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  1. I have an Oregon 400 and so far have had no issues with it or with downloading geocache information. However I've noticed that the additional hints are included with the info when transferred to the Oregon. Is there was to have the hints available on the GPS?
  2. I'm looking to buy a new GPS and my search has been narrowed down to the 60CSx, Colorado or Oregon however I just can't seem to decide between them. Primary use will be geocaching. I've read reviews and the pros and cons of each but I am still no closer to making up my mind. Which features are more important for geocaching? Is the paperless option better than having the increased sensitivity of the 60CSx? What about the topo maps, how useful are they for geocaching? If I go with the 60CSx is it worth also getting the topo maps. Are there any other mapping products that are useful for geocaching that can be used with the GPS mentioned above?
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