would be naturally assumed in my opinion. No matter what, I have to carefully examine whether the ignore list is being applied or not for absolutely everything, which just makes it too difficult to deal with. I put one cache on my ignore list to test various things and forgot it was there. I was confused several times in a week as to why certain things weren't as expected. But I digress, it appears I'm alone in these thoughts in this forum, so I'll just continue on, unable to use the feature I desire.
  9. I don't think the list makes sense at all. It certainly isn't how I want to use it. In fact your statements are somewhat contradicted by my findings. For example, if I go through the list of my found caches in my profile, ignored ones are not listed. Similarly through the same avenue, my hides that are ignored are not listed. I'm not suggesting I want my owned caches to disappear, it was just one avenue I investigated as plenty of odd things happen with the ignore list.
  10. I was trying out the API usage in GSAK with a non-premium user account, there were some oddities and bugs. Making a request as a non-premium user for caches with the light data format, the API only returns traditionals and events/cito. I'm not sure if that is expected for a non-premium user on the API or not. What is weird is that if I request other types of caches, GSAK will return like it fetched them, give me a count of what it got, deduct from my API balance, but not actually have any caches in what was returned. Detailed activities: My first attempt to get caches I asked for 1000 caches of any type around home within 50km. I got 1000 traditionals and events/cito around home. So then I asked for 10 puzzles around home within 50km. The dialogs showed it getting 10 caches, then the result said it returned 10 caches, but showed nothing in the detailed log and nothing showed up in the database. Checking the balance in the API, sure enough, 10 caches were deducted. Tried again with different cache types, same result. Just for clarification there are certainly more than 10 caches available within 50km of the types I tried and there was API quota available during all requests.
  11. I also confirmed that I receive notifications for caches on the ignore list, at least of archive type
  12. If the attributes are misleading or incorrect they certainly should be something this is maintained and fixed. They are part of the greater cache description, including size, difficulty and terrain and the general text description and should reflect the cache properly.
  13. That's a nightmare for those cache owners who do not wish to be contacted via the new message center but by e-mail. There should at least be links for both systems. "Message this owner" is quite misleading and many cachers will now use this link instead of e-mail. I would appreciate a way to opt out of the message system and to remove the link to the message center on my cache pages. I will not react to messages sent via this channel. Agreed.
  14. So I dug through some of the things I use with regards to geocaching.com and came up with a confusing list of where the ignore list is and isn't applied. It's much more muddled that I recalled and with no clear rational, it makes it all the more difficult keep track of and to figure out what you are seeing. A cache on the Ignore List: - Disappears from various cache lists (seek/⁠nearest.aspx?state_id=xx) (seek/⁠nearest.aspx?lat=xyz&lng=abc) (seek/⁠nearest.aspx?lat=xyz&lng=abc&f=1) - Disappears from general cache maps - Disappears from other users profile found caches list - Disappears from my profile found caches list (seek/⁠nearest.aspx?ul=xxxxx) - Disappears from other hiders profile hidden caches list - Disappears from my profile hidden list (seek/nearest.aspx?u=xxxxx) - Disappears from search (play/search/) - Disappears from advanced search (seek/⁠nearest.aspx?key=xyz) - Remains in my owned cache list (my/⁠owned.aspx) - Remains in my logs list (my/⁠logs.aspx) - Remains in my geocaches list (my/⁠geocaches.aspx) - Remains on recently viewed list (my/⁠recentlyviewedcaches.aspx) - Remains in multiple sections of quickview (my/⁠default.aspx) - Remains visible in other bookmark lists - Remains in PQs by default, can be removed by checkbox - Remains in My Finds PQ - Remains visible in the iOS app by default, can be removed by setting - Does not appear to change find/⁠hide counts in statbar or profile list - Does not appear to change user statistics - API appears to support including and excluding caches on the ignore list as well as an arbitrary list - GSAK API access appears to exclude Ignored Caches, has no option to change - Haven't verified how the ignore list affects Notifications
  15. I sure hope there is a way to disable message centre if it becomes a feature. I don't want to use it and I want to make sure people trying to message me know that I'm not going to respond to their message if they use that feature.
  16. I much prefer a push notification system to a polling system. Besides which, a polling system requires me to check every log on every cache, every time to look for changes.
  17. If the ignore list is working for you, feel free to ignore this forum posting. The ignore list does not work for me, but I would like to use it. PQs have an option to not follow the ignore list, in fact it's the default, why is it so much to ask to consider adding this same functionality to other places?
  18. I know I and several others have asked for this several times. I'd certainly like to see it. Also a notification of any uploaded pictures.
  19. I just find it odd that the only place you can ignore the ignore list is in PQs where it is default option to include ignored caches. That is the one place I've yet to want to see ignored caches. Not to say the option is bad, I'm sure in the future I may have a reason, but I've not had one yet to include an ignored cache.
  20. No I want to ignore the caches, I just don't want to use the current Ignore List logic as it applies to too much of the website in my opinion.
  21. I find the feature confusing because the ignored caches are removed from places where it doesn't make sense to me. For example, if a friend has found a cache I've ignored, it disappears from their find list as well, I think it even disappears from my finds list. It vanishes from all kind of lists and messes with total counts and the like. Now I haven't used it in a while and perhaps some of this has changed. I want to be able to Ignore/Filter caches from certain places, like PQs, maps, APIs and lists where it makes sense to me, but not to make the cache entirely vanish from the website and affect things I think it shouldn't.
  22. I've refrained from using the standard ignore list because it's functionality is not at all what I want, in fact it is nearly opposite. I'd like the caches to remain on the bulk of the website and be excluded from PQs. It's nice to have the toggle to remove them from PQs, but it would be nice if there were a toggle for other items, like the maps, APIs, website listings etc. The caches don't need to vanish entirely like they do now, I just want them easily filtered from my downloads and some forms of browsing.
  23. After stumbling across this post and error, I end up discovering it's linked to other errors I've been experiencing on the site. The HTTPS Everywhere add-on has geocaching.com set enabled by default and when enabled the site is not redirected to SSL, but certain things within the page appear to be redirected to SSL and then silently stop working.
  24. I think I may have found the cause of the problem for me. The HTTPS Everywhere add-on has geocaching.com set enabled and when enabled the site is not redirected to ssl, but certain things within the page silently stop working.
  25. I think I may have found one cause of the problem. The HTTPS Everywhere add-on has geocaching.com set active and when active the site is not redirected to ssl, but things like the percentage stop working.
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