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  1. This assumes you have Microsoft Excel - version XP or 2003 The .loc files you download from the geocaching site are in a format called XML. Download your .loc file and save it to your hard drive. (DON'T OPEN IT IN EASYGPS - it will change the format right away). Go into Microsoft Excel and open a new worksheet. Click Data -> XML -> Import. Under "files of type" select "All Files (*.*)". From there, find your .loc file and it will import into a new worksheet. Save your workbook as a regular excel spreadsheet. Next, open S&T and click Data -> Import Data Wizard. Find your excel worksheet and open it. Then, you have to tell S&T which colums are which - Lat, Long and a minimum. I also [ut the geocache number and name in the Name and Name1 fields. click ok and all the caches will display on the map.
  2. Awesome!! Thanks so much for the illustration - I'm going to print that out for my brother - he will find that quite helpful. Thanks again everyone for all the great information. After this, I think he's going to be an easy geocaching convert
  3. That menu you describe - that's actually in the GPS after you load the City Select menus? (The reason I want to be absolutely sure is because he's on call quite a bit and needs to be able to look up and route to addresses without the computer...) My GPS experience is limited to my eTrex Legend...
  4. My brother recently bought a Garmin 60C, and he wanted to know if there is any way, using just the GPS, to find a specific address, or even a street for navigation on the fly. If that's not possible, are there any addons that add the capability? Are there other Garmin units that can do that?? Thanks!
  5. It costs money each year, but I like to use Keyhole - http://www.keyhole.com/ Being able to fly from place to place and scan back and forth is a really useful feature if you're looking for new and interesting places to hide a cache. They have a trial version - it's fun to play with, even if you don't want to pay the $35 per year for it.
  6. I geocache in the winter. As a matter of fact, my first cache was on one of the coldest days in the last decade. (I think it was about -20 F) Batteries don't last long in the cold, so I always bring 2-3 sets with. Also - keep your GPS warm, as the LCD screens get r-e-a-l s-l-o-w with cold weather. Tracks often lead to the cache, but sometimes not. Most winter cachers will walk the long way around or make many different trails in the snow. Personally, I enjoy caching in the snow very much. There are rarely people out in the parks, and the added difficulty of finding things buried under snow is a lot of fun. One of the hardest caches was one at the base of a fallen tree. All the water from melting snow and ice came down right on top of the cache. When I got to it, I could only expose the corner of it - the rest was in 5-6 inches of ice. I didn't really have much with me to dig with, but I managed to get it unburied after about 45 minutes so I could sign the log book.
  7. I found this geocache on a disc golf course in Wisconsin: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GCHGJY
  8. <flamebait> You could place it next to some railroad tracks with a trip wire sticking out of it. Then, when he went to find it, he would get nicked by the cops. </flamebait>
  9. That's very cool, however, keep in mind that the listing guidelines state that:
  11. Gotta size them up quickly. I've only had 66 finds, but have run into several people so far. For the ones that look like they would "get it", I explain what I'm doing and tell them a little about the sport. Most of the people I've done this to were, at worst, indiferent. I've also run into several people who I knew wouldn't get it / were beligerent. My excuses so far: - Looking for my dog. (Don't own a dog) - Exploring the park. I've thought of several smart*** remarks, but my better judgement prevents me from using them: - I can't find my mommy. - Out planning pagan rituals - Hiding from black helicopters, looking for tinfoil hat. - What are *YOU* doing out here? - Hunting snipes - My lizard told me to come here. - Looking for a big "W"
  12. I'm sure there are a lot of geocachers in Wisconsin that can help with distribution. (Me being one of them...) I have a little Jeep cred... A Gold 2000 Grand Cherokee Laredo Sport. Gold is kinda like yellow, right Wisconsin Geocaching Association
  13. Sometimes I'll be listening to my iPod while I'm out caching...
  14. Spiffy - thanks - I ordered my stamp from there... Didn't get the time / date, but that's ok.
  15. Yeah I did that. I figured rather than doing the legwork myself, I'd just ask other people who have already done it. Why re-invent the wheel?
  16. I've seen other people stamp the log book and it makes me feel like a sucker for taking the time to write my name and date down. I'd like my own stamp. Keep in mind that I'm lazy, so the following criteria need to be met: 1. I need to order it online. 2. I'd like a moderate degree of control over the design. 3. I only want to buy 2-3 stampers. 4. Must be self inking. 5. Have a date stamp with it. Any pointers where to go online would be appreciated.
  17. I logged a DNF on Inner City Suprise because I was too freaked out to go find the cache. Check this out:
  18. I know how you feel. Last night I went looking for a cache. I didn't find it the last time, and I still can't find it. Looking at the logs, it doesn't seem to be that hard for anyone else. I've found other caches that in seconds that others spend a half hour searching for. I was pretty peeved that I couldn't find it the second time around, but that's ok because I generally never reat hints - and I don't take the hints into the field with me. I do this knowing full well that I might not be able to find the cache and will have to come back later. That makes it a challenge and sometimes very frustrating, but then again, I play gold, so I'm used to it. ;-)
  19. I really have a hard time understanding the rationale behind this... I mean, you *have* to imcrease capacity as your subscriber base and traffic increases. Keep in mind that we're not talking about a faster server like getting a BMW instead of a Kia. As the amount of activity on a server increases, you're going to need: 1. More disk space - think about the hundreds of photos uploaded every day. 2. More bandwidth - nobody is going to use the site if it's slow as molasses, and people aren't going to pay for crummy service. 3. Faster servers - when hundreds of people are running the same program at the same time, you need enough CPU time and RAM to handle it. 4. Backup equipment - tape drives, disc arrays and other items needed to back up all this stuff in case of equipment failure. 5. Replacement and maintenance costs. Hardware fails and either you're paying for a maintanance contract or you're buying new parts. All those things cost money. In fact, for a site this massive, you should be thankful every day that it's free, because running it isn't cheap. That said, I think having a premium membership is the way to go. I think the sport should be accessable for everyone who wants to play. Nobody *needs* pocket queries, but they sure are nice, so why not pay for them?
  20. Nobody stole your cache. Maybe they should have.
  21. That's one of the ways you know you need to eat less / exercise more: When your GPS can't tell you how fast you're moving.
  22. I ran across an interesting article on using PDAs, GPSr and other technology for jogging / walking. Aside from the workout applications, much of this applys to geocaching...
  23. Most of the caching I do is on the spur of the moment... I've got the caches in the GPS, I've got a few spare minutes to find it, so I just get out there, sign the book and get back. I really can't lug around a bag-o-trade items of varying value, so I don't bother. For me the most fun is the fact that the time I have to find a cache is most often, very short. I've had to run to find caches. Most people think I'm a jogger, which often looks funny because I'm in kahkis and a dress shirt.
  24. I had an interesting run-in with a muggle... I'm not sure what you'd do in the situation, but my story is posted at this cache.
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