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  1. www.geocaching.com gives: https://www.geocaching.com/error/500.htm?aspxerrorpath=/default.aspx 500 - Server Error We're sorry, your request has resulted in an error. If you feel that the page you are looking for should be available, please let us know. Otherwise, you may browse the links below: Visit the Geocaching Home Page Create an Account Log in to Geocaching.com
  2. Thank you! I hope this planned overhaul of trackable pages is coming soon...
  3. Do you know, if somebody of Groundspeak reads in this forum?
  4. Hi Pontiac_CZ But if you save the converted code, then you will lose the html-table-code... :-( And if you didn't save it before somewhere else outside of www.geocaching.com, it is lost... So my problem is not resolved. => Does somebody of Groundspeak read this forum? Bye, Sternli
  5. Hello It is very strange: some time ago, I could put a <table> in my trackable-item page, edit it, and so on. Now it isn't possible anymore... 1) Edit a TB and put <table> etc. 2) view the TB decription => table is shown OK! e.g. http://coord.info/TB2WY66 3) Edit the TB => <table> are lost! So I have to rebuild the whole table in HTML every time I edit my TB.... Tables are supported in view, but not in edit? Why? Thank you, sternli
  6. A friend of mine had the GC-mails in the spam-filter... Did you check all your spam filters? Server and Client, etc.
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