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  1. I haven't been caching in awhile due to medical. Kids want to go caching so reloaded GSAK on my new desktop and reloaded basecamp and mapsource. The computer can see the card but the various software can't see the GPSR to transfer the waypoints.
  2. That's why I keep the jeep locked lol!
  3. Many of us are members of BAGO. We are all around you but you won't know it as we are a secret society with secret hand shakes, etc. I would tell yo more but your life would be in danger.
  4. I have 3 caches right of US 24 on the Wabash/Huntington Co line. Been there for years.
  5. Don't forget the Geocaching 101 and Potawatomi cache Bash this Saturday morning. This will be a pretty laid back event this round as I have a PPt for the newbies and the rest can trade items and nail the 9 new caches. I believe some newbies will be here so if anyone wants to take them out after their PPt program feel free to volunteer. Event is 9 - 12 so you can cache the rest of the day. GC2AQE1
  6. I have an event scheduled for July 31 here at Potawatomi Wildlife Park. Geocaching 101 program for the newbies and I am planning to archive all current caches on the park ASAP and put out fresh ones for the rest of you. Details to follow on the page (soon to be published) but event will be short and sweet running 9 -12 noon so participants have the day to nail some caches.
  7. Let her know Prayers sent from Team Gunpowder
  8. Had an events committee meeting this morning for Potawatomi Wildlife Park. Thinking of having a geocaching event this year probably June/July/August time period. Probably a geocaching 101 event with perhaps something for the rest of us. Mike
  9. Restocked old caches with fresh logs and trade items. Cleaned them of McDonald's/crap trades too. Placed two new caches yesterday on the park in time for the BAGO event.
  10. We reached our goal today here in Austin Texas by reaching our 300th cache. We found 21 caches in 3 days of "light " hunting between family activities. Not having much time to cache this year, we were happy to reach 300 caches. One could hit 100/day down here easily if you tried. Caches are everywhere. I hope our next 300 come much faster than the first. I just work too much. We are heading back to Indiana tomorrow morning. I will try to bring more warm weather back with me.
  11. went caching last three days including today. Had the windows down all day. was 80 degrees here in Austin Not forgetting my Hoosier neighbors, I am sending warm weather your way, Ir should begin to arrive tomorrow
  12. Had a cubscout campout out last night. rain this morning cut it short. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep
  13. gunpowder

    ISQ Finds

    Looks like 70 for me although I get a slight different count each time ;(
  14. Thanks for the heads up--journalistically a very amateurish article--doesn't tell much about the promotion--just WHERE to find out about it. Call or stop in --duh!--No, thanks! Does anybody know if these caches will be listed on GC.com? I am aware of the hwy30cachebach. I was involved in hiding one of the caches. It should be up and running in Marshall County by this afternoon. The other two counties are up and running now I believe. They tried to get the cache as an event or multi but couldn't get it okayed since there is no single starting point. It is a partnership of Marshall, Kosciusko, and Allen Counties so it wasn't fair to start it in only one county. Kosciusko county has a cacher on the CVB staff who helped organize it. She tried to get it accepted as a multi but again you need to have only 1 starting point. I am told completing either of the three multis puts you in a drawing for prizes and I believe $$$.
  15. After my earlier post I cached over the weekend and actually found my first three of these. 2 of the 3 were quite dangerous in blind spots with fast moving traffic. One had the cache actually hidden behind the cross. I am not sure how I feel about them except that they were quite dangerous.
  16. I think I heard you can put fingernail polish on the spots to smother them. Son was stung by a bee this spring. I am glad it was him and not me although we were at a cache within 100 yards of the hospital
  17. It will be interesting to see boxwave's response as their website says they are always looking for new applications and encourage people to request new applications.
  18. Box wave is considered the best for Palms. I have one on my T3 and on my 60CX Boxwave 60CX
  19. Go with Boxwave. Works great om my T3 and 60CX. Considered by Palm users as the best shield bar none.
  20. My T3 ran out of juice and I couldn't get it to the cigarette Power cord in time so I lost all my data for caching. I had it on my 60CX but hinda hard to find many caches just with the GPSR especially ones with extra requirements. I reloaded Cachemate onto my T3 but this time I thought maybe I would put it on the card. shouldn't that prevent loss of data due to a temporary power failure?
  21. I thik that is the same model as my neighbors who bought it online on Ebay. It was way off. I read in the forums how to reset the GPS. We let it set for awhile and it now is in good shape.
  22. In IN, Squirrel; season is in now.Archery for deer will be soon.
  23. Ogther than an offset cache done by the actual family to bring awareness to say DUI, etc. I agree too tacky.
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