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  1. Northern Delaware here.... Cheers, Phil
  2. Mine also increase in length with the fun-ness/un-fun-ness of the cache. This morning I had a cache-n-dash in a neighborhood park that wasn't bad, but it wasn't extremely outstanding or memorable. Now, yesterday's cache was at dawn, in fresh snow, with clear skies, so the morning light was beautiful for photography, and there were a number of decoy caches (all of which were hard to find under 4" of snow). That got more verbage. I like posting pictures, too. I used to think people didn't care about pictures, but a lot of people seem to like them.
  3. Wow, drop a post before leaving work and there's 30 replies in the morning! Dang. Lots of good advice in here. I think I'll pass on the divorce idea, Lep. No offense. I think I'll take the "suck it up" approach and just take the caching out of errand/sleep time. Oh, and business trips. Those can help.... Cheers, Phil
  4. Pout. I got the "I'm starting to resent geocaching" lecture last night. It seems the cache-a-day idea lasted about three weeks. Now it's back to people around the house ticked off because I find time for caching when there are "other things I should be doing." Feh. I guess I have to take caching only out of time previously allocated to sleep. I've been using caching as a way to help keep my 164/128 blood pressure down, but it seems I now have to have the high bp again..... Feh. Anybody else have this problem? Any good way to deal with it, preferably without giving up caching, or going less than half as often? .... Cheers, Phil P.S. My son plays Everquest, where the characters have "faction" ratings. If someone hates you and will kill you on sight, your faction is low. If someone loves you eternally and will follow you into combat, your faction is high. I'm suffering from low home faction right now.....
  5. Yea, Yea, Yea Chevy vs Ford Canon vs. Nikon (Nikon) Winderz vs. UNIX (UNIX) vi vs. emacs (vi) Glock vs. HK (Glock) sail vs. power (sail) climb vs. rappel (climb) nordic vs. downhill (nordic) Hm. Drive a Chevy. Cache with a Garmin. This could be a fun thread. Seriously OT though. Sorry 'bout that. Cheers, Phil
  6. Hum. Interesting. My son and I are planning to put out a Multi called "SEAL Challenge 1" where the first leg involves SCUBA equipment (if you can't hold your breath long enough) and the second stage requires a free rappel (or a 5.11b climb). We haven't figured out stage 3 yet, but we were thinking about either an explosives or shooting theme.... [] Cheers, Phil
  7. I picked up a few in Italy while I was there. Unfortunately, my GPSr was broken while I went to Hong Kong. Rumor has it I'll be in Moscow next spring, but I also hear tell they're pretty jumpy about the whole GPS thing, and spending a few weeks in a Russian prison is not on the agenda. Italy was interesting. It's definitely not a cache-dense area. There are a little over 4,000 caches within 100 miles of my home coordinates, but there are only 128 within 100 miles of Milan (or something small like that). I did pick up a find on Castle Fortezzio (sp?), and the virtual at Pompeii. Great place to visit. Getting out before work and walking around the city with the GPSr is a great way to find the little cafes on side streets.... Cheers, Phil
  8. When the boss invites you to a meeting two states away and you volunteer to drive to "save money".... Ahem. I'll be driving to Virginia in a few weeks.... Cheers, Phil
  9. Hm, fun topic. Always (at least in the car if I'm running across the parking lot for a micro): - GPSr - Batteries - GPSr cig lighter adapter for the car - Treo (so I can get to the web or call for help) - Whistle - Personal TB/Micro (TBK07N) - Pens - Bag of foreign coins - Bag of Sacag.... um, US dollar coins - Normal McSwag from the dollar store - Notebook - Spare 1 qt Ziplocs - Mountain Dew Livewire - Nikon 4300 digital camera If Geobiking: - Helmet - Camelback and extra water - Physical topo maps - Gloves If Summer: - DEET and tweezers - Sunscreen If Night: - Petzel headlamp Stuff I've thought about adding to the car: - Rubbermaid tub of extra SWAG - Trash bags for CITO - Pre-made caches - Latex medical gloves (depending on where you're CITOing) - Technu Cheers, Phil
  10. There's a first time for everything. I was out with some other cachers looking for Fourteen Minus Six (GCR7B7), when six University of Delaware cops rolled up. Apparently wandering around the middle of the streets on campus at 2 in the morning is acting "suspiciously." They just ran our names and DL numbers for warrants, then said, "have a good time." Very polite, though completely unimpressed with the idea of Geocaching. I kept getting these wierd "people shouldn't do anything 'different'" vibes from them. Which is very odd, given what I really do for a living.... I generally don't have bad reactions to cops, but these guys left me feeling vaguely oppressed. Maybe it's just me....
  11. I was in, uh, geeze, I don't even remember. Someplace between Elizabethtown and Lancaster, PA, this afternoon, furiously searching for a micro (that I ended up DNFing anyway). Cop pulls up. Watches. I don't notice. Watches some more. Finally, I look up, GPS in one hand, PDA in the other, pen hanging out of my mouth, and he laughs, waves, and pulls out. Somehow I think this particular cop knows about geocaching.... :-)
  12. I was just sitting here idly thinking, "to hell with the swag, I want the cache container!" I don't think the crew would let me cart it off tho.... Cheers, Phil
  13. It's been my experience that people log their finds at wildly varying time windows. I log everything same day, unless I'm somewhere where there's no Internet connection (like my hotel in Naples after a recent trip to Pompeii). Sometimes it takes people several days, or even weeks, to log that they picked up a bug. TBs also tend to go missing. Keep trying! You'll find some eventually (usually in a cache where there are no bugs listed yet... ;-) ) Cheers, Phil
  14. prm

    Human Tb

    Does it count that I put a tag and a Groundspeak micro cylinder on my keychain, then activated it? Goal is to meet me, get the tracking number, and grab the bug..... I don't have the nerve for a tat. Cheers, Phil
  15. It's interesting - I get a blank white page every so often (maybe 15% of the time) when I'm in the forums. If I shut down Firefox, restart it, and go back in, then I can usually view the page that failed to load.... If there's something I can do to help anyone figure this out, I'm game to try. Of course, it may be a "who cares?" issue, which is ok, too.... ;-) Cheers, Phil [Just checked - pages that will not load with Firefox, such as the "edit avatar" page, load just fine with IE on the same machine, so it seems to be a FF problem...]
  16. prm

    Player Watch

    Getting into this late, as usual. IMHO, this is a great idea. I'd love to watch what my Dad is up to (avid cacher, and retired so he has tons of time), and some of my other friends. The "both parties must agree" is pretty obviously needed. Cheers, Phil
  17. prm


    Wargroom, were you thinking about a caching get-together, or a go-get-pizza get together? If the former, we could meet in a high-cache-density location, like White Clay Creek or Middle Run. If the latter, we can meet darn near anywhere. I'm game. Cheers, Phil
  18. prm


    Yeah, but signing up is a PITA. I just spent 20 minutes trying to guess a name that was "acceptable" to MSN, but apparently I'm not good enough to do that. *sigh* I give up. Signing up for a mailing list just shouldn't be that hard.
  19. prm


    Hmmm. Maybe those of us in DE should start one.... Or at least have a regular pizza night somewhere. Cheers, Phil
  20. It seems like we're missing something, which SBell pointed out a few posts back. From reading the article, it sure looks like this would have been a non-issue, or at least much less of an issue, if the "Geocache" sticker had been visible without moving the cache. Perhaps we should just be noting "put the cache back carefully so the sticker is visible." Lesson noted....
  21. Wind. Birds. Water flowing over rocks.... On the way to and from, though, it's been Will Smith, Green Day, Good Charlotte, and other assorted mixes. Cheers, Phil
  22. prm

    New Tb Design

    I just got another 8 yesterday. They're the old style.... Not complaining (I <i>like</i> the COPY tag), just noting....
  23. prm

    New Tb Design

    I just got another 8 yesterday. They're the old style.... Not complaining (I <i>like</i> the COPY tag), just noting....
  24. prm

    New Tb Design

    Oops, my bad. DNS didn't return a PTR for www.travelbugs.com, so I made an assumption..... Thanks for pointing that out. Cheers, Phil
  25. prm

    New Tb Design

    Well, nothing like jumping into the conversation late! 1. I like the new design. 2. I very much like getting two tags. If I order the new style with a copy, will the second still say "COPY" on the front? 3. The domain travelbugs.com is still unregistered. This might be a problem.... Cheers, Phil
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