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  1. I have one called For The Birds Its on top of a 10-12 foot pole that slides up off of a smaller pole. Heres a link to a local news article with video that features my cache
  2. Our largest find was a three gallon bucket. It could have been great in a different location but there really wasn't a place for one that large where it was. Our largest hide is GC2R29N Secrets From The Past. It was fun to hide but I guess the puzzle was harder than I thought because it's only been found three times since it was hidden on March 30th. . the largest iv hidden is a few 5 gallon buckets. Pickle Bucket near volant and C.R.E.A.M. in zelienople helped MArko21347 hide a 20gallon drum called Mother Load that we believe to be the biggest in western PA un till proven otherwise Marko also has a few 5 gallon buckets around as well, They are called Biggen. Theres 3 i think
  3. Has there been any resolution to this? I am still having this issue. I went to Garmins plug in test page and here was the response: Communicator Plugin is properly installed and up to date, version Garmin GPS device is detected and communicating properly: eTrex Legend HCx (Unit ID 35220xxxxx)
  4. I tried it with IE and it still refreshed the page.
  5. If you are using Firefox 3.6 the plugin is broken. It works with Internet Explorer though... I believe that's only true if they are using a Delorme GPS receiver. i am using FireFox 3.6.6 and sending to a Garmin Etrex. Ill try it with IE and see what happens, stay tuned.
  6. Im still having this dilemma. Can I get some help plz?
  7. When ever I plug my gps into pc and hit the "send to gps" button on a cache page, the page refreshes. I have loaded gazillions of caches this way and suddenly this week it failed. Anyone else have this problem? Any advice on how to rectify it?
  8. Just posted my own night cache for Keystone to review. My 100th cache! GC29YWG Nocturnal Centicache
  9. Cache buddy Marko21347 and my self just hid this one a few weeks ago: Mother Load GC2556B Its a 25 gallon drum with a spring and strap to compress the seal. Hope it works. Covered in a camo burlap bag. We believe it to be the largest in Beaver county and perhaps the Tri county (Beaver Butler Allegheny) area.
  10. Same here. It does it in FF 3.5.7 on my laptop w/ IE8 and on my Droid phone. I contacted Groundspeak but all i got was a cookie cutter response: Thank you for your feedback. We hear your concern and will be happy to pass this along to our Development team. With the latest release of Geocaching.com, we have modernized the site to allow us to move forward with future projects in an effort to better address the needs of our users. It was necessary for us to make these changes ahead of the site localization effort we have planned for this year. Localizing will enable us to provide the non-English speaking community with a more friendly site by translating common pages and navigation into various languages. Our development team is aware and continuing to work out any bugs or issues that have come up from the latest release. If you run into any issues with usability of the site, please post them to the following thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=239821 If yinz have any more thoughts let me know
  11. also over looked is the paint can. i had some black plastic ones left over from when i painted my house. I wased them out and attached a washer to help open it. I currently have 2 hidden GC1A8WN and GC1C6BE and both stayed dry, if ppl pushed the lid on all the way. The GC1C6BE one is in the base of an old gasstation sign and the lid is pretty rusty helping it blend in with the old sign moter inside.
  12. that makes 2 of us! i like a pilot v5. iv ruined too many pants with leaking g5's why not just use a pencil? dosent bleed, no run no smear and writes at any angle. and if you lose it your not out very much see yinz on the trails!
  13. i carry a 6 D Maglight with the LED upgrade in the truck. big black and heavy and bright. I dont really do any night caching but to look into nooks and crannies i use the old 2aa mag light as a stand by.
  14. I made a similer one but drilled out the fungus big enough to fit a 35mm and sprayed the while thing with polyurethane saturating it. I hung it in my yard to "test" it for a few months and it seems good. I employed it and it is getting good reviews see GC1FG6N
  15. The number on the travel bug its self. YOu can crop it or "smudge" it out if your digital image
  16. make sure that when you post a pic of your tb that you edit out the #. THat way unscrupulous cachers cant report your bug as found racking up false miles.
  17. For quite a while I have used a car gps (Mio c220) It works pretty good but isnt as accurate in teh woods and the battery dosent last as long as id like. I can still use it to get to the parking area for a cache or the ones close to roads. I am looking to get a new, cheap (under 150) gpsr. How is the Garmen Etrex? Can it store caches right off the site by using the send to garmin feature? I dont think it was terrain mapping feature though. Is there another cheap alternitive that i can use to successfully cache? Any help would be great.
  18. Off the top of my head w/o looking... Binder w/ cache printouts clip board w/ blank paper and the current cache 3-4 sharpies asstd. colors lots of little sharpened pencils about 6 camo micros a bunch of my signature pickle pendants each in a small ziplock baggie various sizes baggie spare logs mini mag light old boy scout compass swiss army knife swag, including geocoins and TBs a garden trowel poncho 10 gb usb mini hard drive cell phone batteries for flash light wire ties hat little squares of reflector tape whistle geodog leash prolly more i cant remember now
  19. Theres your problem...It hard to find caches with a nuvi or another road travelling gps. I know of some people who do it with success, but for someone who is just starting out it wont work the greatest. other handheld gps's like a garmin etrex are cheap and can get you much much closer to any cache then a nuvi. I use a Mio 220. a low end road GPS and I have found over 50 with it. The only problem is it gets bad reception in the woods and the battery dosent last long.
  20. i think ill go with the 'not active' route and just print it that way. Thannk
  21. You cannot have temporary caches listed as real ones with their own webpage nor can individual geocaches be closer than 0.1 mile. Maybe you can figure out how to make one permanent one as a multi-cache with many components. Can a local geocacher maintain it or even take over ownership of a multi-cache that you create? -it I understand the rules but I was wondering if i can "bend" them because I dont even want teh caches listed publicly as I cant have non-employees coming onto our property at work. I have placed caches with my personal account but I want to create a seperate account to use solely for teaching the kids about caching.
  22. I work at a residential treatment facility for kids with mental health issues and during the summer we have week long mini camps and I want to do geocaching. Can I create an account and submit caches that wont get reviewed/published (not for public usage) on our private land so the kids can experience geo caching? The reason I want to generate a cache page is so I can print it and have it look "official" with the co-ordinates and star ratings and such. Can they just not be reviewed? I cant have them listed publicly as we cant have non employees on our campus. I also plan later in the week taking the kids that are eligable off campus to geocache in the area so the on campus hunt would be kinda like training. Also can I bypass the cache proximity guideline as our area is pretty small. If you guys have any other input or ideas that would be fantastic. Keystone any official advice about the "fake" account or any other way I can do this?
  23. I use a mio 220. It dispays co-ords in the ##.##### format (i dont know what its called , im kinda noob) Any way I have placed about 20 caches and all i do is go to the screen where it displays the co-ord write it down, turn unit off than on, write new # and so on till I have about 7 or 8 co ords. They all obviusly start with the first 2 didgits, in my area N40.##### and W080.##### I add all the numbers up and divide by how many sets i have. All my caches seem to be right on
  24. i cache with a mio 220. Im new but have placed 15 caches and found about 20 with it with no probs. The only one i had was the "keep on road" option but when i uncheck it its fine. Also it struggles walking and in heavy woods. its cheap though.....
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