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  1. Very nice. What is the wording on the back?
  2. In the end we placed a locknlock box inside another much larger one weighed down with sand. It worked really well but the cache was gone the very next day so it seems the site was roughed up more than we thought. We don't want to give u on this one though, so are having thoughts on how to anchor it in place.
  3. Oh, this got lost. Here is a question to get you going again; Which team is the current holder of the FIFA fair play award?
  4. He was very pleased to tell me that he is a cacher. I think it's going to be brilliant this year and I am CERTAIN that the sun will shine.
  5. booked, booked, booked. No overflow for us this year!
  6. I think you did a great job of advertising the new series! I looked at it a bit closer today and, while the bit nearest me looks like a trail of cache and dash micros on paper, the Skeg end set by Indi looks like an interesting collection of caches, and still some FTFs available as of this afternoon. There, advert over!
  7. Pan CHC má pracovní týden v Praze v květnu. Existují nějaké nesmíte nechat ujít skrýše, že by měl jít? Díky. Mr CHC has a week of working in Prague in May. Are there any not to be missed caches he should go for? Thanks.
  8. Crikey! Does your land stretch right across the country? Who's going to be the first to find the whole series in a day? Nifty cache advertising, BTW... LOL. No, but it is now the case that very close to me there are now several caches I don't plan on doing and I don't want to have to sift through them next time I load up the gps. Who's advertising? Me? (I do have a very nice under-discovered puzzle cache nearby though )
  9. Sigh, yes. It's fine of course, just not my thing, I will probably do the bigger ones when I'm passing by.
  10. A huge new series has arrived near me and I can't be bothered with racking up a load of drive-by micros, so want to ignore them but it doesn't seem to be an option. Am I missing something or is that not possible?
  11. Just as an idea for future months to keep it fresh, how about a theme each month? Could be fairly random - dogs, insects, micros, could be seasonal - snow for january, Hearts and flowers for february, or the previous month's winner could pick the next theme. Might be an idea to prevent things from getting a bit samey and even from the same few winning each time.
  12. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_VjsFTIFdyEc/S0Y4...Snow-Dundee.JPG
  13. We have IE cos it's there but haven't used it for ages. We also run Firefox for work, Chrome for personal and have just downloaded Opera for it's shiny happy newness.
  14. Thanks for the help! ATM I am still only just managing basic geocaching on it, I'm sure I will get there in the end, but I am always terrible for doing much less with a machine than it is capable of!
  15. I have my sparkly new Oregon 200 and OH has sorted out Talkytoasters maps on it. I've downloaded several caches and found a few. I have no idea how most of the features work but I will 'rtm' and will get there eventually! Does anyone have any tips for how to make the most of this machine? Should I be loading anything else onto it, putting it onto settings other than the default ones etc??? Many thanks for tips and tricks!
  16. My daughters suggested geocaching to their guide leader who pooh-poohed saying, 'We do proper map-reading in guides'. I'd be interested to know if geocaching can be used towards any badges since guide leader gave a definite 'no' without a moment's thought.
  17. Thanks for the ideas, I will try leaving it switched on with a clear view of the sky for a bit then returning to factory settings if that doesn't work as it only has about 4 caches loaded at present.
  18. Suddenly my etrexH has decided it is 16 miles away. This happened today when switched on and, as far as I'm aware, no one has been fiddling. Nevertheless I have made sure it's on default settings and can't see what's up. (Obviously I have also switched it on and off several times and changed the batteries for no logical reason whatsoever.) I'm now on holiday trying to do a bit of caching with a mobile that's a bit temperamental - does anyone know what is wrong with my GPS?
  19. I am currently (still) looking into having a cache permanently under sea water. It looks as though that will cost me about £30 if it's to be as I want it which is a bit steep as it's a gamble whether anything can stay in one piece for long there. It would be worth it, though, for a cache that's a bit diferent.
  20. I covered my last one with a little sheet of cammo netting that the guy in the market sold me for a pound - you can stick twigs etc in at angles then and there's a less obvious 'pile of sticks' look to the hide. Otherwise I cammo tape, got mine from Ronnie Sunshines on ebay. The big expense to me seems to be the ammo can which is £10 for a sizeable one. I fill mine with bits and bobs that I win on tombolas but don't want, kids nick-nacks etc. I try to put a range in that will appeal to all and everyone will be able to swap in if they want to. I usually get good feedback on the stocks in my caches and like to stock them well as so many are very poorly filled.
  21. Awww, I put out a great puzzle cache in a big ammo can which has had one find and I doubt any more local cachers will bother with it now... will have to see if I can think of another idea for this competition before I go on holiday next week.
  22. I am there - Vanessa Waters was Townsend. No idea how to linky to me.
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