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  1. Now you can, through the options in your profile in the app, hide the ones you have already done. And recent versions of the app show a star/gear sort of looking thing in the middle of 'new' ones. Not all ideal, but certainly better than it used to be.
  2. That's too cute, Darin. I was thinking something more along these lines: Not the sort of thing you want to try to reverse engineer!
  3. Spaghetti code, we used to call it!
  4. There's no reason a cacher can't set out a parallel AL and standard multi-cache, and the multi could have whatever virtual or physical stages you like and can get approved by the reviewer through the normal process. As long as they can be run independently, who's to care? One could even request simultaneous enable, just as we do for mysteries and ALs now. Edit: Looks like daBruce already covered that.
  5. A little tricky, and haven't tried it for the AL app, but it is possible to run multiple instances of may apps on Android. You could keep one open for each adventure. https://www.online-tech-tips.com/smartphones/how-to-run-multiple-instances-of-an-app-on-android-mac/
  6. @thebruce0 Since we're only talking about modification to the HTML text displayed, there's no coding reason I can think of that would wrap that text string around any actual data variable for the web site. It would be odd, if true. The displayed string won't be derived from a variable name. The names might happen to match to keep the code understandable, but that's of no consequence. And as far as the official phone app goes, that's new enough that it shouldn't pose those kinds of issues.
  7. Um ... yes. In fact, I just 'un-retired' three weeks ago to help a good friend out of a ditch. The only person who understood the control software for his product gave 2 weeks notice, and now I'm in the process of working on code developed in Delphi 6 (a queer GUI superstructure underlaid by Pascal). FWIW, the current version of the Delphi IDE is 10.4. The original code was written in a long ago obsolete language for 6502, and is now running on Win10. That give you any idea of where life is for ME? So yes, my request stands, unsympathetically, as written.
  8. @Rock Chalk Unclear as to why it would be a major engineering project unless there's some change in function implied as well. I think, but could be wrong, that the only change being requested is in the textual description of the function. That shouldn't change 'logging flows', and while API partners and Garmin would need to be notified of the change in text, it could be rolled out by those entities as new code versions and new models are created. Nothing requires that this all be implemented concurrently across the entire infrastructure, just rolled out as possible to improve the clarity of the intent of the feature. Until such time as each point of contact with the text changes, we'll be no better or worse off than we are now, but as it begins to appear in more and more places, the UI will have been improved. Yes, that does mean a lack of consistency across all platforms until it's fully implemented by all, but that doesn't seem to be that big of a hit in that regard.
  9. Let's just say I put up a wind sock for Santa in case it kicks up that like again tomorrow night! Maybe he'll leave me something?
  10. Yes, the reports have been coming in about Chrome becoming overly cautions about PQ downloads. There's another thread on that somewhere around here, so you aren't the first. Then again, it could be they were 'in the ether' after midnight last night and simply got blown away in the gale force winds we had along the Front Range!
  11. We see this fairly frequently around here for 'team' hides (Keystone's #1 reason). For example, when the annual Wingin' It event committee sets up hides that are published during our annual event (which we'll miss this time for the first time in 12 years), the 'committee' claims credit for the hide, though the account actually used is that of one of the members.
  12. Chuckle --- that's the rumor, yes <g>. My Oregon 450 was the biggest bugger in that regard. It's become a matter of habit to eject/disconnect it (and any other USB storage device to which I've written anything) logically before yanking it physically, even in these days of Win10. On prior Windows OS, had too many instances of getting to the garage for a cache run, only to discover that I couldn't find any caches on the device!
  13. Going back to the early Colorado/Oregon days, I've always wanted to be able to back up the profiles & etc on my devices such that, if they blew up, I could restore my device configuration such that it looks just like it did before the incident. In this case, I need to swap the environment from one Oregon 700 to another, and know that if I just back up the entire content of the device to a folder on my PC, I will not see the desired result when I copy all of that back to another Oregon 700 - at least that's the case for a 450. Had this problem with the 450 Oregon, too. Anyone know what magic is necessary, or if it's even possible, to store and retrieve this kind of information when needed?
  14. What previous post? Until this one, I've been talking about the 700, not cell phones. Just sayin' that the S20 does have multi-band, it appeared that you did not believe that to be the case. And those numbers were taken from inside my office in my house. I don't receive nor do I expect brilliant fixes in here. Do I need to go outside and gather some better ones?
  15. @Atlas Cached "... no Multi-Band. " To the contrary, the S20 supports L5 (and E5a):
  16. In the TOTT thread and the 'high cache' thread. Variety of lengths and not very heavy.
  17. You using 200mA to charge them? -ΔV and temperature profile can be a bit tricky to detect 1/10C charge in NiMH. It's not like NiCd where it was pretty easy to spot. Takes a GOOD charger to detect it reliably (e.g., LaCrosse or Maha).. A little more current (500mA) won't hurt the life cycle count much if you have a decent charger, and it'll save some time if you need it.
  18. It's such a basic level of functionality for many people that I'm still astounded that it escaped the sand box to begin with!
  19. Yes, but as it is the last the FAA has had to say on the topic, relevant.
  20. The list of airlines that still prohibit the use of a handheld GPSr aboard an aircraft during the CRUISE phase of the flight has become VERY small. The number that prohibit it during take-off and landing has also diminished. The concerns regarding interference just never materialized as actual incidents. A handheld GPSr produces less RF than many other "PED" (personal electronic devices) and are grouped with them. The most recent (though a bit dated) FAA missive on the topic can be found here >> https://www.faa.gov/about/initiatives/ped/ They set up some standards and then effectively punted it to the aircraft manufacturers and airlines since they didn't want to get into the testing business.
  21. From our friends at Wikipedia: Regression testing is re-running functional and non-functional tests to ensure that previously developed and tested software still performs after a change.[2] If not, that would be called a regression. Changes that may require regression testing include bug fixes, software enhancements, configuration changes, and even substitution of electronic components.[3] As regression test suites tend to grow with each found defect, test automation is frequently involved. Sometimes a change impact analysis is performed to determine an appropriate subset of tests.
  22. As much as you were willing to write here is more than we see a lot of the time from finders, and would be appreciated!
  23. Excellent. Not knowing if communications are received is a real problem... especially when not replying would be considered rude!
  24. I guess I (and gchq) have a different expectation of what that list is designed to do. For what you're asking, it would be far better to open a separate page, not try to manage that function from a drop-down on the page where it is now. Yes, I can certainly see that as an option, but ONLY after someone hits the 'enter' key the first time. As it is now, the display is dynamic based upon the partial text that is entered. If you really want all matches to 'current' text, that's a big cpu time sink (and wouldn't fit on a normal page anyway) and not the way most search databases work. For the feature as it stands, it is not a search, but a lookup. What it does is confirm that you aren't asking for something that isn't going to show up, or confirm that your completed text entry really has a match. That's all. But for THAT particular page, and that particular function, that's fine by me. Again, if you want something that does an actual search, it's because you don't know the exact name to type. In that case, we should be treated to Soundex or similar and a proper search engine against the user database. That's a laudable enough suggestion, but as I say, something for another page open entirely.
  25. Just swapped out a Galaxy S8 Active for an S20. GPSTest is showing GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou all providing data. 35 'in view', 18 'in use'... and that's sitting here in my office. Can't wait to get this thing outside!
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