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  1. Have been and still am a boy scout! I'm director of one of their camps here in Canada!
  2. I understand why the change to the maps, and really i don't blame the powers that be for the change. But man do they suck! I'd be happy to pay extra on my membership to get the good maps again!
  3. My longest streak was 6 days. I was starting a challenge and gun-ho about it. Then i realized that i Geocached for fun, to escape from life! I wanted it to remain that way. So i stopped before it became a chore. Now i still enjoy caching when i can and have fun doing it!
  4. I'm guilty of just logging the "TFTC", especialy on a power trail. I would never leave a blank log, that's a no no. If a cacher has gone through the effort of hiding a cache, it deserves a comment. It's yet to happen to one of my caches, hope it doesn't!
  5. I just hit 400 a couple of weeks ago. I just set personal goals for myself. It's all about the adventure. Don't be so hard on yourself and have fun! It's the whole point of the game!
  6. I've had to walk back and forth too many times to count, the forgetfull person i can be. So i've started carrying my camera, i'll take a pic of the cache with my GPSr and send it to the owner as proof... I'll log the find after they approve it... Haven't had any issues yet...
  7. I'm having the same issue. Using windows 7... I'm sure they're working on it
  8. Might want to leave that at home... never know these days
  9. Plug your 62s in your computer, There's a guide in the unit.
  10. Liking the new update! The stats page is pretty cool. New maps are nice... but they don't show all my finds. When i click to go back to the old maps it puts me in Seatle... not in my home town. Site looks great! Keep up the good work!
  11. Have a look at this thread, there are some in there... and yes, there is on in space! http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=264721
  12. I've been using my E trex Legend for about 3 years now... still a great unit. When it comes to the compass, can't go wrong with the original, old school compass. Batteries won't die on you
  13. Mine shows up 22 kms away, at the local post office. Mind you, i live in a very remote area...
  14. I've had this one, closest to home, went looking for it about 6 times. Every time i've looked for it i've stepped on it. Litteraly! Looked high, looked low... just not low enough. It's frustrating, but i love it!
  15. Not seeing maps, small, medium and large sizes... in windows explorer and Google chrome.. I'm sure you're working on this. Thank you
  16. Nice story! Here's a good one... the quality bites but it's funny! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhTqzZpz6RY
  17. A lawn sprinkler head, that i walk on/past the other 4 times at was at GZ!
  18. My compass and duct tape! You never know!
  19. Great Britain! I'm just lurking... someone ask away
  20. No you get to cache like us up here in the Great White North!
  21. They pretty much called your TB hot! LOL It's hanging on a car mirror as we speak! And the rest pretty much says your TB will make many men jealous.... If it can help...
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