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  1. Operative word was "can". It is definitely possible to design an AL either to require sequential discovery or not.
  2. Objection. Calls for speculation by the witness. I was hoping a 'government lawyer' wouldn't make too many assumptions. We don't trespass, so that aspect of the game is a non-issue. In fact, I have numerous times seen signs that make it clear that the CO has placed a cache in an improper spot, requiring trespass to access. I take a photo of the sign and post it in my NM log. As for those two 'gates' I mentioned, they were in fact erected illegally across a county road. Locals thought it was a cute way to create their own 'gated community' by blocking access. They had used a bunch of daisy-chained locks. A certain someone in the county had turned a blind eye until we brought it to the County Commissioner's attention. Not a problem now.
  3. Looks like you gave up and just went with straight ASCII text.
  4. That doesn't always work. For some, the setting shows default in imperial units, but to get it to BE in imperial units, it is first necessary to switch to metric, then back to imperial units. Then it 'sticks'. It's a simple bit of miscoding. The displayed toggle default is imperial, but the code default is metric.
  5. No, pieces of the bonus solution can be sprinkled among the five journals. Done properly, there is nothing about adding bonus cache clues that requires that the AL be sequential..
  6. Indeed. Back in '67, the IBM 1130 I was using had only 16K of foreground memory and 16K of background memory. Then again, that's back when a FORTRAN compiler could run in 4K. APL was a total kick. Here's a "Pick 6" (from 40) lottery number generator: x[⍋x←6?40] If you didn't know the language well, it was just Hieroglyphs.
  7. Yes, apart from the Improbability Drive, which wasn't an option offered by the dealer at the time, the cachemobile was upgraded. The vehicle now looks the part a bit more than it did before. We also have 'company' jackets with the logos in two weights, chosen based upon the season. Right now, it's the fleece! We've had people volunteer to open locked gates for us, we park 'as needed', and are otherwise nearly always completely ignored. If anyone does ask, we either give them the whole geocaching story, or fall back on the old "We're confirming the location of benchmarks" line, depending upon who's asking and how much time we feel we have to chat. I can't tell you how much easier it's been since we adopted this approach.
  8. https://www.geocaching.com/p/default.aspx?guid=445ccd85-07c9-4752-aaee-829d2c4168bc
  9. Wireless doesn't seem that awkward to me - once you have the phone and device registered and paired up. You place the requisite app (Garmin Connect) on your phone, and pair it up to your Oregon 700. Once that initial setup is done... If you want 'current' data on any cache, it's just a matter of hitting search (for a geocache) and the button that makes the wireless request back to gc.com through your phone.
  10. If I could just get a workable Improbability Drive for the cachemobile. So far, I've only found them in Extra Large.
  11. Fragen Sie weiterhin Ihren Prüfer. Die Antwort muss von ihm kommen.
  12. I definitely agree. Observing how other owners hide their thingies can be very instructive. There may be local and State laws prohibiting this, of course.
  13. Right here. Finally getting a little caught up with posts. Long story, but got 'unretired' to help a friend with his business in a pinch. OK -- Our 'motto': STEALTH IS VASTLY OVERRATED The cachemobile has since changed and looks ever so much more official (need to get a new photo), but we did stick with the signs.
  14. +1. In fact, I keep a supply of o-rings for bisons that have a slightly larger O.D. then normal. The ones that come with most bisons are too fragile, so a little fatter one, even if it sticks out from the bison just a little, is a good investment. You can get them from more durable rubber than the originals, and being a bit fatter, they don't cut as easy. I get them at my local Ace, though there are a myriad of cheaper places. I just don't buy enough of them to investigate the options.
  15. Sounds as though I need to take a more careful look at the log page next time, though. Are you saying that once I'm on the log page, there's facility for opening a new tab for the cache page from there?
  16. I right clicked on the cache name in the 'new' drafts page, thinking it would operate as it did on the old version and bring up the cache page in a separate tab, and it took me instead to the logging screen for the draft, NOT the cache page. Tried clicking on every millimeter of the 'new' drafts page, and found no mouse field for cache page link.
  17. As much as I liked GC Little Helper, and have used it some years ago, I found that gc.com was capable of breaking it with (often unhelpful) web site changes faster than anyone at GCLH could keep up with it. In any case, it's such a basic thing from the previous drafts page that I'd like to see it reinstated. How tough could it be to allow the cache names in the lists to be, as they once were, cache links instead of yet more click space devoted to moving on to the log page?
  18. Hope you enjoy Estes, and hope you're a recent arrival and didn't go through our scary early Fall excitement up there. There was some real concern about whether Estes was going to continue to exist there for a bit while East Troublesome was raging.
  19. I don't have any drafts to test with at the moment, but would swear I'd tried that, too. Will check again next run. Would still prefer that I have it before starting the log, though. NEITHER system display the GC code anywhere on the list of drafts. That's something I'd like to see added in any case. I know that many people cache by 'cache name', but we cache by 'gc code' (our run lists are built with them as they're a LOT shorter on the page), and having it displayed wherever possible is always helpful.
  20. Like all of the other useful pages that are being set aside, one by one, I'm worried that there's probably an expiration date on the old Drafts page as well. I'm sure it's been brought up already, but a Drafts page that has no facility for being able to jump briefly to the cache page itself is a real PITA. Too often, I will Right Click on the cache name, then 'Open Link in New Tab' to refresh my memory of the cache page before starting my actual log. I can find absolutely no way to accomplish this simple task from the new page. Clicking on the cache name sends you to the log entry now, not the cache page. I wish gc.com would quit sending me to the new dashboard. Getting tired of the 'opt out'. Just hope I can keep doing it for a long time. Typical -- loss of functionality for the 'new and improved' version.
  21. Yes. The example on the left shows 3 traditionals for the sake of clarity, but any of those could be multi or letterbox or Wherigo. Have seen a couple like that in our area.
  22. I take it that these symbols are actually images, hosted somewhere? If so, what you really want to do is build the needed ones into a single image, and let gc.com host that. You can do that by picking them out individually with a screen capture program of some sort, and pasting them all together after the fact. Please provide a little more information on the symbol source. It may turn out to be easier than the brute force method I've described.
  23. Yes, but they do have apps for Android, iOS and Windows, so that should cover a lot of the potential users. Links on the cache page for each of those will be important. As mustakorppi notes, there are prohibitions in the guidelines in that regard, so you're going to have to work with your reviewer to see if it's going to be permitted. Note the word 'generally'. ------------------------------------------ A cache page that requires one or more of the following will generally not be published: Using memory sticks and similar devices Installing files or executing programs
  24. OK. First, this is a good sign >> "PC: Windows, Mac OS; Smartphone: iOS, Android" This is even better >> "20 Users (1 admin account & 19 user accounts); Support up to 12 simultaneous video streams (10 substreams & 2 mainstreams) " I think you have a winner there. I don't have the supporting documents, but that sounds very much as though it can be fully controlled by a phone or PC, which is exactly what you want. They seem to have apps for everything. See the manufacturer's product page here >> https://reolink.com/product/e1-pro/ As far as I can see, there are only a few things you'll want to note in particular. 1) This is an 'indoor' camera. That will limit where it can be successfully placed for your purposes. 2) It may not have the ability to invert the image 180 degrees (though that remains to be seen - can't see anything about that in the specs). That means that inverting it to mount it on a ceiling could be problematic unless you don't mind your finders standing on their heads <g> while working on solving your puzzle. 3) And don't forget that you'll need somewhere to plug in the wall wart. They don't say how much DC power cable they supply. 4) This isn't a PTZ (zoom) camera (wouldn't expect it to be at this really decent price), and while it has a fair pixel count, you'll want to consider how well it images against whatever size object you are targeting at whatever distance. Last, and probably most important -- it MAY be that it is necessary to scan a QR code on the camera in order to connect a device to it. You can resolve this by duplicating the camera's QR code, if that's how they are managing this, and providing it to the user rather than requiring the user to access the physical camera to perform that connection task. Looks like you could have some fun with this.
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