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  1. The browser in a Kindle goes straight to the Amazon store. I haven't been able to find an option to connect to Google unless Amazon have come up with something new in their latest Kindles. However, if you're toying with the idea of buying a Kindle for the reading while travelling thing, I'd heartily recommend it. My Kindle kept me sane on a 26 hour trip to Australia (and the same time span back) last year. I loved being able to choose which of the 52 books I wanted to read without having the hassle of added weight. And it was a great ice breaker, too, as not many people have actually seen a Kindle in the flesh, as it were.
  2. Don't know if I'm missing something here, but I usually go to the map at the bottom of the cache page, near the logs, and click on the little cache icon. That brings up a 'Find nearby caches' dialogue box, which, when clicked, will take you to a new page. All the nearby caches are shown along with the roads. I usually print that out if I need a map of the area. Hope this helps!
  3. I'm in Dorset, where is your TB? I have family in RSA who may be able to help get it to you.
  4. Time to switch to a Mac, methinks! Seriously though, I'm not having any problems with the site. Hope you get it right soon, it's too nice a day to be stuck inside.
  5. Do you want to kill the game before it's really begun by putting a moratorium on new caches? I would be really inclined to do a large violence on someone if a moratorium were to be brought into force. That would be yet another restriction to an already fairly tightly controlled pastime. If we're voting on this thread, mine would be an emphatic no thanks.
  6. Sounds wonderful, Nobby.Nobbs. Where does it take place? Count ME in!
  7. As the title of this thread says, I'm facing a tough decision and would like some help. Geocaching is, by its very nature, a solitary pursuit. I don't often meet other cachers, therefore don't have the opportunity to ask their opinions. Maybe I should organise a cache bash and hand out a questionnaire -
  8. Thanks for the replies. Just one more question - would you find it helpful to have a website giving you the contact details of a bed and breakfast or self-catering cottage with all the surrounding caches included on that bed and breakfast's page? Must say, it's good to know that we all take our GPSs with us when we stray away from home! Barberanne
  9. Could you help me with a few questions? I want to know how many of us plan a holiday with geocaching in mind. When you go away from home, do you find out how many caches are in the area you're going to? Do you look for accommodation close to caches? Or do you stay with family and hope some new caches have just been published? Or - do you just leave your GPS at home and have a total relax? I need to know if there's any interest in this before I throw any more energy at it, so if you could just give me a few ideas on what your holiday needs are, I'd be very grateful. Barberanne
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