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  1. Out of curiosity the article mentions... "The local restaurant has the geo-burger and one hotel has a geocache getaway package." Any idea what restaurant & Hotel they are talking about???
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    Pq - Hidden By

    I would like to second this idea of PQ’s defined by who hid the cache. Also I think it would be great if we could have a keyword option. For example, a series could be PQed such as GHMCMC Stage (number 1 to 14 plus final). This was a series that each stage was put out by a different cacher.
  3. First, I want to say congrats to BQ on his new role in the GeoCaching world. I like the name of O.G.A. , seems it is the popular one as well. Now just a couple of ideas 1. When the web site is up possibly cache-tech (if we ask really nice) could pin a message at the top of the Canada board with a link to our site. (and any other group such as the BC group) This way the site is easy to find and no one can say we are trying to hide anything. (Seemed to be a big concern on the last thread) 2. Web sites can become costly so if there is GeoCaching related ads I think no one will mind. Any monies generated can go to running the web site and any additional money could go to helping with any costs that are required in dealing with the Parks/ Government (I believe from my readings here that cache-tech is currently talking with such groups) Also any extra money could be used as a donation to the Bruce Trail (since it dose cover a hefty portion of Ontario) or similar group. 3. An annual event which is hosted in a different region each year so people can find who everyone is and get more input. This gives everyone a chance to attend and will not favour one area over another. 4. The web site and events should be open to everyone not just members of the association. On the last thread there seemed to be a lot of concern over secret meetings @ Tim Horton's. ( at the corner of 4th and nowhere.. one of my favourites) This would help elevate these fears. Well that is all for now in the idea dept. For anyone who dose not know BQ I just want to add I have known him as co-worker and friend for 14 years and I have the up most coffidence that he will always do what is best for GeoCaching, and will listen to all input from all. He will honestly represent us to the best of his ability and will always keep us informed and will not put up with any behind the scenes planning. I would have added these comments on the nominations thread but I did not get around to reading it until after it was locked. In closing I must say it is a shame that gm100guy has not made any views known here, as it is always good to hear opposing viewpoints to open new possibilties. I hope this is not a case of " I didn't win so I am taking my cache and going home"
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