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  1. I don't skydive either, but I believe the HAHO and HALO acronyms are for High Altitude, High Opening and High Altitude, Low Opening respectively. I think it means they jump from WAAY Up there, and either open high or low. I've heard the military uses Halo because you can't hear the plane overhead but the jumper opens low so there's little drift and/or exposure.
  2. Situations such as these are one reason that I often carry my pistol. Never had to use it, but it's there if I need it. Might want to consider a small .22 if your state allows it. TG
  3. Thanks for all the hints. I'll be sure and avoid the rawhide bones and stuff along with the food. I am already using zip-lock bags to protect the cache contents and the Rubbermaid containers I'm using make a really good seal as long as they're put back on right. I started assembling cache #2, and I have a pretty good idea for where I want to put it. Maybe this weekend...
  4. Which of the various Mapsource products are generally considered most useful for Geocaching? I have a Garmin Vista, so I have lots of RAM to put to use with detailed maps, but at the prices they charge, I want to make sure I get one that's the most useful. Toyguy
  5. After finding a few, I've just hidden my first cache and am waiting for it to appear publicly. For you veteran hiders, how often do you visit your own caches to check on them? DO you base it on time, number of visits or some other metric? I know not to place food in the cache. How about things like a rawhide bone for Rover? Would that attract too much animal attention? Toyguy [This message was edited by Toyguy on August 07, 2002 at 09:33 PM.]
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