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  1. I find that this list is the 'local' stuff (I'm set up for 30 miles) in the order published (most recent at the top), regardless of when placed, so you can look back just a week if you like into the full list. Fill in your own latitude/longitude and caching name, and preferred radius (all bolded, below) of course. https://www.geocaching.com/play/search?lat=40.195467&lng=-105.07415&origin=40.195467,-105.07415&radius=30mi&types=2,3,8,5,11,1858,4,9,3773&nfb[0]=ecanderson&f=2&o=2&e=1&sort=PlaceDate&asc=False I used to think that PlaceDate was either cause for a forward or reverse sort, then I realized that when =False, the placed dates weren't always in the list order, but the list order did seem to be consistent with publishing date. Once in a while you get a really old one pop up in the middle of a 'current' list that someone forgot to get published.
  2. I guess I'm confused. How can there not be at least some issues when you attempt to use 13 x 2 substitutions for a 32 character alphabet? I'm struggling with the math here.
  3. Since hints are managed by a simple ROT-13 substitution algorithm, which can only handle 26 characters, and expects an English alphabet, it comes as no surprise that it would mangle many other languages, including Polish. That really is 'unfixable'. However, it should not be a problem for image captioning. That's something that should be looked into.
  4. I wonder if we have a larger issue with gc.com, then? What 3rd party app? Those shouldn't be showing archived caches, either, unless specifically requested by GC code by the user.
  5. "we never have downloaded caches to these devices" We did not suggest that you had. Please note from prior post: "Don't know how long you've had your 700, but if one of the first things you didn't do was wipe the preloaded caches that Garmin supplied, that's going to be an ongoing issue for you." Your Garmin came with a VERY large preload of caches in *.gzz format. If there is no Garmin subfolder, you have no system at all, no maps, and no caches. If there is no GPX or GZZ folder under that Garmin folder, you have no caches on your device. This sort of file structure (apart from the addition of GZZ) has been in use since the Garmin Colorado was released. We know that this isn't the case, so ... Please look again.
  6. Où est cette liste? Le géocaching a de nombreux emplacements pour les listes. Ensuite, nous pouvons vous aider.
  7. This may not be an issue with GCLive. It may be that you have a set of caches already loaded on the device that includes dead caches. Don't know how long you've had your 700, but if one of the first things you didn't do was wipe the preloaded caches that Garmin supplied, that's going to be an ongoing issue for you. Delete all of the files from within the Garmin/GPX and Garmin/GZZ folders on your device and start fresh.
  8. Have a look at this >> https://project-gc.com/Statistics/LonelyCaches You can select down to the county level.
  9. Adding a new stage in the middle of a sequential AL could be be really annoying for those who have already completed what you had -- since the only way to GET to the new stage is to answer questions, even if already known, from within the perimeter fencing required of the earlier stages. Depends upon the distances involved.
  10. Some people just function solely in 'terse mode'. I've had plenty of that sort of log on caches where one might expect something broader. Wouldn't think anything of it until I had a chance to visit to do the comparison.
  11. Precisely. When there's no economic entry barrier at all, the odds of the 'try something and move on' go up very rapidly. The apps allow for this in a way that didn't used to be possible. All of which would be completely irrelevant, apart from an interest in statistics, except for the CO whose cache is now also subject to that mentality.
  12. HALF of all accounts found only between 1 and 4 caches during the course of the year? That's pretty sad, and requires no imagination at all to explain. Would be interesting to have that same statistic for the year prior to the 'invention' of the first geocaching phone app.
  13. Ah yes -- Unicode was supposed to save the world.
  14. Everything depends upon the web cam you have! If it's a PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera, then it's designed to be controlled somehow. If you'll tell us exactly what you have, we can check to see what software control mechanism is intended for it. Some require a very specific app. Some have only a phone app available. Some work from a web browser on either a phone or PC, or yet another very specific app just for a PC.
  15. How was the reset performed if it wouldn't 'switch on'? Page + Enter + Power assumes the device is powered on. Or is that what caused this?
  16. What you have created in your mind, SO far, is a multi with a field puzzle attribute. It requires no knowledge to be gained or anything to be figured out before arriving the posted coordinates. I assume your camera can be manipulated over a cell phone?
  17. And he just recently released another one. Quite different from the others, but still a good read.
  18. If it's ladylover and manlover you're talking about, I'm not sure it's going to be a big enough issue.
  19. That last statement reminds me of the 300 baud acoustic model BBS days, when you really could.
  20. OH -- by ALL means kill off the *.gzz file that came with your device. As suggested, that may be part of the issue. Whatever cache information is in that file will likely be horribly outdated by now. You can find it by hooking it up to your PC and looking in the Garmin/GGZ folder.
  21. No, not if the sync was successful. Is it showing things about your account correctly, e.g., your find count?
  22. Looks like the tile server is dropping one there. If you move to other locations on the map, where does the box appear, if at all?
  23. Shouldn't. A large part of the juice sucking will be the continuous display use, and you've only got one of those.
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