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  1. i've been a loner for many years and i am very contempt. i don't approach people, if i see something i don't like i look away AND I EXPECT TO BE TREATED THE SAME


    i never send anyone in gc.com a message before since i am a member until today that i get this person complaining about a cache he has not taken the time to visit...


    on top of that the message was an attack or other wise it wouldn't had a little devil's icon at the end


    I posted the message i received to share it and see the response of others to that matter and all people are saying is about the darn CAPS...


    the issue wasn't the caps, but i guess is to much to ask from humanity, that's why i lost faith in it so long ago


    if you don't like my caches, don't visit them, the people who have visited and logged a FIND have been VERY HAPPY with the cache...


    before you say anything about a cache make sure you've visit it first... or are you guys psychic and can even review books without reading them too????

  2. aparently my english is terrible, people read too fast or simply can't read.....


    1) I wasn't born in 1995 to think and assume CAPS are yelling... my hand writing is small and i write in caps and never had a problem with either. besides who looses his patience over the internet that (NEEDS?) to scream??? (so i am wrong because the generation after mine say CAPS in the internet are screams??? fine)


    2) I DO NOT control the TB or COINS but I do control MY cache and I apply rules (if i shouldn't have listed it as a "traditional" cache then, my bad and i will fix it but to my understanding a regular container with a log, and trading items is a traditional cache)


    3) I DO NOT determine who visits but I expect visitors to follow the instructions (or do you go to court in shorts? i doubt it... so you follow the rules)


    4) I forgot to edit the post and already apologized to the moderator.


    5) I NEVER said that geocaching encourages "prisons" but i do remember in the rules that I can make variations (and that's what i said by "geocaching.com encourages...") of the game and that is encouraged, so i did a *variation* (and this is why i say people should read and understand what they are reading so they don't attack on their misunderstandings)


    6) I didn't typed most of it but copy/paste and i intended to edit it before sending it.


    7) if y=one of your coins are in my cache is because a) you agreed to the note on the cache and dropped it or :anibad: someone left it and picked up another one and the next cacher WILL do the same.... your coin won't be there any longer than in any other cache... WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT? (i don't see your logic behind the coin staying there...)


    8) and the rest i won't bother because if blood that you carry in your body once leaves the body does not belongs to you anymore (LEGALLY) what more value has a coin?


    So i suppose a coin in someones pocket while it travels from cache to cache is more important than making a cacher happy with a find (WHICH BY THE WAY WILL TRAVEL AS ANY OTHER COIN)


    will you guys think about this for 24 hours before you reply? that way that assures me some grade of conffidence that you guys will really read and take the time to understand instead of jumping to the reply button and start complaining about nothing.... regardless of what cache you drop it ITS IN THERE UNTILL SOMEONE PICS IT UP, OR WORSE, TILL THEY DECIDE TO DROP IT if they don't steal the coin like it happened to me before and thus why i made the rule.


    and whoever mentioned the TBs... read the log first, you'll find that I said that TB are TBs and they should Travel so no rules for them....


    first get the big picture before you talk or you'll simply look like an ignorant.

  3. I received this email from a cacher this morning... I understand his point but did he took the time to look at the big picture before he opened his mouth? i think not.... this is what i received:


    > Location: Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

    > Die Geoparden posted a note for The Valve (Traditional Cache) at 2/25/2008


    > Log Date: 2/25/2008

    > Hello seaf20,

    > first of all, I have to admit, I haven't visited your cache yet, so I can't say anything pro or against it. But there are several things I do not want to leave unanswered: First, YOU ARE YELLING AT PEOPLE! Second, you do not seem to understand the difference between coins and travel bugs on one side and regular trading items on the other. Coins are *not*, as well as travel bugs, regular trade items. In most cases, they have a mission their owners wish them to accomplish. So it is entirely acceptable to take them along with you *without* any trade-in item in exchange if you can help them to accomplish their mission. It is absolutely no down-trade to take a coin and put something in what you call "crap", quite the contrary. Third, it's not a coin that makes an ordinary cache a so-called "quality cache". Four: Your caches have been visited by cachers with thousands of finds and years of caching experience combined. You might think, they know what they are doing. By contrast, you have found zero caches yet. Maybe it's a good idea to find a hundred caches and take good look around. Five, it is hardly a threat to archive this cache [}:anibad:]

    > Think about it!



    I know my reply sounds maybe more antagonizing than the original email but that's what happens when you antagonize my good intentions:


    well, you didn't had to get work up.... CAPS don't mean YELL, they just get ATTENTION, your bad if you feel yelled at


    my cache my rules (and i only did it because someone came to trade and did not leave a coin because he thought there was a coin in the cache (someone logged one but didn't leave or someone picked it up and didn't logged it out) but I THINK ITS UNFAIR, i understand SOME coins have specific missions, but MOST PEOPLE WITH COINS get their coins to trade and see them around


    I have 0 finds because this is a NEW account... not my former one i used in PR and the US so if you don't know [anything] (edited by moderator)... (you should know how the rest goes... you sound like you've heard this before a lot)


    dont' try to question the rules, although they are not official geocaching rules they are MY CACHEs RULES and as far as I am concerned my visitors have been very happy and none has complained whatsoever (so i guess to some degree they agree with the rules)



    and like its stated 'if you don't have a coin to TRADE don't take any coins' [personal attack removed by moderator] there are hundreds of caches out there for the regular missions... but THIS ONE specifically, is for trade.



    besides, geocaching.com encourages people to play the game in innovative ways (so far the rules are followed) and i decided to make this a coin trading point cache. (not meaning that you must leave a coin if you visit... but i want to clear up before you send me another email)



    with all the humbleness i can summon i'll say this, please don't visit my caches if you feel the way you portray yourself on the message



    and if you ever contact me again, instead of dropping an attack like that, ask questions, but don't antagonize me because all you're doing is giving people the wrong impression because i bet [edited by moderator] that you're not half what you sound like in the email, i met many cachers in the way and we're not like that.



    and archiving the cache is not a threat, its a warning... [personal attack removed by moderator]




    what do you think (make sure you read both arguments completely before making any comment)

  4. Cool even more History.

    My Grandfather was a Weather Geologist for the Military.

    I have a CD my uncle did after his passing of tapes he recorded.

    He was the one who did some mathamatical changes for weather observations with balloons that made it much more accurate.


    Then he probably worked at the station in Pico del Este in el Yunque or "Los Picachos" its to the other side of el Yunque and there are lots of stations ranging from weather, comm and wild life monitoring stations its another nice place to visit but its a LOOOOONG trail but the views you get as you make your way up are breathtaking... in summer you can find raspberries up there.... locals think they're poisonous.... but I've seen raspberries before on tv so since i was a child i knew what they were and ate them...

  5. Roxytrend and I recently visited Puerto Rico during our vacation to the Caribbean. While doing a tour through the El Yunque rainforest, we were brought to the Yokahu Tower, which is a US Observation Point. Is there a way to log this benchmark as a find? I'm not a big benchmark hunter, but if I find one at random I'm sure to take a photo or log the coords if I have the GPS with me. The Wording on the benchmark are as follows: Department of Agriculture Forest Service CNF GPS Test Network CDR. (Not necessarily in that order...but I'll try posting the photo as well.)


    I'm from Puerto Rico but currently living in Germany, thats just a GPS mark... you should have taken the Mount. Britton's trail.... that's another tower like Yokahu but on a higher point and it has a historical benchmark, from yokahu you can only see the east cost of PR, from Britton you see airplanes landing in the intntl airport in Carolina (on a clear day, usually the clouds cover the peak...)

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